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  1. Really like what is happening here with the staff. Hopefully just maybe the team can get on the field and practice and have us a spring game.
  2. For sure but gives us a look into the weight. Hopefully the guys will get there weight up and hope I mean hope lot less season ending injury’s.
  3. Have to say spot on. Let's climb the mountain and get to the peak this time.
  4. Totally agree here with you assessment.
  5. Georgia Southern is preparing to lose associate head coach/running backs coach Chris Foster. A South Carolina native, Foster played at Gardner-Webb and immediately became his alma mater’s running backs coach following graduation. He then spent three seasons in the same capacity at Appalachian State, one season at Maryville College, and then the past three at Georgia Southern. Foster has tutored four NFL backs, plus Appalachian State’s all-time leading rusher Marcus Cox. May as well sigh him up.
  6. Latte still over seas going to school I still believe.
  7. Gamecocks reoffer one of the state’s best January 26, 2021 / Recruiting The new USC coaching staff has handed out a bunch of new offers for prospects in the 2022-24 classes in recent weeks, but one of their most important moves in recent days was to reoffer LB Jaylen Sneed (6-3 220) of Hilton Head. The four-star prospect carries a heavy load of offers from coaches-to-coast with Southern Cal, Texas A&M and Notre Dame the most recent new ones. New Gamecocks defensive coordinator and linebackers coach Clayton White didn’t waste a lot of time getti
  8. Saint Francis duo set to join Gamecocks in March January 26, 2021 / Recruiting QB Jason Brown (6-4 230) and WR EJ Jenkins (6-8 230), teammates at Saint Francis, PA received the news today from USC that they have been admitted to school, so both have officially committed to the Gamecocks. They will arrive on campus March 1st. The two are from Fredericksburg, VA and decided to transfer after Saint Francis cancelled a spring season. Their goal was to continue playing together, and the Gamecocks offered them that opportunity. “It’s a blessing,” Brown s
  9. Will this team suffering so much with Covid-19 injuries so far behind playing games. Should they shut it down? Just wondering on how you all feel. Lot of heat on the program past few years and with all what has been happing with Vovid-19. What you all say?
  10. Duce Staley asks the Eagles to release him from his contract With the reporting that Duce Staley is asking the Philadelphia Eagles to release him from his contract, where could the coach wind up? www.yahoo.com
  11. Have the teams down but still waiting on the dates. Only thing I guess is holding up is are unwelcome guest Covid-19. Be so happy when he packs his bags and goes far far away.
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