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  1. Hello Coxster88, Welcome to Gamecock Fanatics. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Coxster88 joined on the 08/18/2019. View Member
  2. The latest at each position August 18, 2019 Two more “training camp like” practices stand between the South Carolina Gamecocks and the start of their game prep for the 2019 season opener against North Carolina. South Carolina held its second scrimmage of the month on Saturday afternoon, which allowed coach Will Muschamp and his staff to get another look at the spots where players are fighting to win jobs before Aug. 31. Decisions on some of those spots couldn't be finalized until the coaches reviewed film of the final scrimmage. (VIEW ARTICLE) FREE 247SPORTS
  3. Looking forward to the trip, less than 13 days away.
  4. AUGUST 16, 2019 by GC RAMEY | THESPURSUPSHOW A Smothering Presence: How Israel Mukuama’s Size Could Lead To Big Things For The Gamecock Secondary A quick google search sends a clear statistical message: defensive backs are typically much shorter than the receivers that they match up against. With the average NFL receiver being noted as 6’2″, the comparative size of DB’s, at 5’11”, seems like quite the discrepancy. Despite this apparent limitation, talented secondary players continue to defy the odds and be productive. It appears that the best of the best have a rabid combination of athleticism and sheer will to dominate their assignment. This might explain why size is seemingly irrelevant. However, even so, one has to wonder if a little more height wouldn’t hurt. According to USA Today, 2018’s best defensive back was Greedy Williams of LSU. If you watched any film of him, it is clear that the title is well deserved. Perhaps what helped him at the position the most, is also the one thing that sets him apart from the majority of other defensive backs: his height. At six feet, two inches tall, Greedy Williams was rarely, if ever, the smaller guy in a match up. Combine his natural size with smooth hip rotation and overall quickness, and you have a guy who can afford to play more than a little greedy. So, if a little extra height helped give way to the accolades and productivity that Greedy Williams secured in 2018, what would have been the result if he had been even taller, but with almost as much athleticism and quickness? Let me introduce you to the Gamecock’s own Israel Mukuamu.
  5. What are the odds for the Gamecocks to win the SEC August 18, 2019 The Gamecocks schedule does not play in their a favor, as they have to play Alabama as a crossover game, plus have a trip to Texas A&M, which went 9-4 last season. The odds for any team not named Alabama or Georgia winning the SEC championship were always going to be on the lower side. Still, South Carolina coming in with the 10th-best odds by BetOnline.ag stands out a little. The Gamecocks’ odds were at 80/1, behind the likes of Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi State. South Carolina was picked fourth in the SEC East by the SEC media.
  6. Gamecock Fanatics would like to wish all members celebrating their birthday today a happy birthday. Brianna --bungalow --
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  9. Gamecock target Reggie Grimes, No. 1 football recruit in Tennessee, ruled eligible at Ravenwood August 18, 2019 Ravenwood (Brentwood, Tennessee) senior Reggie Grimes II was ruled eligible to play this season by TSSAA executive director Bernard Childress on Friday, granting his hardship request, Grimes’ father told The Tennessean. Grimes is the top prospect in the state and a four-star recruit for the Class of 2020 according to the 247Sports Composite. (VIEW ARTICLE)
  10. Gamecocks defensive players with an attitude August 17, 2019 Offense vs. a defense that competition can get quite fierce. Senior quarterback Jake Bentley was reminded of that the hard way. (VIEW ARTICLE)
  11. Gamecocks defensive players with an attitude August 17, 2019 Offense vs. a defense that competition can get quite fierce. Senior quarterback Jake Bentley was reminded of that the hard way. “(The secondary) ran a different coverage and I wanted to ask (sophomore cornerback Jaycee Horn) like, ‘What are you looking at that play?’” Bentley said. “‘Man, don’t talk to me,’ (he said.) And it’s just that fierceness about it, he’s just competing every day. He’ll talk to me in the locker room, but when he’s out there, he sees us as the enemy, and it just makes us a lot better.” That “nasty” attitude, as Bentley described it, is part of an intense, hard-charging energy Horn and fellow sophomore corner Israel Mukuamu bring to USC’s secondary, a unit that, thanks to a deluge of injuries last season and a scarcity of upperclassmen, looks to Horn and Mukuamu as leaders. “Me and Izzy are just trying to set the standard for the young guys, show them to run to the ball every play,” Horn said. “We all just try to do our part and show the young defensive backs how to work.” Horn talking about the team’s “young guys” when he and Mukuamu only have one season under their belts may seem odd, but their approach has set them apart as leaders for a while now, Muschamp said. “I checked curfew last year during camp and the two guys not in their beds are Israel