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  1. Gamecocks spring football not fully ruled out March 20, 2020 | GCF Staff Report South Carolina’s spring football practice has been postponed for the moment, but not technically ruled out as of yet. But the truth be told 'things don’t look promising there. (VIEW ARTICLE)
  2. Gamecocks spring football not fully ruled out March 20, 2020 | GCF Staff Report South Carolina’s spring football practice has been postponed for the moment, but not technically ruled out as of yet. But the truth be told 'things don’t look promising there. SEC commissioner Greg Sankey said on a conference call Wednesday the door is still slightly open, as the conference’s cancellation of spring activities only covers practice through April 15 because of the coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak. Sankey said. “It does not apply to spring practices at this time, I think that’s the important qualifying phrase.” He noted it’s not as if things will suddenly get back to business the 16th. He also said he hopes things will be in a good enough place for fall sports, notably football, to proceed as planned. The Gamecocks got through five spring practices, with 10 more that had been planned. A few schools got through practice early, and some had not even started. Sankey sounded like a man not optimistic there would be much in the way of spring practice any time soon, but he said he was confident the league would look into fall sports getting some kind of out-of-season practice time to prepare for the start of their years. “If you look at the national public messaging about no gatherings above 50, certainly difficult to conduct any football practice under that limitation,” Sankey said. “ And even with smaller numbers have been communicated, 10 is often referenced, thereby making it impossible into May. I’m not going to be overly optimistic about the return to practice. We haven’t fully foreclosed that opportunity, but I think practically, that window is pretty narrow.”
  3. Matt Lindsey moves on and now Drew Hughes is putting his stamp on South Carolina March 18, 2020 | GCF Staff Report When Drew Hughes first saw South Carolina’s football operations facility, he marveled at how it compared to the digs at his last job at Tennessee. And when he took stock of the recruiting operation he was set to take the helm of, he saw something that fit most of the specifications for how he planned to operate. That’s the advantage of taking over a department built up by a friend who learned the craft alongside him. That’s an advantage of working for Will Muschamp, who he worked under before and had hoped to work for yet again. (VIEW ARTICLE)
  4. Matt Lindsey moves on and now Drew Hughes is putting his stamp on South Carolina March 18, 2020 | GCF Staff Report When Drew Hughes first saw South Carolina’s football operations facility, he marveled at how it compared to the digs at his last job at Tennessee. And when he took stock of the recruiting operation he was set to take the helm of, he saw something that fit most of the specifications for how he planned to operate. That’s the advantage of taking over a department built up by a friend who learned the craft alongside him. That’s an advantage of working for Will Muschamp, who he worked under before and had hoped to work for yet again. Hughes said. “In the back of my mind I’d always knew I wanted to work with Coach Muschamp again. So that’s kind of long story but that’s how it happened “Full circle for me.” Hughes joined the Gamecock staff this offseason, making the jump from Tennessee. He steps into the role held by Matt Lindsey, someone Muschamp credited with playing a crucial role in the program’s recruiting operation. (Lindsey, now at Ole Miss, called Hughes about the opening.) Now Hughes takes the reins of a large-scale information gathering outfit, one structured like an NFL personnel department. Once a 23-year-old thrown into the deep end of the profession, Hughes is now a veteran of three SEC staffs. Muschamp said on Drew. “I had Drew when I was at the University of Florida, did a fantastic job for me there.So it’s been a really seamless transition for us as far as our day-to-day operation, recruiting, evaluation and how we work as far as the recruiting standpoint is concerned.” THE GUIDANCE FOR THE VETERANS Hughes was only an undergrad when he “wandered” into the recruiting department at Alabama. A high school player in Alabama, he planned for a future as a high school coach. He started on the video side, shooting practice. He then started helping the grad assistants break down tape and then found his way to the recruiting room. Hughes said. “That’s when it really clicked for me. Once I got into the recruiting side of it, particularly the team-building and the different critical factors that you look for at each position and the all the different elements that go into building a championship team, it just clicked for me.” He came under the guidance of Ed Marynowitz, who worked for Nick Saban at the start of his tenure with the Crimson Tide, left for the Philadelphia Eagles and later returned. Hughes explained that Marynowitz was one of the pioneers of the personnel industry on the college level, and Lindsey had worked under him. At the time, Hughes was being asked to do the kinds of tasks he now has undergraduates doing. He arrived around when Saban did, taking part in the rise and building of a