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  1. Did we just win the regular season SEC championship? If we lose our remaining two games we will have the same record as Miss. St. and we win the head-to-head. One more win and we are the outright winners.
  2. Forgot this game was happening and this was one I had circled! LSU should be a top 25 team. For the life of me I don't understand why they are on the outside looking in.
  3. I've heard announcers say we've had the best attendance in the nation over the past couple of years.
  4. Has any connection between the two been revealed? It seems odd to me that a neighbor who had no personal connection would be found dead with her. It makes me feel that either there was a hidden connection or both were at the wrong place at the wrong time and got swept up into something that got them both killed.
  5. I would have never guessed we would hold UCONN to 2 points in the first quarter...wow!
  6. I would dislike losing to UCONN and winning the national title again. It would give fuel to the haters. I feel good about this game but I am a little nervous. After their loss to Oregon I bet we'll get their 'A' effort. I have a feeling someone on UCONN's team will be playing lights out -- like perfectly guarded but still hitting shots type of night. I hope we can match it. I think we win in the end and pull away in the second half. Final score: 76 - 68. Gamecocks win!
  7. @ConwayGamecock Looking over your stats it seems like the first team to pass 70 will probably win the game.
  8. I wish UConn beat Oregon since we're playing them soon. Now I bet Oregon will steal a few first place votes. I want to be greedy and get them all! 😂
  9. I can't wait until Amihere gets a year in the weight room! This game really showed off her skills against inferior competition. She gets bounced around too much against good competition but with some muscle I think she'll perform similar to tonight's performance for every game.
  10. Good win! I'm starting to believe in our postseason chances again. I can see us going 9-2 in the remaining games for a 21-10 regular season.
  11. I feel like the first scenario is more equitable whereas I could see the top-tier teams with lots of early pro departures finding a way to take advantage of the second rule.
  12. I also believe this game will help us prepare for the brutal stretch of UT, Arkansas, and UConn. I believe the outcome in those games will dictate the direction of our season.
  13. It was a great game to watch. We owned the 1st and 4th and Miss St. owned the 2nd and 3rd. I think that was Ty's best game in a Gamecock uniform. She was electric and amazing to watch. I loved how our seniors took over the game while the freshmen got the feel. I could see a lot of frustration from Cooke and Boston trying to get used to the intensity of the game. Some things that worked in the regular season just weren't working for them against top-notch competition but they adjusted and became a force to be reckoned with during the second half. Go Gamecocks!
  14. I always enjoy watching McCreary. I think he'll have a good career here. Sometimes Frink and Moss can make me pull out my hair watching their in-game decision making but they played well tonight. I'm really happy we won but part of me feels like it was an empty win. We need to have an almost perfect record to make the tourney. My guess is no more than three "good" losses in the remaining SEC games plus two wins in the SEC tourney. It's possible but I think we fall short yet again.

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