and Jaycee. Well, they’re back over here (in the stadium) watching the film at 10:30 at night. They’re supposed to be in their bed at 10. That’s a good thing,” Muschamp said. “Jaycee’s mentality and I would include Israel, their mentality has become very contagious on our team.” Yes, the entire unit is feeding off of it and it is positive to see it spread around. “I’d say (the secondary) has seen the biggest transformation since the coach has been here. And I think it’s a lot of credit to Jaycee and Israel and just the attitude that they bring each and every day,” Bentley said. And in training camp, when there’s no opponent to face for weeks at a time, that hyper-competitiveness means any play Horn and Mukuamu make at Bentley’s expense is cause for celebration. “They don’t care how they get it, whether it’s tipped or not. Shoot, DJ Wonnum does a great job of jumping up and getting his hands on some balls. So I think one got tipped and might have gone to Izzy, and he was doing his dance and jumping up,” Bentley recalled. And it’s not just the defensive backs who feed off the sophomores’ energy. “When we are up in the defensive backroom, everyone is up,” Mukuamu said. “When we’re making plays and flying around, it feeds off to the linebackers and the D linemen. As long as we’re up and we have the energy in the defense, it’s going to affect everyone else.” In order to maintain that level of enthusiasm day in and day, Horn and Mukuamu said, they lean on each other. “We hold each other accountable. So one day I might be up and Jaycee might be down, so I gotta bring him up, or one day I might be down and he’s bringing me up,” Mukuamu said.
  12. Muschamp observations & transcript from final scrimmage WATCH: Will Muschamp Post-Scrimmage News Conference August 17, 2019 Starter DB Israel Mukuamu getting snaps at new spot safety CLICK TO VIEW & WATCH
  13. Muschamp observations & transcript from final scrimmage WATCH: Will Muschamp Post-Scrimmage News Conference August 17, 2019 ▪ RB Tavien Feaster stands out in scrimmage. Mucschamp had this to say “He looked good,” “Caught the ball well, ran the ball well. Had a really nice cut on a touchdown on an inside zone. So it was good; I thought he was good.” One strength of Feaster’s game that will upgrade the Gamecocks in the backfield is the way he’s able to catch the football, where the Gamecocks have struggled during Muschamp’s tenure here at South Carolina. “He catches the ball extremely well,” Muschamp said. “He’s like a receiver running routes. He has really good ball skills. But I thought he made some really good cuts on some runs. It was the first live contact he’s had since he’s been here, and I thought he ran the ball extremely well. ▪ Starter DB Israel Mukuamu getting snaps at new spot safety. “Israel’s always a guy that can slide in and play, has played a lot of safety for us in the last couple days,” Muschamp said. “Done a nice job. He brings us a lot of range back there." ▪ He was discouraged by some procedure and communication issues the team had during the scrimmage. Much of that was situation work (including one-minute and four-minute work, plus red zone), but he left with the sense there was a lot to clean up. ▪ Overall, the team got 120 snaps, plus some live kicking work. ▪ At this point in camp, the coaches feel as if the offense and defense are playing about even.. ▪ Shi Smith had several good plays, including grabbing a 50-50 ball. Jake Bentley also had some explosive plays on offense, a seam ball and an outside ball. He also protected the ball, but there were some protection issues. ▪ Muschamp also singled out freshman wide receiver Josh Vann has having a strong day and strong camp. ▪ Muschamp said backup quarterbacks Dakereon Joyner and Ryan Hilinski are still somewhat even, though he had not yet watched the tape and delved in. ▪ Through camp, the staff likes where the offensive line. ▪ Darius Rush’s move from wide receiver to corner was based on him not getting much opportunity on offense. ▪ Right now, either Eric Douglas or Donell Stanley would be the team’s backup center. ▪ After seeing his career end with an injury, Kiel Pollard will be working with the coaching staff this fall. Head Coach Will Muschamp post-scrimmage No. 2 presser (Saturday, August 17, 2019)Opening Statement: "First of all want to start off with the Kiel Pollard situation - just really disappointed for Kiel and his family and for everybody involved in our organization as well. Guy we signed out of Moultrie, Ga., Colquitt County High School, state champion, player of the year in the state of Georgia and just a wonderful young man. He has done everything we've asked of him. He had really good freshman and sophomore years and kind of broke out in the later part of his junior season. He was in the best condition since he's been here, primed to have a great senior year and continue to play after college in my opinion. Very unfortunate situation - there was a small fracture in his neck which was going to heal within four to six weeks - had nothing to do with him not being able to play football. During our research in helping him get back, we discovered through two specialists, a neurologist in Atlanta and in Charlotte, that he had a cyst on his spinal cord. Thank goodness we found