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  1. Texas gonna lose power again. Too cold last time, now its too hot. SMH typical republican leadership Ted Cruz will probably skip town for Alaska this time
  2. He has been too easy on these people. That's my biggest criticism of Biden. He had an opportunity to crack down hard on these alt-right psychos and he hasn't
  3. Tell them you are a pirate and that you've killed many people
  4. Was walking my dog on my street and a little neighbor boy said, actual quote: "Hi, old lady walking her dog" I wish my dog was a biter
  5. Absolutely they have razor / razor blade model. Sell folks the razor once but then sell them the razor blade to go with it every fall
  6. the heck with 80%, lets start at 2%, as even that would be progress... From 2014-2018 Warren Buffett made over 24.3 Billion dollars. The amount of taxes Mr. Buffett paid over this period? $23.7 million. (0.9%). If middle-class Americans in their 40s enjoyed such a low effective tax rate, they would have paid around $36-$45 per household over this same time period. Instead, as the ProPublica story notes, they paid around $62,000.
  7. just my opinion Doc' I'm no expert. I suspect we will have boosters before Brazil & India, etc. even has vaccines. That's sad to me.
  8. Its called the 'Statue of Liberty' because its literally a statue of the Roman Goddess of Liberty If the French sculptor had sculpted a statue of the Roman Goddess of equality, it would be called the Statue of Equality
  9. yes, I personally think the focus should be on ramping up production & distribution to vaccinate the rest of the world that is still dying and struggling before making a booster, that may or may not even be needed..... to give to already vaccinated, fat, Americans
  10. I stopped here "In the final months of the Trump administration, border apprehensions began to surge because more people were coming illegally in the hopes of a Biden election victory. " yeah, like they were following American politics lolz
  11. Star of the Republican party, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene visits the Holocaust museum and finally discovers it was a real thing and pretty bad. Promises to stop comparing it to mask wearing Actual story from today 😬
  12. Dont they have to determine they even need a booster first before they start jabbing people with it??
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