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  1. At the end of the season I was hoping Moss and Minaya would transfer. They have and I'm glad, though I wish the best to all the guys leaving. But it looks like there will be more transfers. We are at 4 transfers right now, and Couisnard and Bryant are testing the NBA waters. Lawson still has not said what he wants to do. Some expect another 2 or 3 guys to transfer. If I had to guess, I'd say Frink, Minott, Leveque, and one or more of Lawson, Bryant and Couisnard will return. Add in Chico Carter, the four signees, and whoever does not transfer, or one of two who will transfer
  2. We got a commitment today from Chico Carter, a 6-2 guard transferring from Murray St.. Columbia kid. Recruited to play PG. Between him, Wright, and Couisnard, who I think will be back, we should be in good shape at that position. Welcome Chico! But, we are now at 14 players for next year. That means if Chico will be on scholarship, someone will have to come off. Right now, I don't know who that will be. But I'm sure it will be worked out.
  3. Most college players dream of the riches of the NBA. Few will realize that dream. I'd be very surprised if Couisnard, Bryant, or Lawson ever get there. But, you can't blame them for dreaming.
  4. I have read that we are involved with Chico Carter, a PG transferring from Murray St. and a Columbia native. Does anyone know whether we are involved with Phlandrous Fleming, a Charleston Southern transfer (All Big South), or Tommy Bruner, another Columbia product who is leaving USC Upstate, and another All Big South player???
  5. Couisnard is exploring the NBA draft. He says he is not hiring an agent, so all his options remain open. I don't think this means he will not be on the USC team next season. He has probably told Frank what his intentions are, I assume, so Frank might know what he can do about recruiting. So that leaves a decision from Lawson about whether he will go pro, and transfer decisions from others on the roster. I read where someone who runs a Gamecock sports website has said that Minaya and Woods won't be on scholarship next season, if I understood him correctly. I was not aware of that
  6. I don't think Bryant will be drafted by the NBA this year. If he goes pro, he will play overseas, imo. If he plays for USC next season, he could be a big star. If he returns, Bryant will be a starter on the wing, either at SF or 2G. I expect Lawson to go pro, but he also could benefit from another year in college. If Minaya and Anderson return, I think Frank needs to move them to the wing. We need more size in the post than either of them give us. I am hoping that Frink, Leveque and Minott are on the team next year. That would be a good trio of post players for us
  7. WIth Moss leaving, there is now room for the 4 high school recruits to be on scholarship. We are now at 13 guys. Taking a transfer, or signing another recruit, would require someone else leaving. We've all been expecting Lawson to go pro, and he still might do that. I'm not counting Bryant as being gone because I believe he will be on the team next year. This is all very interesting to those of us who love USC basketball. We'll see who else, if anyone, leaves the team. I hope we have seen the last of it. I'd love it if Lawson came back for another year, but I'd be a bit surpri
  8. I noticed that Frank was not as demonstrative on the sidelines this year as he normally is. I think Covid's affect on him, and on the team was the main reason for that. The team will be fine without McCreary and Hannibal. If you look, you will see that nearly every team is having players transfer this season. Mostly non-starters. So it isn't just USC. I expect one or two more will leave. Lawson could go pro. Someone else will probably transfer. Right now, we are at 14 scholarships for next season, so at least one more is going to have to come off. By the way, I read t
  9. McCreary is leaving the team. I didn't expect this, but at the same time, i'm not surprised. I knew there would be some departures. There will likely be more. Don't know if he will, but Lawson should stay another year to mature and improve. As of now, Woods, Hannibal and McCreary are gone. I think Bryant will go through the NBA procedures and return.
  10. As of right now, Couisnard, Moss and Wright are the point guards for next season. We'll see if anything changes. I know we are still recruiting for the position. I would urge all of the guards, and really everyone on the team, to work hard on their dribbling skills and FT shooting in the off season. Having players who can handle the ball and make FT are requirements for having a good team.
  11. I hate to lose him too. i think Trey improved a lot from freshman to soph.. I wish him the best. And I hope Frank finds a good replacement for him. I have changed my mind on Moss. I looked at the stats and he didn't do that badly this season. So, i'm going to hope he stays with the team. But we need a transfer PG to give depth and competition at that position.
  12. Trey Hannibal has announced he is transferring. Which explains why Frank is recruiting a PG.
  13. I read that Frank is recruiting Marquette potential transfer Symir Torrence, who is a PG. Apparently, we are heavily involved, although Shaka Smart is trying to get Torrence to stay at Marquette. Since we are recruiting a PG, what does that indicate about our current roster? Well, it might indicate that either Couisnard or Hannibal aren't expected to return, but it does not have to mean that. I have been hard on Moss. But I looked at the stats. Moss was second only to Hannibal in FT percentage. Third behind Lawson and Hannibal in 3 Pt. percentage. Had 43 assists to 31 tu
  14. I didn't know you could predict the future.
  15. I think so too. But a good move by Keyshawn.
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