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  1. Well of course not. The money issue aside, the only way he would ever come back here, would be if Muschamp was moved to Head Coach in Waiting / DC or Assistant HC, since there can be only one Head Ball Coach, and no way would Spurrier play second fiddle to anyone.
  2. Tell me that you haven't missed seeing that on the practice field?
  3. Normally I would be moaning about the loss of practices due to not having a bowl game this year, but this team needs to step back and get healthy. I also was hoping that the new depth would have meant less wear and tear on the key players, but instead we watch one of our QB's of the future, hobbling back into the game, when it is clear that the game is out of hand. If the recruiting that we have done is as good as advertised, and I think it is, then the development of the backups must be the issue. The schedule was tough, but I don't think we have a proactive staff, and they are not getting enough people ready to play. I would take 44 players ready to go, and substituted constantly than the iron man 22 best on the field approach. If not a new HC, then at least some OC's who can prepare the second or third string players to do more than just run into the line. That might save a bit of wear and tear on the starters.
  4. That makes some sense when you say it. Playing under control is always an important concept, and when you look back at some of QB's play in particular, they seem like at times they are out of control, trying to make something happen, only to have a disaster occur.
  5. It's not unexpected, nor is it a bad move, given the money involved and I don't think there has been any proactive work done on hiring a new coach. We really don't want another rush hiring job, since these have not worked out for us too well in the past. This path makes sense in that it helps shore up the recruiting, but only if they make some needed changes, and work behind the scenes to be prepared for the worst. First change the OC. Not a Rookie, but a power 5 pro. We've seen what on the job training looks like in the SEC. Think we need to do the same with the Defense, unless T-Rob can push back on Muschamp being the co-coordinator, and Tanner can tell Muschamp to be the head coach, or become permanent coordinator elsewhere. Not sure if he can stepback and let the coordinators sink of swim. Muschamp seems to be the common components for a number of coordinators who were successful under experienced head coaches, but failed under him. He hasn't been able to be a CEO in his career, and that appears to be the real problem. Dabo did it in Cowtown, but I'm not sure that this old bulldog can be taught new tricks. Maybe he needs to have an executive leadership consultant come in and work with him. We should always be evaluating the option of improving our revenue sports teams, until we are a perennial favorite to be in and win the SEC championship and Clemson games, every single year. If we wish to complete with UGA, Clemson, Florida, Alabama, LSU, then we should always be looking for new talent behind the scenes, be it Coordinators, assistants, analysts, etc, with each having to prove how they have moved the needle every year. There should always be a target list, and a plan in the event someone moves, or we move them. That goes for the entire staff.
  6. There was a tad of sarcasm in there, since when quizzed about injuries, WM stated it just happens and you cannot control injuries. He was implying that you can't hold bad luck against him, and that he wasn't going to do anything different. So I considered no change and that injuries will be just as bad as years 1-4, leading us to a 2-9 or 3-8 season with the exact same excuses and reasons. How many players do you hear that they have not been 100% since the third or fourth game, but they are out there for every game. I thought the improved depth meant we would be constantly changing players and playing with Tempo, to make sure we kept fresh players on the field, I watched Jake Bentley play injured against Kentucky, and WM would not take him out. Net result - player hurt, game lost. Then after Scarnecchia out threw Lock the next week, we put a gimpy Bentley under center, and did not play Scarnecchia a meaningful snap. Net result - player hurt, game lost. I can go on with games this season with Hinsinki. He has been tattooed and did everything he could, but give the man a chance to recover from some of these muggings. We do not have a drop back pro-style Online, so adjust to help them protect our QB. I have also noticed that when a player has gotten injured with a knee, groin, hammy, or ankle issue, the first words out of WM's mouth is "he's fine". I didn't give Belk a lot of credit due to his track record, but now looking at it in hindsight, It would appear the WM "effort" style of coaching, equates to playing hurt as part of the normal game. And they put a ton of pressure on these kids to show their toughness, and play hurt or even injured when the kid is trying to show how tough he is. It's really a fine line, and it appears that our coaches are pretty desperate to make thing happen. My main point was that the issues with injuries are not just coordinator issues, and if we have the same head coach, we more than likely will be looking at 2-9 or 3-8, since a new OC can only go so far.
  7. Since we start next season with Coastal and East carolina, we're probably safe on the 0-21 streak. But after that, it's 8 striaght SEC games, with Kentucky, Florida, Vandy, and LSU away), followed by Wofford and Clemson. Out of that stretch we will have Vandy and Wofford (7-3 with one lose to Clemson), that we may be favorites over. Assuming no staff or process changes, here are the givens: 1. We will lose some talent to NFL and Graduation, probably will offset that with recruits and a couple of step ups, leaving us with a net of about the same on talent and bodies. 2. If we continue with the same pattern on injuries that he had in Florida and here, since we are currently attributing them to luck of the draw, and there is no stated plan to change anything, that means we will lose most of the higher skilled players in the first half of the season, and our depth by about 2/3's of the season. With that, we have a real chance at stealing a home game in the early part of the season, (Mizzu) but by the time we get through to game 8, Vandy will be seeing a weakened USC, and will likely take us in Nashville, wiping out the early win. Follow that with LSU and UGA, we'll need a better performance at Wofford that we had at App State, to avoid a 2-9 or 3-8 finish. Not sure where he is talking about taking us, but the trajectory sure doesn't look good.
  8. Hope we don't get a rash of sudden injuries from the seniors or Juniors looking to protect themselves for the tryouts for the next level.
