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  1. Ghost

    Couple Friday night recruiting notes

    Pinckney might pick us, because I read an article in which he said he prefer us more
  2. So today will be an all gamecocks day, pretty good schedule there
  3. Ghost

    Sir Big Spur ranked among best live mascots

    Cocky :gamecocks: :gamecocks: :gamecocks: :dancincocky:
  4. At least there's a team with lower than us...
  5. USC payout is kinda low, sur it is affecting the attendance
  6. Ghost

    Projected payouts to the SEC teams....

    The teams really got lots of moneys from the network if you ask me
  7. Ghost


  8. Ghost

    **USC vs. Citadel Thread **

    You guys are making me leaf when saying you're expecting a win
  9. Ghost

    **USC vs. Missouri Game 2 Thread **

    Another disspointing game
  10. What about changing the color of the Points block? Grey looks ugly and you can't clearly see the numbers
  11. Well, we have a good spot, but we could do better this year if we really strive for it

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