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  1. Wait going back to Kaepernick, he was protesting Trump? I thought it was about racial equality. Guess I was wrong
  2. My family of 4, 2 kids wife and I are staying home. My older sister is having our parents and her husband's parents who are both local for dinner and we declined saying we would stop by and see people outside. There are four people over 70 going to be there, and two over 80. I just dont feel comfortable with it. It is tough tough, I got severe mom guilt from my mom for this decision. I told her that its one afternoon and she can thank me later. Sucks you gotta work, but thanks for looking out for the rest of us.
  3. SO no snow days this year for virtual learning, but today our County school system got hacked and so we have no school. Wonder if they planned for network issue days....since they are 100% virtual.
  4. Apparently airports are a nightmare right now. People packed in traveling all over the country.
  5. UA is not doing well financially
  6. For anyone with kids or knows of Among Us... the imposter.
  7. Are there people on this board that believe there is enough evidence that would overturn the election results?
  8. My guess is yes. There is really nothing to hold on to at Louisiana. They aren't making the playoff, so the post season is just another bowl game.
  9. It sounds like Napier is the No 1 target. I laughed off Shane Beamer a few days ago, but I haven't heard much about him in recent years. If he has the ability to bring in talented coordinators then I guess he would be good?
  10. I concur. I also think a unified message would be helpful, regardless of party lines. But we are WAYYY past that unfortunately.
  11. The pandemic should force people not only to think about their own health, but the health of others they interact with. Unfortunately, in this country people are about "me me and me." If people attend events with lot of people in a small space, then I guess they are taking responsibility in a different way than I would, but not for others they come in contact with after. I get not wanting to have government tell you what to do, but people no longer trust the media of any kind, the internet is a complete s***show, so where should people turn? I don't want the government to tell me what to do either, but if the message and action helps save lives and stop the spread then I might as well do my part, knowing I am at low risk of developing severe issues from COVID. And I do agree, both sides are guilty of saying one thing and doing another, which leads back to my earlier point of distrust. People don't trust what they are told, so they do what they want. That was long and rambling...
  12. Stay safe people. 1. My wife's grandfather passed away over the weekend, after contracting Covid 2. Just learned a mother of a student in my daughter's 4th grade class passed away from Covid within 24 hours of testing positive. They are virtual, but the kids are mortified.

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