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  1. Our top 2 are Morris and Bobo? So much for going out of a comfort zone sheesh
  2. Well aware. the analogy was about promoting from within or with emotional ties. A usc alum is an experiment at this point. it made sense to me in my mind anyway when I thought of it
  3. Case for not hiring ex players...our current AD Tanner went from coach to ad let’s not make same mistake with player to coach...
  4. Would Skip Holtz make a move if he was promised HCIW? Just throwing things out there. But I read somewhere his QBs have alwyas been top produces in their league at La. How funny would that be...Muschamp was going to be HCIW at Texas and he got tired of waiting for Brown to retire. Now its he who needs to leave...
  5. That is scary, and in 8 years as someone else pointed out. Hopefully candidates dont read into that what I am...
  6. We all saw it. He was not mobile at all. Putting him out there, especially the second half of Clemson was risky.
  7. It’s not just the ranking of recruiting classes but how they are coached and prepared. So far CWM and staff have not shown much there. Looking at schedule below, we have a chance to be 4-0 to start. Then after that Vandy and Wofford should be wins. But I don’t have confidence in us going 4-0 to start. So 5-7 South Carolina 2020 Football ScheduleSept. 5 COASTAL CAROLINASept. 12 EAST CAROLINASept. 19 MISSOURI*Sept. 26 at Kentucky*Oct. 3 at Florida*Oct. 10 TENNESSEE*Oct. 17 Open DateOct. 24 TEXAS A&M*Oct. 31 at Vanderbilt*Nov. 7 GEORGIA*Nov. 14 at LSU*Nov. 21 WOFFORDNov. 28 at Clemson
  8. They are hard to watch right now period. Don’t think any of us can dispute that. And to make matters worse it’s hard for me to see next year being much better.
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