it. Kiel is going to graduate in December. He wants to get into coaching. He's not sure if he wants to be a high school coach or a college coach. He'll be successful in whatever he does. He's extremely bright. He relates well with anybody he meets. He's got that certain skill with people. He's going to be a part of our staff this fall moving forward. It was a message for our guys. This guy has handled his business the right way. He's graduating and getting your education is why you are here. Unfortunately in our game we all have expiration dates. Probably 1 percent of us all that play football, it ends on your terms. We've got a great example in our own building with Mike Peterson. He played 14 years uin the National Football League. He came to me when I was at Florida and said, 'They want me to play a 15th year, but I don't want to play anymore.' That doesn't happen very often. It certainly ended too soon for Kiel. We love him and just hate for this to happen to him. He's going to have some tough times in the fall and we all need to support him, and we will."Got some good news on Evan Hinson. He's only going to be out three or four weeks. The surgery went much better than we thought, so excited about that. Kier Thomas will be cleared sometime next week. He's been doing a lot of individual work - he just hasn't done any 11-on-11. Other than that, we're doing well. Scrimmage today was a little bit sloppy - on both sides of the ball. We had some procedure issues, some communication issues that were disappointing for our second scrimmage. We got about 120 scrimmage snaps. We got some live kicking game done, which is always good - just have to clean a lot of things up as we continue to move forward. I thought there was some bright spots on both ends. We got a lot of situational work in. We had a four-minute drill to win the game - the offense was able to stay on the field to end the clock. We had a situation where the offense was able to get a first down coming out from the goal line, which is critical to be able to flip the field. We had a good one-minute situation that ended with a field goal to win the game. The defense did a really nice job in our red zone work. Looking forward to seeing the tape and where we are. We claim we want to do the things that take no talent very well, but we didn't today. That was disappointing. We'll address that as we move forward. Our guys are off tomorrow unless they have treatment. Then we'll have two training camp like practices on Monday and Tuesday. We'll be off on Wednesday, and then we'll start on North Carolina on Thursday."On Rico Dowdle and Bryan Edwards... "They didn't go today, but they'll be cleared for Monday. Rico had a little bit of a bone bruise. We held him today, but he's fine. Bryan could have gone today, but he's fine and will be back on Monday."On offense or defense doing more in camp so far... "I think it's been pretty even. There's been some good competition is the best way I can say it."On how the three quarterbacks (Jake Bentley, Dakereon Joyner and Ryan Hilinski) looked today..."We had some explosive plays offensively. I'm looking forward to watching the film and evaluation Dakereon and Ryan."On the offensive line's run blocking in the scrimmage..."I thought we had some creases in the run game. We did so much situational work today, so it wasn't so much just move the ball. It's kind of hard in some situations to look. Again, I think we've done a nice job in the run game throughout training camp in blocking a pretty good front."On how Tavien Feaster looked today..."Good, he caugh the ball well, ran the ball well. He made a really nice cut on touchdown on an inside zone play. I thought he looked good."On receivers who have stood out... "Two guys that stood out to me today were Josh Vann and Shi (Smith). Those guys have had really good camps. Shi has had an exceptional camp. He's a really difficult guy to cover. He's got really good catch radius down the field, and he's got really good speed and he's got good open field quickness as far as evading people and making people miss. I think he's had a really good training camp. Josh Vann has had a really good camp to this point. It all goes back to this summer - the type of summer both of those guys had. They really busted it all summer. They went after it hard all summer. They've come into camp and had really good camps. Randrecous (Davis) has done some really nice things. Those three guys have jumped out at us. And of course Bryan (Edwards) has had a really good camp as well."On how D.J. Wonnom has looked..."He's looked as good as he's looked. He looks really good. He's playing well. I think he's rusing the passer extremely well, playing the runs well, leveraging well. He's right at 260 (pounds), and I'm really pleased with how he's playing. You've just got to account for him offensively. When you go into a game, it's all about matchups. We've got to make sure we're getting the protection to No. 8, and we've got to make sure there's somebody helping there. His football intelligence is off the charts as far as just knowledge of the game, knowledge of situations. He's not a guy that you have to sit there and walk-through everything. He gets it, and he understands it. He also is a great leader. He doesn't say a