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  1. Youthful indiscretions; I did some things when I was in college that landed me in some hot water and I learned from the humiliation. Jameis Winston is no different than many youth that suffer a momentary lapse in judgment. I wouldn't go the "kick his ass out" route, let the system take care of it. Didn't the Gamecocks have a QB a few years ago that was in trouble a number of times, seems I remember reading something about that.
  2. I love the Gamecock Fanatics site but feel you are going a little overboard on the religious themes, if this is indeed a sports site.
  3. I like your keys to the game but I believe the biggest play of the day was the hit on Wisconsin QB Stave by Victor Hampton, turned Wisconsin into a decidedly one-dimensional team. Stop the run and dare then to throw after Stave went out.
  4. Thanks for the welcome, look forward to all things Gamecock.
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