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  1. For us old-timers, the guy was a legend, a true professional along with and Johnny U and Dandy Don. Man, all my guys are all gone now.
  2. Hemingway is the No. 5 ranked player in the state in the 247 Sports composite rankings and the No. 207 player in the country. Defensive line coach John Scott Jr. saw him during the evaluation period.
  3. Good size kid!! Another talented 4 star for the DL if the Gamecocks can claim a commit from Hemingway.
  4. Hello unfajon, Welcome to Gamecock Fanatics. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. unfajon joined on the 05/08/2019. View Member
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  7. Gamecocks have a ways to go but I feel like we have 3, 4 stars that can contribute as soon as needed. QB I think Doty is the best QB recruit we have ever had, please see his film. The Taters really liked him but were filled up. We have a chance to shock some folks with the way he throws the ball, competition is looking up. OL we have to very good prospects with a 4star that could start immediately. Coach is recruiting very well at this point. Check out their highlights. WR- we have the best talent in the sec now and adding a 4-star stud that could be a 5 star after Michael goes to camps over the summer. We are catching up Tatars. If we can continue this momentum and finish with a better record than last year we’ll retain the recruits we have an add more starters for ‘20. How we do this season is huge in determining how we cycle in on the Tate’s! Hopefully, we’ll finish in the top 15 in recruiting this year and next year top 10. We’re coming!!
  8. Coaches preaching pad level. So what does that mean? May 26, 2019 South Carolina football coach Will Muschamp will talk about “pad level” often when discussing where his younger players need to improve. At least a few of his assistants will mention it during their biannual chats with the media. It’s an important part of how a player plays, but something most folks don’t notice in the flow of a game. So what exactly are we talking about here? The short of it is players training so that more often than not, at the point of collision, their pads are lower than whoever they’re hitting, blocking or tackling. Being lower means leverage, usually means being a little more coiled and able to explode forward into somebody else. But it’s something players don’t tend to start with. “It’s not a natural movement,” running backs coach Thomas Brown said. “So obviously, guys that are used to running can just stand straight up and run really fast. In the game of football, if you understand leverage and angles, you can become a much better football player.” For his backs specifically, it means having the upper torso close to parallel with the ground. The aim is not to bend at the waist but at the knees and hips. For example, if a running back comes at a tackler with low pads instead of straight up, it gives the defender less to hold onto. Rather than wrapping arms around a straight-up body, they’d have to wrap around head, shoulders and backside, a near-impossible task without freakishly long arms. “I don’t care if you’re playing running back, playing receiver, playing DB, playing linebacker, O-line, D-line,” Brown said. “Normally the guy with better pad level normally wins that battle.” The USC coaches try to reinforce that stance with players working on drills under a large tarp or running them through small frames that force them to get low. Brown said that ideal stance starts with bent knees, a chest up and eyes straight ahead, able to finish at high speed. All of that goes toward the challenge facing Brown and his backs. All three Gamecocks seniors, Mon Denson, A.J. Turner and Rico Dowdle, have had moments, but none grew into consistent, carry-the-load type runners. Muschamp has registered disappointment several times with the group, specifically the inability to win more matchups in space where a back needs to throw a move or just run through a defender (he felt the offensive line often delivered the space needed). Brown will be tasked with both recruiting a runner who fits that bill and getting some of the current backs better on that front. The solution isn’t particularly groundbreaking but the most solid ones rarely are. “I think just being consistent every single day, making the most of every opportunity given to you when it comes,” Brown said. “On the field, off the field, and also when we have chances to win 1-on-1 in space, we’ve got to win.”
  9. Deion Sanders, DT Cromer see friendship come full circle with Gamecock connection May 26, 2019, | THE STATE D.T. Cromer has put up Deion Sanders in his house, and now he can extend the same offer to Sanders’ son Shilo thanks to South Carolina football. Cromer, who played baseball at Lexington High School and then USC, and Deion Sanders were teammates with the Cincinnati Reds in 2001. It was the last season of Major League Baseball for each, but it started a friendship between the two that came full circle this year when Shilo Sanders signed to play defensive back for the Gamecocks. That means Shilo Sanders and Cromer’s daughter Ashlyn Cromer will both be in Williams-Brice Stadium on Saturdays this fall. Ashlyn is a sophomore cheerleader for the Gamecocks. It won’t be the first time she and Shilo been around each other. That was 18 years ago, when their parents were friends and traveling partners. “Life is crazy to think that 18 years have passed and our kids used to play together,” D.T. said. “Our wives ended up getting to be pretty close and they went to games together. I can remember at some point Ashlyn and Shilo in their car seats next to each other with the wives going on a road trip.” When Cromer saw that Shilo , who played high school football in Cedar Hill, Texas, was considering playing football at South Carolina, he reached out to his old teammate. “When he committed, I sent him a text and said I still had the room ready for him if he wanted to come by,” Cromer said. That’s a reference to a night Cromer picked Sanders up late at the airport in Cincinnati and let him crash at his house. “He always brings up a funny story that I made him sleep on my couch in my apartment. He said, ‘Crom Daddy put me on the couch and fed me,’ ” Cromer said, “but I don’t think we put him on the couch. I think we put him in the guest bedroom.” Either way, Cromer has now extended the offer to Shilo, who enrolled at South Carolina ahead of this summer. On May 14, Cromer gave Shilo a ride to South Carolina’s final home baseball game. “He reached out and texted me so I went by and picked him up and his roommates up,” Cromer