dynasty. When Hughes was finishing up school after the 2011 Iron Bowl, it was Marynowitz who recommended Hughes for his first job. Marynowitz played out the end of his college career for George O’Leary at Central Florida, and the former Georgia Tech head man reached out looking for someone. After a drive to Atlanta and a flight to talk to O’Leary, a freshly minted 23-year-old college grad was in charge of the recruiting operation for a Conference USA program. O’Leary had been running the show there for more than half a decade, and he delivered lessons well beyond what to look for on film. Hughes said. “I got coached by Coach O’Leary on how to grow up. I was 23. He was 60, or whatever it was at the time, and he would ask me for things he knew I didn’t have. And what he was doing, I didn’t realize it at the time, what he was doing is he was training me to start thinking ahead.” In his one year there, UCF recruited the Griffin twins, who both ended up drafted. Hughes left for N.C. State, where he helped Dave Doeren land a class with four defensive line draft picks, led by top-five pick Bradley Chubb. One year in Raleigh came to a close with a cold call from Gainesville, Florida. Muschamp brought Hughes back to the SEC, where he worked for him, then for Saban assistant Jim McElwain (Muschamp’s replacement) and eventually Jeremy Pruitt at Tennessee the past few seasons. DREW ABOUT BUILDING EVERYONE UP As Hughes sits in his office describing the structure of his department, the term “empowered” comes to mind. He’s in charge of this operation, working alongside Jessica Jackson, who heads up the on-campus aspect of recruiting, and Justin King and Zach Frehse, who manage the graphics/edits side of things (“I’ve always said no one works for me, we all work together,” Hughes said). But he has a staff, many undergrads who were brought on and trained by Lindsey, and they are the first line of what is an information-gathering and synthesizing operation. The students and personnel assistants are assigned to an assistant coach, and they’re responsible for all the players at that coach’s position and in his area. Hughes said. “Everything kind of originates from the film. And if the film stands out, they do everything from using the various analytical services that we have, verifying track times, going through their social media. You know you can find out a lot about a guy by what he tweets. And we have all the sheets, you know every player has a sheet.” The staff compiles all that information about a player and then presents that profile to a coach. It allows the staff to recruit more efficiently, having a staff process through hundreds of recruits coaches don’t have to. Hughes said. “You have to be very transparent and upfront, be accurate with the information that you have. looking back at all the staffs he has been a part of. “And every coach that you work for, whether it’s head coach or assistants, they’re all different. So you have to understand you know what they want, and I think there’s a trust that’s developed over time.” WHAT TO LOOK FOR On that film that gets cut up, those high school games that get processed down, the Gamecocks staff, and by proxy the personnel staff, are looking for specific attributes. Hughes lists off 12 for running backs alone, from power running and vision to ball security and blocking. On high school film that might be of low quality, the “wow” plays tell a tale, and more sets of eyes on more film means more consensus. Hughes said. “You and I could watch a player right now and you may notice something that I didn’t. And if you notice something that helps us make the best decision.” He described the process as prospect identification and organizing information. The camps the school runs in June serve to boost that, in part to cross-check a player’s physical measurements and skills and give coaches a chance to watch players in live settings. And although it all starts with film, everything is bolstered by the personal side of things, when coaches hit the road and can chat with folks in the community or even opposing coaches about a player. Hughes said. “It’s just a combination of utilizing the recruiting calendar when you can go out on the road. You’re hitting people in the community, you’re talking to high school coaches, you’re talking to the janitor at the high school, the teacher, not just the high school coach, obviously “All that information, matching up with the film matching up with the character, ultimately, helps you make the best decision.” DREW CASTING A WIDE NET A program such as South Carolina’s isn’t just recruiting for next year’s class, but realistically for the next three. The database the team maintains includes around 2,500 total high school players across all three classes. Hughes said. “Our database is massive. Our job is to help the coaches narrow it down, get that number down to as low as, as good of a number as possible, a manageable number.” He joked this is probably one of his easier transitions because he doesn’t have to build up the infrastructure. He’s joining a coach he knows well and has a feel for, one who is established and has the pieces set in place by a good friend. Hughes said. “It’s easier because you know what to expect, you know how they work.” Coming in and with (Lindsey) being here, you know things are going to be set up the same way and done the right way and organized and structured so, this has been unique and different.”
