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  1. Hello Coxster88, Welcome to Gamecock Fanatics. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Coxster88 joined on the 08/18/2019. View Member
  2. The latest at each position August 18, 2019 Two more “training camp like” practices stand between the South Carolina Gamecocks and the start of their game prep for the 2019 season opener against North Carolina. South Carolina held its second scrimmage of the month on Saturday afternoon, which allowed coach Will Muschamp and his staff to get another look at the spots where players are fighting to win jobs before Aug. 31. Decisions on some of those spots couldn't be finalized until the coaches reviewed film of the final scrimmage. (VIEW ARTICLE) FREE 247SPORTS
  3. Looking forward to the trip, less than 13 days away.
  4. AUGUST 16, 2019 by GC RAMEY | THESPURSUPSHOW A Smothering Presence: How Israel Mukuama’s Size Could Lead To Big Things For The Gamecock Secondary A quick google search sends a clear statistical message: defensive backs are typically much shorter than the receivers that they match up against. With the average NFL receiver being noted as 6’2″, the comparative size of DB’s, at 5’11”, seems like quite the discrepancy. Despite this apparent limitation, talented secondary players continue to defy the odds and be productive. It appears that the best of the best have a rabid combination of athleticism and sheer will to dominate their assignment. This might explain why size is seemingly irrelevant. However, even so, one has to wonder if a little more height wouldn’t hurt. According to USA Today, 2018’s best defensive back was Greedy Williams of LSU. If you watched any film of him, it is clear that the title is well deserved. Perhaps what helped him at the position the most, is also the one thing that sets him apart from the majority of other defensive backs: his height. At six feet, two inches tall, Greedy Williams was rarely, if ever, the smaller guy in a match up. Combine his natural size with smooth hip rotation and overall quickness, and you have a guy who can afford to play more than a little greedy. So, if a little extra height helped give way to the accolades and productivity that Greedy Williams secured in 2018, what would have been the result if he had been even taller, but with almost as much athleticism and quickness? Let me introduce you to the Gamecock’s own Israel Mukuamu.
  5. What are the odds for the Gamecocks to win the SEC August 18, 2019 The Gamecocks schedule does not play in their a favor, as they have to play Alabama as a crossover game, plus have a trip to Texas A&M, which went 9-4 last season. The odds for any team not named Alabama or Georgia winning the SEC championship were always going to be on the lower side. Still, South Carolina coming in with the 10th-best odds by BetOnline.ag stands out a little. The Gamecocks’ odds were at 80/1, behind the likes of Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi State. South Carolina was picked fourth in the SEC East by the SEC media.
  6. Gamecock Fanatics would like to wish all members celebrating their birthday today a happy birthday. Brianna --bungalow --
  7. Happy Birthday bungalow!

  8. Happy Birthday Brianna!

  9. Gamecock target Reggie Grimes, No. 1 football recruit in Tennessee, ruled eligible at Ravenwood August 18, 2019 Ravenwood (Brentwood, Tennessee) senior Reggie Grimes II was ruled eligible to play this season by TSSAA executive director Bernard Childress on Friday, granting his hardship request, Grimes’ father told The Tennessean. Grimes is the top prospect in the state and a four-star recruit for the Class of 2020 according to the 247Sports Composite. (VIEW ARTICLE)
  10. Gamecocks defensive players with an attitude August 17, 2019 Offense vs. a defense that competition can get quite fierce. Senior quarterback Jake Bentley was reminded of that the hard way. (VIEW ARTICLE)
  11. Gamecocks defensive players with an attitude August 17, 2019 Offense vs. a defense that competition can get quite fierce. Senior quarterback Jake Bentley was reminded of that the hard way. “(The secondary) ran a different coverage and I wanted to ask (sophomore cornerback Jaycee Horn) like, ‘What are you looking at that play?’” Bentley said. “‘Man, don’t talk to me,’ (he said.) And it’s just that fierceness about it, he’s just competing every day. He’ll talk to me in the locker room, but when he’s out there, he sees us as the enemy, and it just makes us a lot better.” That “nasty” attitude, as Bentley described it, is part of an intense, hard-charging energy Horn and fellow sophomore corner Israel Mukuamu bring to USC’s secondary, a unit that, thanks to a deluge of injuries last season and a scarcity of upperclassmen, looks to Horn and Mukuamu as leaders. “Me and Izzy are just trying to set the standard for the young guys, show them to run to the ball every play,” Horn said. “We all just try to do our part and show the young defensive backs how to work.” Horn talking about the team’s “young guys” when he and Mukuamu only have one season under their belts may seem odd, but their approach has set them apart as leaders for a while now, Muschamp said. “I checked curfew last year during camp and the two guys not in their beds are Israel and Jaycee. Well, they’re back over here (in the stadium) watching the film at 10:30 at night. They’re supposed to be in their bed at 10. That’s a good thing,” Muschamp said. “Jaycee’s mentality and I would include Israel, their mentality has become very contagious on our team.” Yes, the entire unit is feeding off of it and it is positive to see it spread around. “I’d say (the secondary) has seen the biggest transformation since the coach has been here. And I think it’s a lot of credit to Jaycee and Israel and just the attitude that they bring each and every day,” Bentley said. And in training camp, when there’s no opponent to face for weeks at a time, that hyper-competitiveness means any play Horn and Mukuamu make at Bentley’s expense is cause for celebration. “They don’t care how they get it, whether it’s tipped or not. Shoot, DJ Wonnum does a great job of jumping up and getting his hands on some balls. So I think one got tipped and might have gone to Izzy, and he was doing his dance and jumping up,” Bentley recalled. And it’s not just the defensive backs who feed off the sophomores’ energy. “When we are up in the defensive backroom, everyone is up,” Mukuamu said. “When we’re making plays and flying around, it feeds off to the linebackers and the D linemen. As long as we’re up and we have the energy in the defense, it’s going to affect everyone else.” In order to maintain that level of enthusiasm day in and day, Horn and Mukuamu said, they lean on each other. “We hold each other accountable. So one day I might be up and Jaycee might be down, so I gotta bring him up, or one day I might be down and he’s bringing me up,” Mukuamu said.
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