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  1. Pat Forde shares his thoughts https://www.si.com/college/2020/07/29/acc-shrewd-schedule-announcement-conference-only-football
  2. Watched part of a round table with Reese Davis moderating, sorry I missed most of it but David Pollock had an interesting idea. The conversation had moved to best time to play Fall 2020 or Spring 2121 or both to get in the seasons. Both seasons brought up the wear and tear on the players and the concussion protocol playing full seasons back to back. So David steps in and states his idea would be to play Group of 5 in the Spring and Power 5 in the Fall. This way big money goes to the schools, ESPN/FOX/CBS/NBC/ABC and sponsors would get more bang for the buck, fans would get almost year round college football. Group of 5 players would not be in the shadow Power 5 guys during the season. On the surface to me it seems a consideration but I know others will not think so.....any thoughts?
  3. I was trying point out anyone with a cellphone can be a reporter or a First Amendment Auditor, which can be both good or bad depending on your point of view, and brother we have a lot of POV's today..... but missed the mark I guess. Peace Love Happiness Joy to all regardless of you POV
  4. Not to be argumentative, just curious if they are known as DHS officers from different branches....well they are known. Uniform, no uniform, patches, no patches, marked vans/cars, unmarked. It's hard to hide in plain sight. The post I have read say that they are there protecting Federal Property, letting the city, county and state protect whatever they choose. Now that could all be wrong but its out there just like all the other stuff. My guess is if you/we/me don't live there and see it every day we really don't know. You really trust the media today? I don't! Like they story they unlawfully arrested a reporter, yet it turned out like here in Columbia, it was John Q Citizen with a cellphone screaming I am a reporter. There is this guy in Mississippi that goes around with his cellphone and walks into the Post Office trying to get arrested so he can sue someone. If the cops show-up the challenge is on, so far no arrest. http://kingfish1935.blogspot.com/2020/07/pest-of-day.html
  5. Just saw online that the National Junior College guys have moved all sports to Spring 21
  6. Is it just me? Looked like no one except ASU had any energy last night. We just seemed to be going thru the motions, heads down, slumped shoulders. I too, was willing to give the staff time but man this was not very good. Minnesota had a great offense plan maybe for an OC we should look at him.
  7. Does seem strange that people smart enough to run E$PN and others start Noon games in the heat and night games at7-730 & 8 in cooler weather. Seems a little bass-awkward but no one ask me. As for TV games if the schedules games are played on a particular Saturday the TV schedule balances either way. Sure some one might draw short straw.

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