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  1. The Fast and Furriest Godzilla: King of the Monster Trucks The Lego my Eggo Movie
  2. There are 40-some bowls as it is now. That is more than enough to host a playoff game should the NCAA decide to increase the number of playoff teams. Just choosing the "Power 5" teams is ludicrous. Who decided the Power 5? What is it based on? Can you imagine the screaming and carrying-on that will occur if a Mid-Major conference usurps one or more them (MAC, e.g.). I will always be a proponent of the FCS system to determine the National champion. That way, there is no question because it is settled on the field. *Takes soapbox and goes home!*
  3. I can see that. But at least they weren't arrogant about it. Or the ones I ran across weren't. They were very genuine and concerned. They didn't even have to offer as the game could have been at a neutral site.
  4. Two reasons why I will watch it: 1. LSU was very kind to us when the floods hit here a few years ago. 2. I want to see all hell rain down on those fake kittens of Klem's sons.
  5. Football was a little tougher than I thought as Connor and Marcus were my top 2. But I think I will finally decide on Shaw. Basketball, not tough at al for me'; A'Ja Wilson. Baseball, I did some searching and had to pick Jackie Bradley, Jr.
  6. Congratulations, Javon!! (On a side note, I saw a mock NFL draft that him as high as # 10.)
  7. The way I've always looked at it is my dog may not win Westchester, but he's MY dog and that makes him the BEST dog in the world!!
  8. This is getting a little off topic, but I wonder how much blame should actually be laid at Jake's feet for the UNC debacle. Was the indecision shown all in his head or was a lot of it because he was shackled by conservative play calling? At times. you could almost imagine him thinking, "Should I or should I not throw it?" It led to late throws or sometimes overthrows as he seemed desperate to make a play. This was mentioned in a different thread but the Clemtech performance was simply outstanding and the following 2 were abysmal.
  9. Instead of a chain, maybe the engineering dept. can make a pair of spurs that snap on to the wrist after a turnover.
  10. Jake held the ball too long, as usual. I suppose I should be used to it by now. Holding the ball that long defines indecision and inconsistency, again, something that has long been part of his career. A simple pitch and catch cannot be that hard. After all, a freshman quarterback did that to us all game. Throw the ball 5-6 yards and let the WR or RB gain a couple YAC; the first downs will add up and you will soon be in the end zone. Running lanes will open up and so will the long ball. hope Hilinski will show better form. I still like Jake, but I think his time as QB1 has come to an end. He should look into coaching given his football IQ. Maybe a student-coach?

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