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  1. Minaya played well. But other guys did too. Offensively, we were good. Shot FT more often and better in the second half. Other than the fouls we committed, I was happy.
  2. Happy to get the win. Except for the fouls, I thought we played well. Impressed with Minaya, Hannibal, Frink, McCreary. Best game as PG for Hannibal, imo. Frink was very efficient, as was Jaylen. We have a DEEP team. If Frank can get them to not foul so much, I'm looking forward to the game at Arkansas.
  3. 8 or 9 Gamecocks with 2 fouls. They are fouling machines. If we were playing a good team, we would be losing big. Wait until the Arkansas game. We will have no chance if we foul like this.
  4. This game is a "must win". but it isn't a "sure win". There are no "sure wins" for this USC team. It isn't possible to predict how USC is going to play in any game. I'm hoping for the best, but I am not confident.
  5. Frank needs to recruit a guard who is quick enough to attack the rim off the dribble. Maybe next season, Seventh Woods will be a guy who can help with that. All of our current guards are big and not terribly quick, with the possible exception of Hannibal. But he is out hurt right now. Nevertheless, ALL of our guards, and forwards too need to be trying to attack the rim. We have to draw more fouls and get more FT chances. On defense we foul waaaaay to much, which puts our opponents on the line way too much. That has to change as well. If we are getting outscored by 10 + points on FT, the only way we can win is to make several more FG than our opponents. That is too hard for this young team to do consistently. A FT is the easiest shot in basketball. We have to make more and cause our opponents to make less by fouling them less.
  6. Auburn outscored USC by 15 on FT. We lost by 13. So, it can be argued that we lost the game at the FT line. What's worse, this has been the rule this season, not the exception. Its a problem that MUST be corrected if this team is to have any chance at either the NCAA or NIT tournaments. Every loss simply cannot continue to be the result of being outscored from the FT line. Frank and his staff MUST find a way to fix this. It isn't something that can be allowed to continue. It must be fixed immediately or else the season is a lost cause. Not only must we begin getting as many FT shots as our opponents, but we also must make more.
  7. You can't let a hot player get shots. You have to keep someone on him. We didn't. Bad coaching.
  8. After the Kentucky and A&M games, I thought maybe this team had turned a corner. I was wrong. They are still the inconsistent and half-hearted bunch they have been all season.
  9. I don't think USC could beat anyone in the SEC tonight. Maybe no one in the Big South. Pathetic. Unless Couisnard can learn to make FT, I don't think he is the answer at PG. My confidence in him has withered.
  10. The second half is much worse for USC. Not playing defense at all. Getting killed AGAIN from the FT line. I really expected us to play a good game tonight, but I was wrong. This team does not have the right mentality. Need to play defense and be much more aggressive in driving to the rim.
  11. USC played the first half like they don't want to win. Extremely bad half. Lawson stunk. Bolden couldn't put a marble in a swimming pool. Couisnard missed the front end of a 1-1. Bad defense. I'm very disappointed.
  12. Auburn is favored by 11 points. We won't have Bryant. But we will have Moss. Not sure about Hannibal. We'll have to play well, but we can do it. I feel so much more confident now that Couisnard is our PG.
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