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  1. I don't see how it could be a budget issue. T/F often has athletes on the team whose scholarship is from another sport - namely football. Clemson can keep it and it has been documented. They just seem to want allocate the resources elsewhere. It's a bad move. During my time at SC, Eddie Miller and Robert Brooks were unbelievable track athletes. I would argue Eddie was really a T/F athlete first, not football. Robert Brooks was outstanding at the hurdles. You also have your bigger dudes thrown shot, etc, and it's a great cross over. Clemson has a good program too and not to mention, take football out of the equation, they essentially cut off that athletic option for a lot of young men.
  2. And Spurrier was able to recruit and land some historic in-state talent. I am not sure we will see that kind of talent in a 5-6 year span like that. I credit Spurrier for identifying the talent in a moderately recruited 3 star QB that changed the trajectory of our team not to mention the talent and work ethic of Lattimore.
  3. I am big fan of cross country and track, they were my sports in HS and a bit in college and my closest friends at SC were my housemates who ran on the XC and Track teams. A bit unnoticed story is the idiocy and completely lack of awareness by Clemson to cut men's track and field. It is the third (and at a lot of schools second) highest participation sport by African American men. There is quite the ruckus being stirred up now with even a Clemson professor penning a letter to the AD. Dabo of course could care less and has been silent. I think a very bad look for Clemson, but typical.......
  4. I started off a big CWM supporter. It seemed like his players really liked him and he supported them - all of that may still be true. But, he is stubborn and conservative. I thought some his coaching choices were questionable. I have a good Aggie friend who warned me it would not end well four years ago when we hired him. I dismissed it as an Aggie hating all things UT (Texas), even their ex DC. He was right for all the reasons everyone is stating in this thread. CWM is good guy, just not a good head coach, yet he is fabulously wealthy off mediocrity at best.
  5. The facilities are off the charts. I hope open to current NFL gamecocks to train in the off season. Having the college guys see an NFL player or two working out would be a good thing.
  6. I really agree with the sentiments of this thread. I haven't seen this sort of evergy around the program since Spurrier was announced as coach what seems like a lifetime ago. You can tell how much CSB loves this job. I already respect and admire how he's opened the door to our FB alumni who have also responded enthusiastically. Things pointed up and in the right direction for sure.....
  7. Per Footballscoop - Marques Hagans top choice: Per sources with direct knowledge, Hagans now is first-year South Carolina coach Shane Beamer’s top choice for the Gamecocks’ running backs coach.
  8. I think without a doubt the clear problem with the Tenn job is how bad the sanctions will be and when will they be known. It likely will take the NCAA longer to rule on that than Tenn can wait to hire a coach and therein lies the rub. If the sanctions are three years probation (no bowls) and cutting a bunch of scholarships, then who would take that? The new HC will not know when he signs on the dotted line......
  9. And his time here as a player would have overlapped with CSB........
  10. Are there any Gamecock alum Dline coaches/players out there who want to continue the "coming home" trend?
  11. I think S&C is one of the most important positions. Having said that, it's also not rocket science. It's about getting the guys to buy in to a program and work their butts off. I read an article about 5-6 years ago about Alabama's S&C program and it was nothing unusual. Tons of emphasis on core and legs. Let's face it, all these guys can bench a crap ton. It was about "big butts" and have incredible strength, durability and stamina with the lower half. Makes sense. Then you just need a disciplined coach to implement and have the guys buy in and get it done.
  12. Interesting hire and for the reasons already posted on this thread, have reason to be optimistic. That other site is coming apart at the seams.
  13. If we want guys who want to be here then let's hire Marcus as RB coach (assuming Des is bolting for Auburn), Connor Shaw as QB coach and Travelle Wharton as our OL coach - a guy can dream! OC - Garret Riley I think would be great, DC- Arnett Then we'd have something special.
  14. Nope, but it seems like Tanner made CSB keep Bobo. So that is a silver lining in all this.

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