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  1. Some things I've seen about Cobb.. Good handles for a big man. I saw a video of him taking a guy off the dribble from behind the three point line and laying the ball in. He's also 260 pounds and probably needs to shed 20 more pounds. Also has good hands. Can pass well for a center.
  2. He's already reclassified so he'd have to go JUCO I think. That said he doesn't have to sign and we won't know anything about him qualifying until June or July. He can simply enroll. Again no real point in signing
  3. Thank you! Getting Clifford and Ellison would give us some solid depth next season
  4. Hey feathered? What's the latest on Mack, Ellison and Clifford? Have you heard anything? Thanks, I'll hang up and listen..
  5. Happy birthday Feathered! Thanks so much for all the great Gamecock information you provide to us! Couldn't have found a better site for Gamecock related news!
  6. Watch the Silva video and understand that Dozier is a McDonald's all American for a reason!
  7. I agree let the man work his entire contract. He will get it done
  8. A couple things: 1) We both agree that Frank needs more time. 2) Horn was not a bad recruiter. He just was unable to develop the talent into anything that translated into wins. He got dealt some bad blows as well. Lost Holmes and Archie in what could have been a fantastic second season with the talent we should have had coming back. Ellington decided to play football instead of focusing on basketball. Horn landed great, highly rated recruits: Gill, Harris, Leonard, Ellington, Slawson, and would have landed Sheldon Jeter had he not been canned. He also paved the way with Thornwell, and would have landed him also according to insiders. So let's not say that Horn was a poor recruiter. The players did not fit Frank's system and mentality and that's why we started over. Regardless of how we spin it, we still had to start over. Horn had a lot of bad luck. Martin is having a lot of bad luck. I think we'll know in 2 more years how good Martin really is because we will start seeing it in the win column!

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