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 South Carolina Gamecocks  vs.  North Carolina Tarheels 


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  1. That certainly would give new meaning to the term "sack".
  2. What I would be mostly concerned about is that top-tier team's transfers are probably their third and fourth team backups. They may be more like our starters or 2nd team. No doubt they would provide great depth but not game changers. Basically, what Cockyandproud said.
  3. AC/DC/GC

    Who will have more success?

    I think it also will depend on the talent of recruits as well as the asst coaching staff.
  4. I think it may somewhat play a part, but overall not much change would come of it. The players that are transferring for the most part are probably looking for playing time. If Alabama's top players are playing and the backups are not seeing the field, it really wouldn't disrupt them.
  5. Likewise! I have no problem with a recruit stating he has a favorite and keeping his recruitment open. But to say "I commit" is like getting engaged and still wanting to date other people.
  6. AC/DC/GC

    Who you got for Gamecocks next commit?

    Especially when the opposing team gets run over. The headlines will read "(Opponent) gets Tonka trucked!"
  7. I also will go Alabama as the toughest game. Not only will it affect the next game, but it affect the SEC/season. This will be the biggest risk/reward game of the year.
  8. Best case scenario would be 8 wins, possibly 9 if breaks fall our way. Worst case would be 6.
  9. AC/DC/GC

    Watch Deebo Samuel Talk NFL

    Doubt it would fall this way, but I'd love to see the Pack draft him!
  10. AC/DC/GC

    Elliott Fry signs three-year deal with NFL squad

    I knew I liked you. A fellow cheesehead!
  11. AC/DC/GC

    Jay Urich embracing new do-it-all role

    I agree whole-heartedly! I think Jay will be the surprise of the Gamecocks, SEC, and possibly more.
  12. AC/DC/GC

    Joyner: ‘I came here to play quarterback’

    I do agree w/ that statement. But the flip side is it seems he wasn't going to budge from the QB position regardless of what those other schools offered. I don't think he "settled" for USC even though they were the only ones to accede to his wishes. But if he were told to change positions, I believe he would transfer but only a smaller school would pick him up as a QB.
  13. AC/DC/GC

    Joyner: ‘I came here to play quarterback’

    If we go back to his original intentions, it was to play QB, period stop. The Gamecocks were the only Power 5 school (I think) to offer that to him. The schools he mentioned (as well as others) wanted to move him to another position. I tend to believe the fact he wanted to come here and that fact cemented the deal. But that's just my two cents
  14. Sic Connor on this kid and get him in the fold!

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