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  1. Happy Birthday picknroll!

  2. Doumbia has Silva type potential. If you went to the SC Proam this summer, you could see that Silva is a full grown and very nasty monster ready to make his mark in Gamecock lore. Can't wait for Basketball season!
  3. There is a temptation to dwell on our mediocre current status, but I believe we got a steal when we hired Muschamp, regardless what media say. He is a master of evaluating talent and he's succeding in stockpiling the kind of players we need to bring us back to success. Spurrier let us down and Muschamp is definitely facing a short term talent deficit but I think he will get this program back on its feet. The quality of the staff he has attracted is testamentary to the quality reputation and respect he has earned among the coaching community at large. I hope our fans will be a little patient and give this rebuilding effort time to materialize.
  4. PJ certainly showed flashes of his potential last season and was a warrior in the Dance, but he was physically not capable of bringing his "A" game every night the way Thornwell did and I think and thought that another year for him to gain the experience of bearing the team on his back in the SEC and being the unquestioned leader would have been an invaluable lesson for him going forward to the NBA. Too bad because it doesn't look like his professional career is going to materialize and I don't know where he now goes to develop his skills and physique to compete on the NBA level. Just a quantum miscalculation for him to leave, in my poor uninformed opinion. I never thought he was ready for the next level at any time last season.
  5. Happy Birthday picknroll!

  6. Dabo sucks dog poop right out of the hole
  7. We've got a good team but believe it or not, we have to improve and play much better - especially against zone defenses.
  8. As always, Feat - if he's dumb enough to choose them over us he's way too stupid to play for us in the first place!
  9. Wish I shared your enthusiasm, but to me this whole coaching search has turned into a king Dixon style boondoggle with us twisting in the wind after being spurned by one coach after another. It's just further affirmation of the incompetance of Ray Tanner as AD and our dreadful Board of Trusatees, whom I am convinced leaked out inside info to there buddies who told the press what we were doing with Herman, who I believe was poised to accept our offer but infpo about his coming to Columbia to meet Tanner and view the facilities cause a storm of his Texas supporters to head us off at the pass. If we are going to target one primary person to be our coach, we better sign that person and Tanner failed to do so. In the process with the news of Herman being the favorite leaking out. we probably alienated Kirby Smart and others who were interested in our vavancy. After all, who wants to be the reluctant second choice? There's a lot more I have to say about this but I don't have time. But our BOT treats this University's Athletics Dept like their little playtoy that they use to provide favors and gain influence with business associates and friends. When we need an AD they always hire a yes man who will give them inside info and not rock the boat for them. We need a tough, hardnosed experienced administrator who acts independently, holds every coach accountable, and makes hiring/firing decisions without undue influence and meddling from the Trustees. Does that sound like Ray Tanner? Not to me. There's no excuse for so much info to leak out to the media about a coaching search. Only one man could control that - Tanner - and he has abjectly failed. He should have moved in and hired Tom Herman secretly under the radar about 3 weeks ago. How long did it take Georgia to hire a coach? Virginia Tech? Southern Cal? Miami? But here we sit without a coach after how many months. It's another disgusting embarrassment. We never learn.
  10. Kirby Smart is the best choice and there is less drama. Don't think Cock fans would support Muschamp if he doesn't turn things around very quickly.
  11. Spurrier's resignation was a classy move, sparing us the agony of a lingering controversy. By all means he should be paid all the money he feels is due him. He has always acted in ultimate good faith with USC.
  12. As good as he is we are still well stocked at point guard and that notwithstanding FM will find a more than capable replacement
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