  5. Gauthier goes inside his commitment to the Gamecocks By Phil Kornblut / March 19, 2020 / Recruiting Colten Gauthier USC worked hard to earn the commitment of QB Colten Gauthier of Dacula, GA. The work started with head coach Will Muschamp and quarterbacks coach Dan Werner last spring when the offer went it. And it continued with Muschamp and his new quarterback's coach Mike Bobo when he came on board in December. Gauthier took five visits to USC over the last year, the last one coming earlier this month. At that point, he knew his decision. “I was originally planning on doing it (announcing) at the spring game,” Gauthier said. “I committed to Coach Muschamp about a week ago and I told him I was going to do it at the spring game. With this whole thing going on, I wasn’t too sure that was going to happen. I’m committed so I might as well go ahead and put it out because it’s uncertain what’s going to happen. That was the debate this morning (Wednesday), whether I should do it or I should wait. I decided to do it and send it out.” On that last visit, Gauthier got the chance to visit behind the scenes with Bobo and talk quarterbacking. Then, he got to watch a practice and watch Bobo teach what he preached. “I was listening to the offense and it is kind of surreal about how much he knows about the game of ball,” Gauthier said. “It’s convenient because he played the position, too. He gets it. I got to see it live. It was eye opening to see the offense in motion. And I talked to a lot of people too after I left South Carolina. Me and (Ryan) Hilinski are pretty tight. Me and Luke Doty are pretty tight, too. I asked them, what’s your take on Bobo, what’s your vibe? I asked KJ Carta-Samuels, who played for him at Colorado State, because I’m really tight with his brother Austyn Carta-Samuels. We hooked up. We talked about it. I heard really great things. I talked to my coach, Jeff Saturday, and heard a lot of great things. Prayed about it, thought about it for a while, then I decided to call Muschamp and commit to him.” Last season Gauthier passed for 2400 yards and 20 touchdowns. He’s ranked as one of the top pro-style quarterbacks in the country. And he feels like he can give Bobo exactly what he’s looking for in a quarterback. “I feel like my biggest strength is I’m able to touch everyone on the field,” Gauthier said. “He asks that you make every throw on the field, and you go as much as you can handle with that offense. I feel like that’s an advantage for me because I’m able to handle a lot of it, because of my arm ability and strength. So, the biggest thing for me fitting in wise, I’m able to make every throw on the field. That’s Coach Bobo’s offense right there. And that’s also probably a reason why I decided to commit. I feel like that’s a high level offense. That’s pro. That’s an NFL type offense. I have aspirations to go to the NFL. Why not go somewhere that’s going to be as close as possible to the real thing. That’s pretty much it for me and how I feel I will fit in.” Gauthier had double-digit offers and he had Ole Miss, Florida State and UCF also high up on his list. He is rated a 4-star prospect by Rivals and a 3-star by 247Sports.
  6. 4-star QB Colten Gauthier commits to Gamecocks March 18, 2020 / Recruiting Rivals bio 247sports bio Rivals star ranking 247sports star ranking Colten Gauthie USC Wednesday landed a commitment from 4-star QB Colten Gauthier (6-3 205) of Dacula, GA. Gauthier was offered by the Gamecocks last year while Dan Werner was the quarterback's coach, and new offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Mike Bobo picked right up on his recruiting once he arrived in December. Gauthier made at least five unofficial visits to USC for recruiting and camp purposes over the last year and had kept the Gamecocks high up on his list along with Florida State, Ole Miss, and UCF. Some of his other offers are Boston College, Duke, Virginia Tech, Colorado, Michigan State, Arkansas, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisville, Miami, Georgia Tech and Indiana. Gauthier last visited USC on March the 5th and he got the chance to go inside the offense and the quarterback position with Bobo. “I met with Coach Bobo for two hours and talked about life and football,” he said after that visit. “And I met with Coach Muschamp and Bobo In Muschamp’s office for about an hour and discussed how interested they are. I am a top priority. I told them they are definitely a top school and I’m looking to make a decision soon.” According to MaxPreps stats, last season Gauthier passed for 2401 yards, 20 touchdowns, and 8 interceptions. As a sophomore, he passed for 2088 yards, 19 touchdowns, and 14 interceptions. Rivals rates him as a 4-star prospect and the #14 pro-style quarterback in the country. He’s ranked as the #26 prospect in Georgia by Rivals. 247Sports rates him as a 3-star prospect, the #18 pro-style quarterback nationally and #38 prospect in Georgia. Gauthier is the third new commitment for the Gamecocks’ 2021 class which now counts five members with two specialists carried over from the 2020 recruiting season.
