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  1. This is primarily due to Clemson. When you OOC game every year is the #1 team every year, you're going to have a good shot at being the #1 SOS every year. No one really knows what LSU or UGA are going to look like this year.
  2. In what way was this game anywhere similar to the CU/SC games from 2011-2013?
  3. It will hurt in recruiting, but not in games. Elliot calls the plays
  4. Wow, Muschamp put him in harm's way all season long. And all the heat we put on Dabo for playing Watson in the 2014 game...
  5. Ace Dilcock had a nice breakdown earlier this season to show how the gap in talent between the two programs has closed considerably. Hopefully he can come on here and enlighten us
  6. So are you going to start your 1 month ban now, or wait until the Clemson game once it becomes 2 months?
  7. So are you leaving for a month if the TAMU game is the 7th loss, or are you going to wait till after the Clemson game to see if it moves to 2 months with the 4-8 record?
  8. Didn't you say you'd ban yourself for a month if SC went 5-7 after you predicted 10+ wins?
  9. You also predicted double digit wins this season, so you should probably mention that in the footnotes of your predictions.

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