said. “I think he has interest in eventually trying to play baseball here so he was excited to go see the baseball field, and it was the first time (Shilo and Ashlyn) got to catch up so it was a lot of fun.” Deion Sanders could not be reached for comment, but he did tweet a picture of his son and Ashlyn Cromer, calling D.T. Cromer “my dear friend and former teammate.” “I knew we played when we were little and my parents would hang out together,” Ashlyn Cromer said. Ashlyn and Shilo talked last season in Williams-Brice during Sanders’ official visit to South Carolina. “He was asking a bunch of questions about Carolina and classes,” Ashlyn said. “I didn’t know where he was going to choose so I was staying neutral through the whole process, but I told him I’d always show him around if I told him I’m always there for him and I’ll show him around if I ever need to and introduce him to all my friends.” Shilo was an Under Armour All-American at Trinity Christian High School, where he had five interceptions, 199 receiving yards and two kickoff returns for touchdowns as a senior. He could not comment for this article because USC football freshmen aren’t allowed to do media interviews. “He says he loves it here so much,” Ashlyn said. “I asked him if he was getting homesick, and he said, ‘No, I love it here.’ He doesn’t ever want to leave.” Having a support system already in place has helped. The USC connection will grow by one next year because D.T.’s son David will join the Gamecocks baseball team. “I am happy that I am here because Deion knows he has a good friend here that if Shilo needs anything he can reach out,” D.T. Cromer said. “He knows he’s got somebody here to help look out for him. It’s just neat.” D.T. Cromer and Deion Sanders, who was famous for his two-sport success and flashy nicknameslike Prime Time and Neon Deion, struck up a friendship almost accidentally. “One day, I was sitting on the bus and had a seat beside me and he sat down beside me and started talking. It was kind of surreal. From that point, we just kind of hit it off,” Cromer said. “He’s probably one of the best good people I have met in my life. He’s Prime Time, but as a teammate and a friend they don’t come any better. Anybody who will get to meet him will be blessed. If there is a Hall of Fame of people, in God’s eyes he is in it.”
  10. Thursday marks 100 days until the official start to South Carolina football's 2019 season, the 126th season in school history.
  11. AJ Lawson has ‘NBA starter potential.’ How will long will he stay with the Gamecocks? May 24, 2019 For what it’s worth, A.J. Lawson looked like an NBA player. Literally. As he hit mid-range jumpers and threw down dunks, Lawson did it in a black LeBron James jersey shirt with No. 23 across the back. Wes Brown, who runs a scouting service for Canadian basketball players, captured Lawson in this setting last week. Brown was in an Ontario gym, shooting iPhone video of Lawson, among other top prospects from his native country. “My Twitter is followed by a lot of NBA personnel,” Brown said. “Part of it’s the social media stuff, but I send my notes to NBA teams about how he looks and everything.” Lawson, of course, is a rising South Carolina sophomore who is testing the NBA draft waters. The reigning All-SEC freshman has until May 29 (Wednesday) to remain in the draft or return to USC. He hasn’t hired an agent, wasn’t invited to the NBA combine and isn’t popping up on popular mock drafts. Sources close to the Gamecock program believe Lawson comes back to school, but as the deadline approaches a departure can’t be completely ruled out. Brown, a former Dallas Mavericks scout, said Lawson possess next-level ability right now. “Athletically, he projects as an NBA player,” Brown told The State. “He’s got incredible size and athleticism for a guard. He’s probably 6-7 plus now. I mean, we were at the workouts comparing him to other guys. He’s got to be 6-7 at least. He was always extremely athletic. His blow-by ability is elite. He can always get in the lane.” USC coach Frank Martin said last week that Lawson was headed to Los Angeles to begin workouts with NBA teams. While it’s known that former Gamecocks Chris Silva (Atlanta Hawks, Minnesota Timberwolves) and Hassani Gravett (Charlotte Hornets) have performed in front of NBA teams, there’s yet to be public acknowledgment of Lawson doing the same. “They’ve been keeping it kind of hush-hush,” Brown said. “I think his dad wants it that way and I really don’t know where he’s been working out because I haven’t asked.” Lawson averaged 13.4 points, 4.3 rebounds and 2.9 assists for Carolina last season. Sam Vecenie ranks Lawson No. 93 on his “big board” for the two-round, 60-pick draft on June 20. ESPN.com’s Jonathan Givony projects Lawson as a first round pick in next year’s draft. “I think he’s gonna be an NBA player whether he goes this year or next,” Brown said. “And his dad, who’s a great guy, is being really smart and calm about that. He’s not going to try and force the situation. They’re going to wait and see what’s the best opportunity. So we’ll wait and see what happens. “I think either way, he’ll end up making it because his athleticism projects, his IQ projects, his shooting ability projects, his play-making. You can build on all those things. Maybe he’s not to where he needs to be in a lot of assets. Of course he’s not there yet. But the athleticism is so far above the competition, he’s going to clearly make it. That’s his great strength and he’s obviously built on the skills tremendously. “Man, he’s got incredible potential. He’s got NBA starter potential.”
  12. It is being sold at Riverbanks Zoo. I do not know. Hate to be around a bunch of miserable drunks when we lose. Could make it really more of a bad day. Seems a lot get tanked up before they hit the gate. How do you feel on the subject? With Its Alcohol Policy Back Up For Discussion, the SEC Considers Joining the Party Chris Maitre is a Tulane football lifer. He attended Green Wave football games with his father in the 1970s at the Superdome. Chris was just 5 then, but he can vividly remember his dad clasping an adult beverage in his right hand as the Wave played on the field below. “Alcohol, specifically beer, has been at Tulane events for as long as anybody can recall,” says Maitre, now a senior associate athletic director at Tulane who has worked at the school for 23 years. “I don’t know when we didn’t have it.” (TO READ ARTICLE CLICK)
  13. North Carolina State Wolf pack in 1965. Gamecock win 13-7. Went 5-5 for the season, a win over the Tatars 17-16!! So, when was the first game you saw at W-B?
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