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  1. I’m still a fan of hiring Lane Kiffen. Why you ask? 2 reasons...... 1. He’s got a hot wife. 2. When we want him fired after a couple of years and he has a $100,000,000 buyout, we can have these all over campus.
  2. Maybe we do like they do in LA with teachers they can’t fire. They report to a quiet room 8 hours a day during the school year and do crosswords. That should keep us in the good on that 19 mil.
  3. My thoughts when they hired Muschamp was his explosive temper was a bit much. This can be a beautiful thing when used correctly. Who muzzled this when he arrived? Tanner might have been the man. Somehow, somewhere there needs to be major changes. The never ending quick slant isn’t gonna cut it.
  4. Where on Dabo’s staff do they put Muschamp after next year? Brad got Tight ends didn’t he? Denny Crane
  5. Does anyone believe the staff has the confidence of the locker room at this point? Denny Crane
  6. Have we made it to the second page of the playbook yet? Denny Crane
  7. Lane Kiffen, or maybe Brad Scott?
  8. Blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, blah, blah........We continue to monitor the situation. we promote free speech and celebrate diversity at the SEC.
  9. Nothing, absolutely nothing will come of this. SC is shit outta luck. This is about money, and the money is with Florida succeeding.
  10. PF is attempting to portray himself as a national correspondent. He is speaking to a national audience who see nothing except for the highlights that back his commentary. It’s all narrative, what everybody knows......that everybody knows. Georgia was a national contender on the national stage. It’s all about presenting them about what went wrong on the day for them. Who inflicted the defeat is of no consequence to the national audience. All this is now is a team with one defeat still in the hunt for the playoffs. Denny Crane
  11. After a win this coming week, we go for 3 in a row against JawJa. Denny Crane
  12. No....come on.....is this for real? Did a guy really bag a 23lb grasshopper?
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