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  1. I agree, makes a lot more since given how things have played out 👍
  2. I'd be curious to know what the holdout was about. But given that he likes to stay media quiet, I doubt we ever will
  3. Thanks for the article and the chat box tip! Ive never accessed this site in desktop mode and didn't see the chat box until I did... I'll be sure to jump in there now on from time to time.
  4. Is odd to see there isn't any discussion on here concerning the past few days involving his recruitment. I feel that something is definitely amiss. Anyone think LSU is still on the table for him?
  5. Hill is coming here. I disagree about Hilinski deserving to be a starter. I don't think it has anything to with "paying dues". The qb with the best skills, performance and who gives us the best chance to win deserves the starting spot. As of now, it is unknown who that may be.
  6. https://247sports.com/college/south-carolina/Article/Jake-Bentley-transfer-South-Carolina-football-139623926/ After four seasons on the South Carolina Gamecocks roster, senior quarterback Jake Bentley will reportedly finish his college football career elsewhere. Bentley will announce his decision to leave South Carolina as a graduate transfer as early as Monday, according to a report from WACH FOX sports reporter Mike Uva. "USC QB Jake Bentley is not expected to return to the program next season, according to a source close to the team," Uva wrote in a tweet on Sunday. "However, I’m told his father Bobby Bentley is expected to remain on staff at USC. ...Bentley is excepted to make his announcement about his future as early as tomorrow, according to a source close to the team. I’ve been told that Bentley plans to transfer." So, he's leaving
  7. https://www.thestate.com/sports/college/university-of-south-carolina/usc-football/article237941559.html Hopefully one of many changes...
  8. Chapman c/o 07 here... Gamecock88 is right, Chapman is stacked. If you allow them to get rolling on you look out because they won't stop. 1 win against a 5a team and two wins against 2 4a teams this year that are no slouches. They could hang with anybody in the state.
  9. Jesus, our secondary needs to step up; They're getting torched. Also, do they not have any confidence in Hilinski's deep ball?

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