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  1. Does anyone else see it as an EMBARRASSMENT that there is a Super Regional being played in our ballpark and we are not in it?
  2. It is all very simple. WE CANNOT HIT. Why I don't know.
  3. To Be honest, I think because finances, we have taken the CHEAP way out in hiring coaches. I hope I am wrong. Are these coaches recruiting players that would have been great players at their previous school (FBS). But are the new players SEC talent. And yes I know we have only won 6 games in two years. But in order to get better players we have to win more games. In order to win more games we have to have better players. Iknow, I know, chicken or the egg. I am usually so positive in the off season, I am always so sure that this is going to be our year. But t
  4. I always try to be positive. But I am concerned about the recruiting class . No 4 or 5 stars. The new coaching staff really concerns me... No name coaches. It is like we are an FBS school. Can we really compete in the SEC with this combination? As a fan, I am truly worried about our future,
  5. I dont know, But I believe I could put together 11 of my "over the hill, senior, cane carrying, friends and score 45 on this defense. This is a joke. Muschump is a joke. Please, BOT fire Muschump and Tanner before the entire sports world is laughing at us.
  6. Do we really have a choice? We are becoming a joke. What about Mark Rich
  7. Another transfer from CSU... Well maybe if we get a couple of more we will be good enough to beat App State
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