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  1. Our AD should not have a say in what assistants stay or go. If true we need a new AD
  2. Who would have expected us to win this year? No one… so to that end is it doom and gloom NO. We aren’t near where we were under Spurrier, and Clemson is in their prime. We need to fight and claw back into it.
  3. I’d be focused on OLine and QB, but it’s always good to stay focus
  4. I was not expecting a bowl game so as ugly as it was to watch at times, we still overachieved
  5. I don’t know if I agree with not being able to get a big name. What has to be appealing about this job is the ability to make it your own, build it up, rather than being handed a good situation and riding the wave for two years before finding another home.
  6. A team with a half decent DLine kills us. Hope we get a good match up in the bowl.
  7. Smart would be first IMO, then Kifen then Beamer. You can’t deny an undefeated team. And Kiffen should be In there. Not taking anything away from Beamer but he isn’t the best coach in the SEC. Changed my tune on Pittman, he and a Beamer probably neck and neck for third.
  8. Interesting they gave the boot to Feunte so quickly when they gave Frank all the time he needed
  9. Unless you are Alabama, everyone can complain.
  10. It’s all subjective. The W against UF could look not as good if UF tanks the rest of the year. That being said I think a bowl game would be a success for this year which just requires being .500
  11. So first, this video makes me feel old. But YouTube has a weird algorithm that this video came up on my feed. So I clicked on it…. SC ranks 2nd only to Bama. Clemson is at the bottom ratings of the series. https://youtu.be/HEhJSxi6Euc
  12. Brown on the road will be a true litmus test of what he is. and not saying that to be negative because I am pulling for the guy. But the road is different than at home and both teams are playing for bowl berth. Missou has to win 2 of 3 to become eligible.
  13. My 11 year old got her Pfizer on Saturday and wife got booster at same time. When she gets her second I will get my booster. Thus my fam will be fully vaccinated.
  14. No let down this week!
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