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 South Carolina Gamecocks  vs.  North Carolina Tarheels 


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  1. Hard game, based on how many injuries we have
  2. Wish I could help feat, but wouldn't be able to have the required time necessary for this
  3. And hope we will be the ones who he will pick
  4. Bottom of the 10th bases loaded with Madison Stokes coming to bat Ole Miss Closer has thrown 70 pitches
  5. Down 6-5, B10. Williams - battled hard, grounder to 3rd, they just get him at 1st, 1 away Olson - SINGLE Taylor - SINGLE..... 1ST AND 2ND WITH 1 OUT (Blair to pinch run for Taylor ) Noah Campbell to PH for Hopkins - K, 2 away Cortes - GROUNDER TO 2ND, ERRANT THROW PULLS THE 1ST BASEMAN OFF OF 1ST, BASES JUICED WITH 2 OUTS Stokes - K, 3 away
  6. B9: Tied at 5 Bride (.335) - popup to SS, 1 away Row (.359) - groundout to 3rd, 2 away Tolbert (.311) - flyball to LF, 3 away
  7. B8: Tied at 5 Olson (.206) - LEADOFF DOUBLE Taylor (.269) - SINGLE, 1ST AND 3RD WITH NO OUTS Hopkins (.342) - lined out to 2nd, no one can advance........ SIGH Cortes (.264) - popped up to SS on a 2-0 count..... MFBS Stokes (.361) - battles with a 10 pitch AB, before K'ing

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