  7. Gamecocks move early on JUCO bound DT By Phil Kornblut / March 18, 2020 / Recruiting Will Thomas Gamecocks this week offered DT Will Thomas (6-3 286) of Raleigh, NC knowing he won’t be part of the 2021 class. Thomas said he will have to go to junior college first, and the plan is to go for a year and a half before moving on. The same plan Javon Kinlaw used to get to USC. And the Gamecocks now how the Kinlaw story turned out. “The last time they came (to school), a good month ago, I came out and introduced myself,” Thomas said. “My coach told me they wanted to see me in the spring and they’ve just been talking to me ever since.” Thomas said he’s been talking primarily with new defensive line coach Tracy Rocker and new director of player personnel Drew Hughes. Both came from Tennessee, which is also one of the offers to Thomas. “He (Rocker) sent me an invitation to their spring practice (before it was canceled) and the times that I can come in their practice schedule,” Thomas said. “He was just checking up on me and hoping that everything is staying safe. He’s just been checking up on me to see how I’m doing.” “I’m really excited about the offer,” Thomas continued. “It’s going to be one of the top five that I have, one of the main ones I might pick. I like that they are close to home. They have a nice facility that I’ve seen. I hope in the future I’ll visit.” Thomas has not yet visited USC. He has been to Coastal Carolina, East Carolina and Duke. The Chants and Blue Devils also have offered along with Tennessee and Liberty. Last season, Thomas said he was in on around 65 tackles with 5 sacks. 247Sports rates him as a three-star prospect and the #32 ranked prospect in his home state.
  8. SEC cancels the rest of spring sports because of coronavirus outbreak March 17, 2020 Four University of South Carolina athletic teams still had games scheduled after the SEC’s April 15 deadline following the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Now none of those teams even had the glimmer of hope they might finish things out. The SEC officially ended all spring sports seasons in response to the rapidly spreading worldwide pandemic. There had been some small hope teams could reconvene later in the year despite NCAA spring championships having already been canceled. The tweet read: “The @SEC has announced all regular season conference and non-conference competitions are cancelled for remainder of the 2019-20 athletic year, including all Spring FB Games and remaining SEC championship events, due to continuing developments related to the coronavirus.” Only Gamecocks baseball, softball and men’s and women’s track had regular season events past the deadline. “This is a difficult day for all of us, and I am especially disappointed for our student-athletes,” SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey said in a statement. “The health and well-being of our entire conference community is an ongoing priority for the SEC as we continue to monitor developments and information about the COVID-19 virus.”
  9. Tuesday Recruiting Report March 17, 2020 South Carolina offered 2022 DE/TE Eli Hall (6-3 250) of Shelby, NC. He also has an offer from Akron. South Carolina target LB Trenilyas Tatum was offered by Minnesota. South Carolina target LB Raneira Dillworth of Kernersville, NC was offered by Michigan State. South Carolina target DE Jahvaree Ritzie of Kernersville, NC was offered by LSU.
  10. Gamecocks showing interest in 6-8 grad transfer Kevin Marfo of Quinnipiac March 17, 2020 Gamecocks showing interest in 6-8 grad transfer Kevin Marfo of Quinnipiac according to a 247Sports report. The Gamecocks also are reportedly interested in Virginia Tech transfer Landers Nolley II according to Stockrisers.
  11. The final coaches poll has spoken: Dawn Staley’s Gamecocks are No. 1 March 11, 2020 South Carolina women’s basketball will end the 2019-20 season as the No. 1 team in the country in the eyes of the USA Today coaches poll. The final top 25 rankings were released Monday after the NCAA tournament was canceled in response to the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), and Dawn Staley’s Gamecocks were the clear No. 1, with 26 of 32 first-place votes from a panel of head coaches across the country. South Carolina finished the year at 32-1 for the nation’s best win percentage, including a perfect 19-0 mark in SEC regular season and tournament play. The Gamecocks’ only loss on the year was in November to Indiana, who finished No. 22 in the final poll, and they won their last 26 games, sweeping the conference regular season and tournament titles. Elsewhere in the poll, the Gamecocks defeated No. 3 Baylor, No. 4 UConn, No. 5 Maryland, No. 10 Mississippi State (twice), No. 11 South Dakota, No. 18 Kentucky (twice), No. 21 Texas A&M and No. 25 Arkansas (three times). This marks the fifth consecutive week South Carolina has topped the coaches poll, and the 26 first-place votes are the Gamecocks’ most in that stretch. USC was widely expected to be the No. 1 overall seed in March Madness and likely would have been favored to reach the program’s third Final Four and compete for its second national title. But with growing concern about COVID-19, the NCAA canceled all winter and spring championships last Thursday. The NCAA has given no indication that it will crown or recognize a national champion, but South Carolina could try to claim a title based off the No. 1 