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  1. Imagine if you were watching the news and they were talking about this and it was the same story but Nicaragua instead of the United States — “Despite thousands of deaths in the past week, the Nicaraguan President is assuring everyone everything is gonna be okay. He is installing his son-in-law with no medical training to lead the country’s pandemic response. Meanwhile yesterday was their deadliest day with over 1,300 dead” — we would be like WTF Nicaragua is one messed up backwater place! this is the United States right now. how can you defend this????
  2. Can you imagine if we had a black president and he pegged an unqualified family member with a criminal past like trump has with Kushner?????!!!? - ”hey everyone, yeah thousands are dying, but I want to introduce my daughter’s boyfriend Rodney from East Atlanta to lead the pandemic response team. I know what you are thinking but all those felonies were his dad’s. Rodney is a great guy and he’s gonna do a great job” — you Republicans would be Insanely pissed! This is the same thing trump is doing
  3. What is Jared Kushner’s job title anyway? He is the most powerful cabinet member, but there’s no way in hell the Senate would’ve confirmed him. now he’s leading the pandemic team. Does he have any medical training???
  4. I can’t believe you worship trump so much. He crashed the economy, thousands of Americans are dying every day and he does nothing. And you STILL worship him. that’s fanboy loser stuff
  5. Your God hero trump was born in Queens. Raised in NYC. Inherited a tower in Manhattan. Dodged the draft in NYC, etc and now he’s president and ignores his own city as thousands die daily. Do you respect someone like that?
  6. The other day Kushner said “the national stockpile is not for states to use, it’s for us to use” who is he talking about with ‘us’? The trump family??? f**k this unqualified prick.. he’s gonna get us all killed
  7. Does Jared Kushner even have a plan? Do you think it was a good idea to put trumps unqualified son-in-law in charge of the pandemic response?
  8. 1,344 Americans died yesterday. Largest single day death toll anywhere. do any republicans even care?
  9. Melania has been “social distancing” from her husband for like the last 10 years
  10. Wish I paid attention in home Econ so I could sew a mask right now my girlfriend said “let’s make them out of our bras” i said we don’t need to cover our entire head honey, we need to be able to see 😅 quarantine is makin us loco
  11. Duh of course trump is lying about the loans. He lies about everything. Helping regular people? Shoot like they were ever gonna do that
  12. I don’t think anything about this is “funny” hundreds of thousands of Americans will die and that’s if we’re lucky

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