lot, but he demonstrates his leadership ability in positively effecting people around him. It's as good as I've been around. Having him on the field there's a lot of different positives he brings to our organization past just the fact that he's a good football player."On if they're any further along in the process of identifying a No. 2 quarterback..."Well, we'll watch the tape. Today was obviously a huge evaluation. The two scrimmages are big in that evaluation process - not just at that position, but a lot of positions. This is the hard part when you get to this practice. Week one it may not be the best option, but in week five it's going to be the best option. That's going to help our football team. You've got to continue to bring those guys along knowing that eventually that's going to overtake as far as his ability and talent is concerned. You've got to project a little bit, and that's what we have to do a good job of tonight and tomorrow morning."On the red zone work in the scrimmage..."We spend a lot of time in the red zone, regardless of how we've done. It's something that is one of our core five items in playing to win is playing well in the red zone and understanding that we've got to get points 100 percent of the time and 70 percent of the time, we need to score touchdowns. Defensively, 60 percent of the time, we want to hold them to field goals. If you do that, you'll lead the country in those categories. I think we've made some improvements. Obviously, we'll have a test on August 31."On red zone execution and ball security in the scrimmage..."Well, it's good and bad. The defense had a really good red-zone period, so it was not so good for the offense. I don't know that we had a turnover for the entire scrimmage, and I think we only had one turnover on a fourth-down desperation situation last week where you have to put the ball up and see if someone can make a play. We've protected the ball better since the early part of training camp."On the young defensive backs and the energy they bring..."It is. We put a lot on them. We teach everything by concepts. Sometimes they have some good moments and not so good moments. Jammie's done some really good things at both safety and nickel and he's going to be a really good player for us this year. John Dixon has been a guy that's really shown up and had a couple of nice knock downs in the end zone today on a couple of 50/50 balls that I thought were played extremely well. Cam Smith showed up today and made a couple of plays on some balls. To be able to see them being in the right spots is what I'm looking for. Shilo (Sanders) has done some nice things. I've been very pleased with all of those guys. Shilo's repped at the nickel position. We've looked at him a little bit at safety as well. I've been pleased with their progress and are all going to play for us this year."On starters at safety and nickel and the play of J.T. Ibe..."J.T.'s had a really good camp. He strained his pec, so I think we're going to get him back next week at some point. He's the only guy that's had a lingering issue. It's a similar situation to what happened to him at Rice. It was about a two-week deal before he was able to come back so we'll see how that progresses. Right now, Jamyest (Williams) has had a really good camp and has done a nice job for us there. Jammie's (Robinson) done some nice things there and Israel (Mukuamu) is always a guy that can slide in and play and has played a lot of safety for us the last couple of days and has done a nice job. He brings us a lot of range back there."On Ernest Jones' leadership..."You hear his voice a lot. He does a really nice job. He brings a lot of juice and energy every single day. At that position, especially at this time in camp, that's something you've got to have on your football team and he's certainly a guy that has a lot of juice and energy and affects everybody around him in a positive way in my estimation. That makes him what he is. He's very smart and intelligent. He makes all of our calls, so I've been really pleased with the training camp he's had. He's been outstanding."On Tavien Feaster..."He catches the ball extremely well. He's like a receiver running routes as far as those things. He's got really good ball skills. I thought he made a couple of really nice cuts on some runs today and it was the first live contact he's had since he's been here. I thought he ran the ball well."On Jake Bentley's performance at the scrimmage..."He's taking care of the football and that's the big thing. I thought there were some explosive plays out there. He hit Shi (Smith) on two balls on a seam ball and an outside ball and he dropped one in on Josh Vann on a really well thrown ball. We have to continue to clean some things up on protection. Obviously, our quarterbacks aren't live so it would have been interesting if we would have got a couple of those off, so we'll have to go back and make sure we clean some of those things up. We were better than we were for the first scrimmage but it will be interesting to watch the film. I thought Jake had a really good week, in my opinion. You go back and look at Wednesday and Thursday 's practice. We didn't do as much on Friday but then again today, he strung together four of five really good days."