  9. Something fundamentally wrong, We've got some talent that was rated very highly, and has produced at a high level at least in high school. The things that bother me are the injuries. Looks like we're not teaching these kids how to transition from High school to College, and it's going from a part time gig with really no pressure, to a high pressure 24-7 schedule, with no real downtime. They need guidance. I noted that Edwards was thanking Alshon for helping him get his mind focus on taking care of his body, and he's been solid all year. That should be a major focus for a professional college staff, and I think they are so focused on trying to learn their own jobs, they are not taking care of these kids.
  10. Probably defensive ends - that would make it where bad gamecock coaches go to "end" their career!
  11. I'm in the upstate, and have contacts with a number of people "in the know" about the cow town, and that is exactly what they said was done. We need to have someone sit down with Muschamp, and give him an ultimatum of here it is, do it. If I was Tanner, I would get in front of this, and be able to announce a new coordinator as soon as the season's over. No options, no choices, just here is the plan. Get a new OC, spend the $1.5-2MM to get a good one that is already successful with a higher powered offense, preferably with dual threat QB's. They take pressure off of the O-line, and give a running game a shot in the arm. we have one, and another one coming in next year; so it would play to our talent. If not, we need a stud running back, which we haven't had in 4 years. I'm really not sure that highing B-Mac wasn't Muschamp trying to keep someone from challenging him on the way he wanted to run the offense, so he cut Roper, and brought in a newbie. I think BMac was thrown into the deep end, and is having to follow Muschamp's plan. That being said, I would go for a new DC, and limit Muschamp to the special teams and recruiting, and tell him to keep his hands off the coordinators. If he bolts, no payout. If he stays, and we start seeing progress, then we save $4MM per year.
  12. Their final word is no word at all, but that was expected. In today's world of sports betting, they are not going to engage in anything that calls attention to the officiating. So we all know, that there are alot of plays, and things happen in a split second fashion, there are technical infractions on every play and could be called that way, a solid game means that they generally missed around the same percentage going both ways, and that is how the game is played. I'm also not upset as much with the pick play, since it does require more of a split second view of both the receiver being blocked and the guy catching the ball. But a false start, and a guy holding a jersey up for the world to see, and no official saw it? That's my bitch, and i'm done with it. Because at the end of the day, life is not fair, and the quality of man is shown in how he reacts to perceived unfairness. The winners let it go, have short memories, and get back to the business of getting better. The losers perpetuate and use excuses to explain their failures. Florida got a break, and the leveraged it to take our momentum and go on to win the game. We had plenty of chances, and unlike the Georgia game, we let them take it away from us. That's the way the game goes. The Tennessee game was a game, where I saw a team decide that they would not let the moment define them, that they would define the moment. All the talent in the world will not accomplish anything, without the firm conviction that you will always find a way to overcome. If we get that determination back our men had at the Georgia game, we can win out. thats what I'm hoping for.
  13. They have got to find a way to stop these guys from being punished so much. Hopefully Ryan and Dakereon are well enough to play now, and we can see what they can really do in the next three games. I just hope they have a plan to start moving the pocket, keep an extra back in to block, or throw some slants to the outside guys to slow down the defense. If not, then possibly they can gameplan to where Dakereon can run more than a handful of plays, and have some passes to keep the defenses honest. This run two runs with Joyner on first and second down, then bring Hilsinki in on third down to pass; might have worked against Vandy, but not the last three teams we have to play in the regular season. They have to protect these guys. I'm afraid Ryan is already seeing 6-6 300 lb freight trains coming at him in his sleep, and Jake may not want to come back after watching Ryan get beat up each week.
  14. It all depends on who the OC is. If we stay with the current coaches, we probably need him to stay. If Joyner continues to be used as a runner only, by the end of this year, he'll see the handwriting on the wall. He'll realize that the coaches don't seem to want to or be able to utilize a dual threat QB, and will probably transfer or will not get the reps in the upcoming season. So after they spend the spring trying to turn Doty into a drop back pocket passer, or a wildcat option, we'll be stuck with no QB depth if Jake leaves, If we get a new OC, and we have a real QB competition; then hopefully he will stay, and maybe see him return to the form of his second year. It's difficult to understand why we haven't been able to utilize a mobile QB, especially since it creates some real advantages for the offensive line. We utilized it to great effectiveness with Connor shaw, and saw it kill us against Florida. If we cannot protect for 3 counts in a well defined pocket, and don't have enough speed to stretch the defense, then get out of the drop back and start moving the pocket, or put in a Joyner and start figuring out what works for the talent we seem to be chasing.
  15. I think RT should jump at the chance to get a $1.5MM /year top OC. A top OC, would buy RT 2-3 years of reducing the buyout by almost $4MM per year, at a cost of less than $1MM / year, which would be offset by the increase in fan excitement. I'm, not talking about an OC with training wheels. I'm talking about spending up to $1.5MM, or more if needed, to get a proven top OC that can utilize talent, game plan, recruit, call plays and get us scoring in the 30's and 40's consistently against SEC talent. If by opening the wallet RT can create excitement, see the buyout shrink, and give Muschamp two or even three years to show he is the man, then it's a win-win. Worst case is the new OC and Muschamp keep recruiting at least as good as it is now, and the buyout would be going down about $4MM / year. All of these things would make it easier to conduct a quiet search behind the scenes, so we don't duplicate the fiasco of the last HC search.

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