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  1. I am sure this will be, shall we say not liked but here goes. I attended games from 1980 thru the 1990's. Have great memories beating So Cal and hearing U-S-C all the way to the parking lot. Raynard and beating Fla State are just a couple. Attending the 84 Gator Bowl (close) the 85 Gator Bowl (not close). I have over the years watched schools promote special games in special ways. Penn State is the best white out ever, Tenn hard to beat their checkerboard stands, the list goes on and on. We have tried white out and black outs but we seem to never be able to get everyone on board. So that has me thinking, smell the sawdust burning? How can we better capitalize on "SANDSTORM" since its our thing? Here a several thoughts that have not been fully explored, so lets start. Add a sandstorm to the big board. Lots of video out there that would be impressive. As the storm rolls to the front of the board sand colored smoke appears from the edges of the board. The players running through sand colored smoke at the same time. Fans waving thousands of sand colored towels. All this as sandstorm plays. Not every game but special games. Thoughts? Be gentle I am a sensitive Gamecock. LOL
  2. For me I would like us to follow other schools and have a home and away set of uniforms, period. All you have to do is turn on your TV and certain schools are instantly recognized no matter their won/loss record. Just MHO
  3. Random thoughts If the receivers we have would catch a few that would help. Vann can't do it alone others need to step up. A little early concerning staff ability, I think its player ability right now.
  4. They made Ryan McGee's "Bottom Ten" at #5 https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/32301119/college-football-bottom-10-uconn-lost-grip-no-1-spot
  5. Never played or coached a game of football at any level, never played a coach in a movie or on TV. So I am a novice at best. It seems to me that the "D" is improving albeit slowly but improving, special teams is on the right track. The "O" is another story two quarterback so far (Browns time does not count) have not been able to show a lot of sustained improvement. Is it the line, play calling, inexperience of the line I don't know. Watching blocking whiffs hard to do at this level. If the offense can find the running game and the QB can find an open receiver maybe we can win a few more. I made up my mind early this year for me would be a development year. I just want the team to play better and be coached better. Some of that is happening and I think this team has the ability to look a lot different at year end. Now, will that translate in 5-6 wins? I don't know.
  6. Based on what I understand from the local TV news no one knows exactly where it would go, except to the city.
  7. Lets do some math. The City of Columbia wants a $100 fine for each non-masked person. So, lets be cautious and say they are brave enough to wade into 60K people and write 35K tickets. According to my very old Casio calculator that's a cool $3,500,00.00! Thoughts?
  8. Detail preview. https://collegefootballnews.com/2021/09/south-carolina-vs-east-carolina-prediction-game-preview
  9. Front page College football news. Best bets and the best picks against the spread going into the Week 2 weekend of the college football. https://collegefootballnews.com/2021/09/10-best-college-football-predictions-against-the-spread-week-2-2021
  10. My email to our AD and his minions was why are we treating Beamers's first game as a PPV? Look E$PN+ only has 13.5 million subscribers and according to Forbes that's chump numbers compared to whats our their for them. The magic bullet was to get conferences to put low level games on E$PN+ and share the wealth. Apparently the AD's jumped all over it. So lets play this out to an end game, Recently they announced a small $1.00 increase to be in place just before the season starts. With out adding another subscriber they added $13,500,000.00 to the revenue stream that totals $107,865,000.00. Just think about all the other conferences that will add subscribers this season. Now, look I am a profit centered guy but college football has become the new cash cow. If this works and I think it will who feels confident that the price won't go up more, key games could be added and what about bowl games? Di$ney and E$PN are not known for treating our wallets kindly. $7.99/$8.99 is not bad especially if you treat it one game at a time, but some fans just can't shell it out. The talking heads on all sports channels, YouTube etc are all talking about how are they going to get all the games on TV once the SEC expands. Well the talk centers around NetFlix, Prime, Peacock and other channels with a +. Yes more money to watch college football unless you are already subscribing. Di$ney/E$PN figured it out with more fans opting out of tickets and sitting home watching the games (concessions-clean bathroom-age-$) they are playing a got-ya game. The fans that can afford tickets and will go to the game, bless you the team needs your support. GO GAMECOCKS! Stepping Down from My Soapbox Opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone, the wife said i should keep them to myself or something like that. P.S. I already have E$PN+
  11. Sorry I left off the big games as they did not compare TV wise. Georgia vs Clemson ABC Sat 9-4 Louisville vs Ole Miss ESPN Mon 9=6
  12. I took a look at several schedules, game times and broadcast locations. Not saying this could not change but I thinks its accurate. This is the big boys vs the little boys weekend. 8PM Thur 9-2 Bowling Green vs Tenn SEC Network New Coach Noon Sat 9-4 UL Monroe vs UK SEC Network 2PM Sat 9-4 Rice vs Arkansas SEC Network/ESPN+ Newish Coach 4PM Sat 9-4 LA Tech vs Mississippi State ESPN U Newish Coach 4PM Sat 4PM Central Mich vs Mizzo SEC Network 7PM Sat 9-4 Akron vs Auburn SEC Network New Coach 7PM Sat 9-4 Eastern Ill vs USC ESPN+ New Coach 8PM Sat 9-4 Kent St vs A&M ESPNU 8PM Sat 9-4 East Ten State vs Vandy ESPN+ New Coach Broadcast short end of the stick or just luck of the draw?
  13. Laugh, cry, mock and........... https://collegefootballnews.com/2021/08/5-college-football-predictions-that-just-might-be-right-21-for-2021-preview
  14. I have said this all along with the addition of conferences adding E$PN+. They just raised the price another $1. per month to $7.99 in late August, just in time for .............football. No one believes this will be the end price point. CFN There’s a giant X factor in all of this. TV might not exist by 2025 – and I’m not being flippant. You have to go online or a streaming service to watch most of the Olympics live, and don’t think for a second that you’re not going to have to drop at least $7.99 a month to watch a bulk of the new SEC content once the league expands to 16. CFN today. https://collegefootballnews.com/2021/07/texas-and-oklahoma-make-formal-request-to-sec-this-will-be-fun-daily-cavalcade
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