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  1. Saying Clemsux won’t never lose to Carolina again is as intellectually dishonest as Yale economist Irving Fischer saying in 1929 “Stock prices have reached what looks like a permanent plateau”. We know how that one turned out. Or maybe how about all the speed limit signs in the upstate in the late 70’s that stated….. SPEED LIMIT 55 CLEMSUX 0 When you take a cheap shot at an entity at the bottom of the biorhythmic curve, be prepared for that dog to bite the shit out of you when it recovers.
  2. 2 Major SEC names is a feat I think we’ve yet to accomplish. Going for the Tiger Trifecta!
  3. Everyone laughed when I suggested we go after Lane Kiffen.
  4. Thinking all of the sudden we’re Ron Burgandy isn’t helpful right now. Being the underdog is where we need to be. Beat Clemsux and we’ll talk about being a favorite now and again.
  5. I was wrooo…..I was wrrrroon……I was wronnngggggg. Signature win. It makes the season a success no matter what else has, or is about to happen. Tasting victory on the big stage can be infectious. Let’s just not put us in the playoff talk for next year quite yet. For now, I’ll eat a big ass crow, but as of tomorrow, it’s in the rear view. We will only be as good as the impending challenge.
  6. Armament Dogs were the hardest workers I’ve ever seen, my sincere thanks keeping us loaded, operational and putting bullets headed the bad guys way.
  7. This thread brings back numerous emotions. I played on my high school team, we were a preseason pick to be one of the top teams in 3A in the upstate, if not the state. Unfortunately we were run over by a Paul Vogel lead Eastside team, in the first game of the year, as they went on to win the 4A state championship. We would officially bow out of the playoff picture with our annual defeat to Pickens High at the end of the season. 1984 was a transitional season in my life that was supplemented my professional advance in the military. I graduated from Army Aviation Flight School in Aug and was riding a life high culminated when I attended the Pittsburg game. It was a glorious victory on a crystal clear, cold Saturday afternoon. I remember it like it was yesterday. I watched the FSU game as I packed my bag to leave the next week headed to Fulda Germany on the adventure of my life. These weeks of my life were the best memories I have of early adulthood in my civilian life. I have many problems with our team, but 1984 locked me in for life as a Gamecock fan……and I’ll always be!
  8. We block a punt late in the game and come from behind and win………naw, we lose 27-12. We kick 4 FG’s as our offense fails to capitalize on numerous red zone opportunities.
  9. Thread wandering……the release about Joe Lee Dunn dying said he publically pursued the head coaching job but we picked Sparky Woods instead. When the fork in the road came before us, we picked pretty bad. The picking always seems to be pretty bad. Maybe we should get different pickers. Our recent picks across the board haven’t done anything but get a whole bunch of severance checks cut.
  10. The longer this lingers, the more damage it does to a program on the verge of a nuclear winter. This needs to be put to bed as quickly as possible.
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