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  1. Try 247 Sports - Big Spur. I have been able to get some info from them. But Like Gamecock Central they do want Posters to join so you won't have Access to all the information. I have also been able to find information on a site called," Fansided." Lincoln Riley's brother is a OC for SMU possible Candidate to share with Mike Bobo. Riley is inexperienced so Bobo would help him call plays. Riley Probably would be the Passing Game Coordinator. Riley suppose to be a new Innovative Mind. Will Friend was the UT Vols Offensive Line Coach that Pruitt just fired. Will Friend worked for Mike Bobo at Colorado State and is Rumored to be a candidate to be our Offensive Line Coach along side the Coach who played for Newberry College that we just hired. Possible DC Candidates, Derek Mason former Vandy Coach, The NC Tarheel DC for Mack Brown is also a possible Candidate. I read most of this info from Fansided. I hope this helps. I like Josh Pate, I think he works for 247 Sports. he has a YouTube Channel and does his best to be fair and not One-sided.
  2. Wishing you and your family a Safe and Healthy Thanksgiving Holiday.
  3. It is disappointing. But it could have been worse, because ut jrs receivers dropped passes and UT QB was off on his passes from time to time. ut jr AD Cheated when he coached. ut jrs fanbase and school has been desperate for success. So they hired Coach Pruitt under AD. They aren't top 10, but because they have lowered their standards to Recruits Who can play well/Great Athletes regardless of their character. I'm sure those familiar with SC Prep Sports know what and who I am referring to. A young man being Accused of Domestic Violence on multiple occasions where A firearm was involved at least once. The Domestic Violence Victim threatened to Recant the True Story . We initially recruited this young man, but pulled away from him when the Domestic Violence issues came out Coach Muschamp and his staff Recruit Kids with Great Character who are Good/Great Athletes or can be developed into great Athletes. The player is a great Athlete and played in the game tonight. He is a standout performer. ut jr Coach said the player needed to be on the football field regardless. He criticized the Knoxville Police Dept for not immediately turning the player over to Him(utjr Coach). I don't have any respect for uTjr Program and their Coach. Win at any cost. I hate uTjr nearly as much as I do the Taters. Dabo made exceptions for players who were involved in Domestic Violence issues early in his HC Career. He can be more selective now after they have built a solid rep of success .One Tater Player literally knocked a young woman down a flight of stairs. This player didn't even get suspended a game. He was a starter for the taters. Made me sick to my stomach. I do have to say Muschamp and his Staff Recruit Kids with Outstanding Character as well as Athleticism. Kids that are Great Athletes or can be developed into great Athletes(Kids are Coachable and come from Outstanding Parents and Guardians. Our Players gave a valiant effort and were still in the game and had a chance to win. I do believe unfortunately, ut jr is on the rise. This is bad for us. I was hoping we could surpass them. UF is back and GA is as strong as they ever have been under Kirby. I had hopes of us maybe beating LSU in Baton Rouge after today's game with Miss State. LSU can't have a full stadium of Irate Intoxicated fans like in the past. We probably needed to win today to have a chance to go .500. I would have been estatic for a 5 - 5 Season and a Bowl Game. We are gonna be lucky to win 3 or 4 games. UK is better than we are at this point and its on the Road. It could be a Long Year for Gamecock Football. After watching Trask Toss 6 Tds today. I'm not looking forward to next weeks outcome for our players, Coaches, fanbase and Program.
  4. Sure hate this loss for our players, coaches and fans especially since we are playing the taters next week. Hope this doesn't affect the psych of our players. I wish we would have played an easier opponent this weekend.
  5. I be watching and hoping for a beat down by LSU. I also so will be watching, because unfortunately, it will be the last College Football Game of the year. But like many of you I change the channel on the Local News, ESPN, CBS ABC whomever when Goldilocks and/or Datboy are on TV, No interest in taters whatsoever, unless it is something negative
  6. Thank you. Also Thank You for Your Service To Our Country!!!
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