  14. Muschamp updates injury report after Saturday scrimmage August 17, 2019 TE Kiel Pollard: Small fracture in his neck. (Retired from football) TE Evan Hinson: Was diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat earlier this month and has remained in recovery mode since that treatment, with surgery should only sideline only (three or four weeks), rather than the six to eight that was expected. DL Kier Thomas: (ankle will be cleared sometime next week.) RB Rico Dowdle: bone bruise (expected to be ready for practice on Monday.) WR Bryan Edwards: shoulder were held out during the scrimmage (expected to be ready for practice on Monday.) DB J.T. Ibe: Has been dealing with a strained pectoral muscle and (could be back at some point next week). LB Brad Johnson: has been limited during camp with an injury. (no timetable) OF Donell Stanley: back injury will be (fully back to practice on Monday.) DB RJ Roderick: undisclosed will be (fully back to practice on Monday.)
  15. WATCH: Doty tallies 3 TDs, ready for senior season August 17, 2019 | Video provided by 247sports CONWAY – Before the rains came and canceled the rest of the 2019 Kickoff Classic, four-star quarterback Luke Doty (Myrtle Beach/Myrtle Beach) was able to guide the defending state champs to a 21-0 exhibition win at Brooks Stadium on the campus of Coastal Carolina. The video is a compilation of Doty’s top throws and all three touchdowns scored on Friday night.
  16. Photo Day: South Carolina took a break from the grind of Fall Camp to host Photo Day at Williams-Brice Stadium August 17, 2019 | 247sports CLICK TO VIEW: South Carolina took a break from the grind of Fall Camp to host Photo Day at Williams-Brice Stadium
  17. Former Gamecock Athletics Director Mike McGee Passes Away 8/16/2019 | General Former University of South Carolina Athletics Director Dr. Mike McGee, who led the Gamecock athletics program for 12 years, died Friday peacefully at his home in Montrose, CO. "I owe so much to Dr. McGee for trusting me to lead his baseball program when he hired me in the summer of 1996," said current Gamecock Athletics Director Ray Tanner. "I learned so much from him about athletics, administration and life, in general. He's not only a legendary coach and administrator but a Hall of Fame person as well." McGee, 80, came to South Carolina in 1993 from the University of Southern California, where he had served as athletics director 10 years. Prior to his tenure at Southern Cal, McGee was the athletics director at Cincinnati (1980-84) , the head football coach at Duke for eight seasons (1971-78), the head football coach at East Carolina for one season (1970) and served as an assistant coach at Minnesota, Wisconsin and Duke. McGee was the recipient of the prestigious Homer Rice Award in 2016 from the LEAD1 Association, given each year to a former athletics director who had made a significant and meaningful contribution to intercollegiate athletics. In 2002, McGee was presented the Order of the Palmetto by then-South Carolina Governor Jim Hodges, recognizing him for his outstanding contributions to the promotion of and achievement in sports in South Carolina. McGee, a 1960 Duke graduate, was an outstanding football player for the Blue Devils, earning All-America honors and was named the 1959 Atlantic Coast Conference Football Player and ACC Athlete of the Year. He was also the recipient of the 1959 Outland Award, going to the nation's top lineman. He was inducted into the National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame in 1990. In 1985, he founded and directed for 17 years, the prestigious Sports Management Institute, the leading in-service training academy for professional staff in intercollegiate athletics. McGee is survived by his wife of 56 years, Ginger, and together they had four children - Kathy, Michael, Jr., Matthew and Jerry - as well as 19 grandchildren and four great grandchildren. Services and burial for Dr. McGee will be held at Sonrise Mountain Ranch in Cimarron, CO and his hometown of Elizabeth City, NC. Mike McGee - University of South Carolina Highlights During Mike McGee's 12-years of service as the Director of Athletics at the University of South Carolina, the Gamecock program experienced an era of success and accomplishment that was unprecedented in school history. Among the numerous achievements during this period included: The Gamecocks emerged as a highly competitive athletics program, across the board, with consistent top 20 national rankings for a majority of its 20 varsity teams. A record 17 teams competed in post-season competition in 2001-02, with 16 teams qualifying in 2002-03 and 15 teams advancing in 2003-04. South Carolina posted its best-ever finish in the Learfield IMG College Director's Cup in 2002 with an 11th place finish and followed it up with an 18th-place