ranking. The Associated Press is scheduled to release its final poll of the year on Tuesday. Athletics Director Ray Tanner said Friday it was “too early” to discuss whether USC would claim a title, saying his focus at the moment has been on the spread of the virus. “I will add that we were on quite a run and, if I’m not mistaken, we were 32-1, we were ranked number one in both the polls, and we won a regular season title and the tournament championship. So in my mind, we’re number one,” Tanner added. Speaking on ESPN shortly after the NCAA’s cancellation, coach Dawn Staley didn’t go so far as to say the Gamecocks would proclaim themselves champions, but did indicate she thought they deserved to be if anyone is recognized. “I’m probably gonna stir up some folks — we ended the season as the No. 1 team in the country with the best record in the country, the only team that won their regular season and conference tournament undefeated,” Staley said. “If they’re gonna pass out a national championship trophy, we got our hands out at South Carolina.” FINAL USA TODAY COACHES POLL 1. South Carolina (26) 2. Oregon (6) 3. Baylor 4. UConn 5. Maryland 6. Stanford 7. Louisville 8. N.C. State 9. UCLA 10. Mississippi State 11. South Dakota 12. Arizona 13. Gonzaga 14. DePaul 15. Northwestern 16. Oregon State 17. Princeton 18. Kentucky 19. Missouri State 20. Florida State 21. Texas A&M 22. Indiana 23. Iowa 24. Florida Gulf Coast 25. Arkansas
  12. Ray Tanner writes letter to fans about coronavirus, ticket refunds, football deadlines March 16, 2020 South Carolina Gamecocks athletic director Ray Tanner penned a letter to fans Monday explaining where things stand with spring sports refunds amid the Coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak. The letter deals with baseball, softball and football. Full letter: (VIEW LETTER)
  13. Ray Tanner writes letter to fans about coronavirus, ticket refunds, football deadlines March 16, 2020 South Carolina Gamecocks athletic director Ray Tanner penned a letter to fans Monday explaining where things stand with spring sports refunds amid the Coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak. The letter deals with baseball, softball and football. Full letter: “Gamecock Fans – The last week has represented a series of unprecedented challenges for not only Gamecock Athletics and our University, but also the state, nation and the entire globe. As you have likely heard by now, Governor Henry McMaster has temporarily closed all schools in the state, including the University of South Carolina. This closure is in effect starting today, March 16, through the end of March, and will cause our athletics department to close its doors as well. I’d like to take this time to explain to our loyal Gamecock fans how we will be dealing with this challenge and our efforts to continue servicing your needs. During this period of closure, we will not be able to have any guests visit the Rice Athletics Center. However, our athletics staff will work diligently to respond to any messages left by our fans on the Gamecock Club (803-777-4276) or Gamecock Ticket Office (803-777-4274) phone lines during the closure. Additionally, donors who prefer to communicate via email can reach us at: gctix@mailbox.sc.edu or gcclub@mailbox.sc.edu. Lastly, we will also be available to any donors with questions by virtual chat through visiting: http://alivech.at/797zqq. Additionally, as it relates to those contests that have been cancelled and other upcoming deadlines, any donor with season tickets for Gamecock baseball and softball will be refunded via check for both their season tickets and any related seat premiums/donations for all cancelled contests. Those fans who have purchased a “go pass” will not be charged their upcoming April and May monthly payments. As it relates to all future payments, please understand that our department’s goal will be to remain as flexible and accommodating as possible throughout these uncertain times. At this point, the upcoming April 3 deadline for football season ticket renewals will be extended to Friday, May 8. Additionally, in order to help provide a further level of financial flexibility, a football season ticket only payment plan option, allowing for payments spread between May, June and July, will be available to any donor that registers for this renewal option before Friday, May 8. To enroll in this payment plan, or our existing 10-month payment plan, simply email us at either of the addresses listed above and we will reach out to complete the process. Lastly, the pre-selection process for those directly impacted by the stadium improvements coming online in 2020 will continue as scheduled for the last week of April, as it is run virtually and does not require any face-to-face interaction. In so many of the trying times facing our country before, sport has united our communities and played a tremendous role in the healing of a nation. While there may not yet be a place for public sporting events to serve in that capacity during this crisis, we look forward to getting through these times together and bringing our Gamecock student-athletes back to the classroom and their fields of competition as soon as it is responsible to do so. In the interim, please be safe and do not hesitate to reach out to Gamecock Athletics with any questions that you may have. Forever to Thee, Ray Tanner”

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