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  1. I've noticed a recruiting change of late in men's basketball. Since Will Bailey was hired, it seems to me that we are offering more players, or at least making our offers public more than in the past. I suspect this is due to Bailey's influence, though I can't prove it. We also seem to be offering underclassmen earlier than I remember. Has anyone else noticed this? I think I like the change. And I hope it yields some good results for us.
  2. Butler chose Florida State. I don't know why. I doubt if he plays much there as a freshman. Wouldn't be surprised if he redshirts. Which he should do no matter where he goes. Some folks are upset that we didn't get him. I'm ok with it. We have 5 post players, none of whom are seniors this season. We'll be fine. Some people are complaining that Frank can't recruit. I don't think that is true. There is a lot of talent on the roster. I expect a good season. I just hope Covid doesn't cause the season to be cancelled.
  3. I think everyone is back on campus except Lawson. Not sure when he will be back. I expect him to be back. I'm very excited about this coming season. I think this team has a lot of positives. Only 2 freshmen on this team. One senior. Most of the guys are juniors and sophs. And some of them are redshirts. This will be a more experienced team than last year's team. That means more experienced guys and more developed guys. That should help us a lot. I'd like to have more than one senior, but we don't have that. If they can stay healthy, I think this will be our best team since the final four team. And it could be better than that team. I'm not predicting another final 4, just that this team could be better than that team. I'm hoping and praying they get to play the season. Can't wait to see how much every player has improved and grown!
  4. I like the hire. I think he'll be an asset to the program.
  5. Jair is a streak shooter. I am surprised at his transfer, but I wish him well. He probably realized he was not as high on the depth chart as he wanted to be and decided to look for more playing time elsewhere. That's understandable. It also indicates that we have some good guards returning, or scheduled to return.
  6. Both of those guys are good players. I would love to get both. But at the moment, no scholarships are open.
  7. I think that problem could be solved. Not sure exactly how, but I'm sure there is some kind of solution.
  8. It would make sense that since school is out next week, Frank will possibly meet with his players. If he does, we may soon know if anyone is inclined to leave the program. I'd be surprised if everyone returns who is eligible. Not saying I'd be disappointed, just surprised. We'll see how it works out. It would be better to know if anyone is leaving as soon as possible so the coaches will know if they need to recruit anyone for this spring.
  9. I agree with you. If Lawson leaves for the pros, I don't think it will be the NBA. And I agree that Couisnard and Minaya are the most likely leaders next season.
  10. Now that the season is over, my thoughts turn to the roster and what changes might take place. We know Kotsar and Henry are gone because they are seniors. But right now, we don't know if anyone else is going to leave the program. And we might not know for awhile because of the virus stuff that is happening. If anyone leaves, I would guess that the best candidates for that would be Lawson (going pro), Anderson (didn't play much), Mike Green (might get a scholarship offer from another school), and Moss (didn't play as much as he would have liked). Its possible none of those guys will leave, but if anyone does, those would be the most likely candidates, imo.
  11. I'd like to think that is possible. A tournament setting might be an advantage for USC. Having some days between their games has not seemed to work well in the regular season. Having to play the next day might be an advantage.
  12. I would rather play Vandy than Arkansas because I would rather play a team that we have lost to. We should be better than Vandy, and I'd like another chance to prove it. But, both Vandy and Ark. have guards that are better than ours, so that is where they have the advantage on us.
  13. When you get outscored by 10 or more on FT, you have to compensate for that either by having a high 2 pt. FG percentage, or by making some threes. We couldn't do either of those things well enough against Vandy to overcome their FT advantage. It puzzles me why USC cannot, or will not, adjust their defensive tactics to prevent so many fouls. Its like USC has a learning disability. They keep getting beat because of FT, but they can't seem to realize that the refs are not going to allow them to be as physical as they would like to be and they must make adjustments. ????????????? The failure of the team to adjust their tactics makes me question what is going on in the minds of our coaches. This problem has been going on for weeks, with seemingly no changes in our defense. I wish Frank would explain this. Its obvious that this team can't play defense the way Frank wants them to without fouling. It should be obvious to our coaches.
  14. Oh, we're due all right. I'll agree with you on that. But I have a hard time agreeing with the other things you said. You never know what you are going to get with this team, except you know they will foul a lot more than the opponent. That's the only thing you can be sure of. You never know how they will shoot, or how many turnovers they will have, or whether they will make most of their FT. I'm expecting them to screw up the SECT just like they have screwed up so many other games this season. I really do wish I could be optimistic, but this team has taught me not to be.
  15. To make the NCAAT now will require winning four games in four days. Given how this team has played the last few weeks, that is about as likely as my being elected the next Pope. And I'm not Catholic. Making the NIT might still be possible, but it is far from guaranteed at this point. If we lose the first SECT game, I don't think we'll even make the NIT. Probably take at least two SECT wins to get strongly considered.

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