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  1. I was wrong last week so maybe I should say we don't have a chance again this week?
  2. What did everyone do with their cockycash?
  3. Wasnt a dirty hit. Unfortunate yes, but not dirty. I read Muschamp's comments from last night and I think there is more to it. He "fully expects Ryan to play at this point" but this seems to be a lingering injury and I hope its not more serious.
  4. Well I think that would be Muschamp's signature win. And probably guarantees him a few more years. I still am hesitant of him as a head coach. The 58 yard field goal attempt was a headscratcher for a decision. If you are going to go for it, then we should have kept the offense on the field. Also, not to take away from the win, but we didn't score in the second half. Which is a concern to me. Can Joyner get it done?
  5. Great win. I was not expecting anything close to that. Great for the team! Hope we keep our focus the rest of the season.
  6. Not getting playing time...go to the portal. Dont like to put in work...go to the portal Whatever.
  7. I hope I'm wrong, but I dont expect this to be close. Maybe for the first quarter, There is the talent gap and Smart is a better coach.
  8. I dont like us against UGA or UF. I dont know if UF is a legit top 10 team, but we are not a top 40 team so there is a big disparity there.
  9. Thought their fans were mostly jerks from back when I went to school at SC. Otherwise I hate them because they are consistently good.
  10. Alabama was roughly the same spread. I expect it will be about the same game. Though my guess is UGA has a better defense. So it might be uglier. Unfortunately I think our plan will be predictable...try to establish a run game to milk the clock and limit their scoring chances. When we arent able to do that, it will get out of hand.
  11. comes down to coaching during the three softer opponents. App St, UT and Vandy. If we take a game off we will lose to any of those teams. I think we get up for the harder games, not saying we win, but at least maybe look better. I'm split between 4-8 and 5-7. Neither of which are appealing.
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