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  1. I was reading something that I don't think gets talked about. On the Gettysburg campaign, the Confederates rounded up blacks in Pennsylvania and pushed them south into slavery. These were both runaway slaves and free black people that were "captured." The South was far from perfect in the realm of plundering while on the march in the North.
  2. I hope our WRs make huge strides this offseason. WRs and RBs have to help each other to make the other group look good. A nice running attack with open up passing and vice versa. Otherwise, doesnt matter much what QB we have back there. And I hope Ryan's knee is healed. We need him more mobile.
  3. My roommate has severe separation anxiety when I leave the house. Since I work from home, the roommate is used to having someone around and sitting in my lap while I work.
  4. Lol, I am a registered and voting Dem. But I have to laugh at that name. They must have be super busy, holding the government accountable. Past, present and future! Talk about job security.
  5. i dont care what side you are on, something called the Government Accountability Office might be the funniest most ironic thing there is.
  6. Maybe I’m the only one who isnt sad about this. He should leave SC for a while to gain more experience and when he gets it and wants to return he will be welcomed back.
  7. Interesting. Good place for a guy like Leach. Places like MSU, Ole Miss, us, Vandy, etc...something unique has to be done to make a splash. Leach can do that. I do agree his teams have not been great on D. I think one WSU team had a decent D, but that is probably the exception.
  8. I think this kid can obviously compete for the starting job, otherwise he probably wouldn't be transferring here. However it is concerning about his injuries. I would hope Hilinski comes back stronger, but who knows. I also hope Muschamp gets out of the way on offense.
  9. The other thing the cfp does for non cfp teams is makes it easier for kids to sit out their bowl game for the nfl. Why risk millions of dollars on a bowl game if it’s not a cfp? Thus making the non cfp games less attractive to viewers.
  10. Can’t trust much of what Champ says but there is no doubting the character of that young man.
  11. Yes unless you are a huge fan of a team or of college football the bowls after the cfp have lost luster. I think the rose bowl has always had good attendance viewership so bucks the trend. But usually the fiesta and orange are stinkers. I enjoyed the outback today but can’t say I’ve made it a point to watch any bowl game other than the semis.
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