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 South Carolina Gamecocks  vs.  North Carolina Tarheels 


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  1. TheBat

    SC Football Unis rated among 25 ugliest

    I don't think they are so bad, but some improvements would be nice
  2. They look featheredcock, thanks for adding them
  3. TheBat

    **USC vs. Winthrop Thread **

    It's gonna be an easy to win game
  4. Happy Birthday!! Hope your day is filled with lots of love and laughter! May all your birthday wishes come true.
  5. I would've expected us to be at least on 6th place, think we're better overall than Arkansas
  6. I hope this year will be better, with more winnings for the gamecocks
  7. Did that too, put my birthday into settings
  8. TheBat

    SEC Men's Hoops Teleconferences

    I only need Frank Martin from the list, thanks for that
  9. TheBat

    Who would you choose to succeed Spurrier

    Shawn,because he is the right person to replace Spurrier, simple expl.

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