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  1. I don't know If the team didn't take Coastal seriously,. If they didn't they should have. But I don''t think that will be an issue with Georgetown. So if we mess up against them, I don't think it will be the result of taking them lightly. Anyone can beat you if you play poorly. The team should understand that well by now.
  2. Gray played hardly any at LSU last season. Minott and Benson didn't play much last season. Woodley was in high school last year. I have to cut the young guys some slack this early in the season. However, Leveque, Wilson and Martin are experienced players. Offensively, Wilson was awful last night. Leveque wasn't very productive. And Martin is out sized in the post. I think we need to get the ball to our bigs more than we do. Yes, they might not score, but they also might draw fouls if they try to score, which would help us. Frank is frustrated by the lack of production from the bigs. I think he will try to do something to change it.
  3. If the team had colds or flu, that will take your energy. I hope that was the reason for last night. If it was, then I feel better about things. I can't understand that performance without them being sick.
  4. I don't worry at all about whether a coach has "national stature and reputation". We've had several coaches who have had that and none of them could consistently win at USC. If Frank is fired after the season, it wouldn't bother me at all to hire someone like Brian Steele. Brian is young, and energetic, and smart. He might be a fine head coach. Of course I wouldn't pay him 3 million to start with. Or give him a big buyout. But I'd be very happy to have Steele as the head basketball coach. i think he'd do well. But, I'm hoping we go on to have a good season and Brian can be Frank's assistant a while longer.
  5. I wonder if our players thought they could play poorly and still beat Coastal? If they did, they need to grow up quickly. Nobody on the USC schedule is going to lay down and let USC walk over them. Every team we play is going to play as well and as hard as they can. Even the freshmen should have learned that in the first six games. This game tonight is a mystery to me. James Reese is usually a good defender. But not tonight. His man just kept driving by him. And Reese didn't score much either. Wilson shoots 1 for 10 from inside 15 feet? Really? And those guys are seniors! I don't understand how we could play so poorly. We started both halves very poorly. That has to stop. We can't wait until we're down by 12 to start playing. If the starters can't git er done, put in someone else quickly. We can't afford slow starts.
  6. I was looking at Coastal's roster. They have several seniors and several players who have transferred in from bigger programs. And, they have good size. Ellis and his staff did an excellent job of identifying talented players in the portal and getting them to come to Coastal. Don't be surprised if this team has a very good year and contends for the Sun Belt title. By the way, for those who didn't know, how many stars a player has in high school does not mean much.
  7. IMO, we don't feed the ball to our bigs enough, but then even when we do they don't score. The missed dunk tonight by Gray is a good example. Why give the ball to the bigs if they are just going to mess up?
  8. I notice that Frank's teams have a few games each year that they just don't seem to care if they win or not. I don't know if other teams have that happen, but it seems like every season USC has some games like that. If this team has a 6-8 game losing streak at any time this season they will NOT make the NCAAT. And, Frank will likely be fired. I always tend to be an optimist when it comes to USC basketball, but games like tonight tend to make me look at things with more honesty. I didn't like what I saw out there tonight.
  9. We won't beat anyone playing like we did today. I expect Couisnard to be back in the lineup on Sunday. But that doesn't help our problem with our bigs. They still can't score. None of them have any offensive skill. I hoped Wilson would provide some scoring skill, but he shot the ball very poorly tonight. Missed every FT line FG attempt he had. He was 1-10 according to the box score. Unless Frank can find a way to get us some scoring from a big or two, its going to be tough.
  10. Coach Martin said the team stunk. Played with no purpose. He said he saw it coming at shoot a round today.
  11. The reset button may not work. We couldn't score, rebound or play defense tonight. I can't think of anything we did well. I doubt Georgetown has a big as good as Mustafa. Not many teams do. He might be the best we will see this season. That's interesting. He could play for any team in the SEC and be a star.
  12. While the most important thing is how many non-conference games we win, this is certainly a big disappointment. I believe Coastal has better players and better coaching than does USC. I was surprised by how good Coastal's players are. I'm impressed. USC has some real problems. They don't have any post players that are really good. Mustafa was a lot better than any big USC has. Our post players can't score, which means that we have to get our scoring from our perimeter guys and when they aren't making shots, like they weren't tonight, it makes it very hard to win. Not sure what the answer is because none of our bigs is very good on the offensive end and tonight they got beat up on the boards too. To find offense, we might have to go small. I do think Frank needs to spend lots more time practicing against zone defenses. We're going to keep seeing those unless we find a way to score against them. Overall, very disappointed in how we played.
  13. Not looking good. Mustafa is MUCH better than ANY of our bigs. We are playing poorly and Coastal is going to beat us, it looks like.
  14. Not surprised much by the first half. Coastal shot the ball better than I hoped they would. But our defense got better the last few minutes of the half. Gotta cut off the drivers and guard well.
  15. I think he did fine. Our guys need to be taught to hold their hands up on defense. If Minott had his hands up he would have gotten that rebound that got knocked out of bounds..
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