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  1. Trump does, enough to retweet it? Your response is ironic given your constant cry about how "libs" overlook things.
  2. Hall of Fame thread for sure! Clowney decision thread had nothing on this one!
  3. It was Blitz who said lame.
  4. Not so sure they are. Anyone who has been sequestered with their families and limited outside contact then comes together with entire team of people from all over and they are much safer? They may be safer if isolated from the rest of the college campus, but not safer from "just being at home." Just look at some of the statistics coming from colleges like Clemson, Alabama, Auburn...
  5. I don't think we will see college athletics period the rest of the year. USA Swimming already cancelled meets through 2020, so forget any swimming/diving.
  6. Still using the flu comparison after 4 months....
  7. Your premise is football should play because it means revenue. I’m saying you can’t look at football in a vacuum.
  8. So how do you tell the soccer team they cant play, but football can? Its bigger than football man. I used soccer as an example. Pick any other sport and if one gets cancelled the school is probably going to cancel them all. Allowing football also will bring up issues with equal treatment of men vs womens sports.
  9. Corona fatigue is very real. I think we are all beat down from the last 4 months. But given the information at hand it doesn't scream to hold college athletics. And if soccer gets cancelled why would football be a go? You cant look at football in a vaccuum regardless if it makes $$$ for the school. Fall sport season starts very soon so decisions will need to be made this month about it. And sitting on 7/1 it doesnt look good.
  10. So public safety should be priority #2 to revenue?
  11. We will never know whether your statement comes true or not. So at this point its he said vs he said. I wouldnt think any University would want to take the risk of having students die from Covid based on a decision they made to play college sports. The backlash and lawsuits from such a decision would be HUGE. Priotizing revenue over safety.... Where things stand TODAY and the trends, all it takes is one school to say no athletics and its over.
  12. Its been proven we can win the East. Yes its not going to be a year in year out thing, but switching conferences is crap. It also maybe Mission Impossible for Muschamp, but he is our coach for now.

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