finish in 2003. The football team won three straight bowl games, including back-to-back Outback Bowl Championships against Ohio State. Those two victories catapulted the Gamecocks to consecutive Top 20 national finishes, a first in the history of the program. McGee hired high-caliber coaches at South Carolina during his tenure. Among his hires at South Carolina included Curtis Frye (track and field), Lou Holtz (football), Ray Tanner (baseball), Dave Odom (men's basketball) and Steve Spurrier (football). In McGee's final eight years at South Carolina, 13 Gamecock head coaches earned either national or SEC Coach of the Year awards. Athletics department revenues almost tripled during his tenure as athletics director, rising from approximately $18 million when he first came to South Carolina, to $52.8 million for fiscal year 2004. The women's track team won the school's first-ever national team championship, claiming the 2002 NCAA Outdoor title. In 2000, for the first time in the history of the Southeastern Conference, South Carolina had three of its athletes named National Athlete of the Year in their respective sports: Kip Bouknight (baseball); Terrence Trammell (men's indoor and outdoor track); and Miki Barber (women's outdoor track). South Carolina won nine SEC team championships, including baseball (3), women's outdoor track (3), men's basketball (1), softball (1), and women's golf (1). McGee oversaw more than $110 million in facility improvements at Carolina, including the 18,000-seat Colonial Center (now Colonial Life Arena) and major improvements and additions to Williams-Brice Stadium. McGee was a leader in addressing gender equity progress, as Carolina added two women's sports (soccer, equestrian), upgraded Olympic sports facilities and provided for major increases in budget and additional staff under his direction. McGee served for the SEC on the NCAA Management Council, a position he also held for the PAC-10 Conference when he was the athletics director at Southern California. McGee served on the SEC Task Force Committee for Compliance and Enforcement. McGee served as a member on the NCAA Academic Reform Committee on Incentives and Disincentives. McGee was a vice-chairman of the board for the Columbia Urban League
  18. SDS Crystal Ball: Predicting every game for South Carolina football in 2019 August 16, 2019 Will Muschamp. What was your initial reaction to seeing his name? Was it, “Will Muschamp, who stepped in after Steve Spurrier and cleaned up a mess.” Or maybe your reaction was, “Will Muschamp, who lost 10 consecutive games to Top 25 teams.” To be honest, my reaction is both. That’s part of the problem. In the same way that Gus Malzahn had a massive divide among his own fan base, it appears that Muschamp is nearing or at that point himself, albeit for different reasons. Those on the negative side believe Muschamp should be on the hot seat, and others (like myself) are willing to be a bit more patient given what he inherited. As Muschamp enters Year 4 in Columbia, he does so amidst unique circumstances. Rival Clemson looks stronger than ever, the SEC East conversation is no longer on the Gamecocks as a sleeper contender like it was last year and the schedule couldn’t be more difficult. So let’s discuss that. 2018 record: 7-6 (4-4), T-4th in SEC East / 2019 projection: 5-7 (2-6, 6th in SEC East) (VIEW FULL ARTICLE)
  19. Gamecocks target 6-10 Cliff Omoruyi of Roselle, NJ is taking an unofficial visit to Connecticut today August 16, 2019
  20. With Pollard's decision to end his career and Eric Hinson's absence due to his heart condition, someone is going to need to step up at the TE position and take over the lead role. Not knowing if Nick Muse will be eligible. So, who can we count on? Right now, the first guy in line has to be Kyle Markway. He's the one guy returning with the most experience right now (and that's limited.) I think the pressure is on him to be the first team TE. TE position of strength is now looking weak.
  21. TE Kiel Pollard Gamecock career comes to an end August 16, 2019 Kiel Pollard was projected as a starter for South Carolina football at tight end in 2019. On Friday, he announced on Instagram his football career is over because of a broken neck. “Last week I did something that every football player knows not to do, I ducked my head while blocking,” Pollard wrote. “As I waited on the exam table I thought everything was straight. To my surprise, after the MRI was completed and what felt like the longest 2 hours of my life, I was informed that I would be out for 4-6 weeks with a broken neck. I was perfectly fine with that. “This week that changed when I found out that last Tuesday would be my last time playing football. Not that I’m not able, but that it’s not safe for me to do so.”
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