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  1. NBF is very highly regarded, almost as high as Lee. Be careful What you say. His views often get overlooked for his “heroics” on the battlefield.
  2. TKE226


    Totally agree about woodford DO is way better than the standard bourbon, if you want to go to a beautiful distillery go to Woodford.in the middle of horse farms. Crazy awesome.
  3. Still holding on to the hiking story I told 2 months ago lol. I assume the indoor guidelines apply when it’s known people are vacced. For example I host a large Bourbon/scotch/rye party around Christmas for friends neighbors and family. Didn’t last year, but we are moving forward this year as I already know most who came two years ago are vaccinated. but I wouldn’t walk to it Walmart without a mask.
  4. In fact I saw a few with my own eyes. I feel bad for the people who need the gas like Amazon drivers, food delivery people
  5. Good to hear it’s reopening. Lines at stations near me were causing traffic jams. Good thing I live 3 miles from work
  6. To this day I can’t get enough of the intro to “where the streets have no name” U2 obviously
  7. Recruiting so far so good. still needs to be seen how Beemer is as a game day coach.
  8. Unemployment should be only enough for people to keep the necessities. So that it’s not a decentive to find a job. heck im hiring. Anyone want a job in medical billing and follow up?
  9. Didnt even know it happened. I’ve never gotten into any awards show. Just an industry patting themselves on the back.
  10. Beans, beans a wonderful fruit the more you eat the more you toot
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