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  1. I agree the key word is consistency. If that is accomplished, then my vote would be better. Keeping the turnovers down is going to be paramount. By doing so, I believe the defense will do their job admirably. 30 points per game is nothing to sneeze at.
  2. We need to play Jacksonville State just to show them who rules the coop!
  3. Coach Boom came in with a chip on his shoulder (in a good way) and wanted to prove he could do the job. I think it worked out with us as because RT knew it would some time to repair the damage that had been done and not the 2-3 years most schools offer, expecting miraculous results. Champ knew to start with the foundation and, lo and behold, there is a good, solid one starting to form and results are appearing, which creates the repeating cycle of wins leading to recruiting and vice versa.
  4. Duff's was in Charleston. Really good buffet. What was neat was the rotating bar. I also miss Casey Hilliard's.
  5. Injury or no, he should still be in the HOF!!
  6. The run is over. He lost on tonight's taping. He bet a rather low amt (for him) on Final Jeopardy. But even if he doubled his money, the winner still would have beat him by a $1.
  7. There's one here in Lexington. Unfortunately, I am outside of their delivery radius. But it is not too far to drive.
  8. He looks as big as the Hulk. I hope he smashes a few DTs along the way.
  9. True, but imagine what that would do for recruiting. Not to mention what the records could be for years to come.
  10. So people will get loaded while tailgating and then be allowed to drink more while in the stadium. What could possibly go wrong?
  11. I for one am not looking at how brutal the schedule is as I am looking at how many opportunities there are to put the Gamecocks back in national recognition. Nobody will be surprised if we don't win a lot but you better believe people will take notice if we score an uset or two. I certainly see the talent here to do it.
  12. The basic difference between Kirby & Muschamp and their respective situations when hired is Kirby was given a pretty top of the line Merecedes whereas Muschamp was given a fixer upper and was pretty much told DIY.
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