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  1. I felt like they played a good game last night but definitely weren't firing on all cylinders. Amihere needs more time in the weight room to play her style of ball. She looked like she was going up against a brick wall everytime she banged bodies with the other team.
  2. Yep, not like it used to be when our first few games of the year were in the evening just for that reason. TV dictates game time now.
  3. Wow. I would have thought Chris made enough money to fly her over himself or go see her. Poor guy is poorer than me.
  4. I don't think this will give us more night games unfortunately. TV money is King. Only until we climb up in the rankings for those primetime spots.
  5. The added revenue generated should more than compensate for being able to add extra security as well.
  6. How did Fields abuse it? He wasn't going to start at uga again this past year but became a Heisman finalist at another school instead. Isn't that kinda what the portal was designed for?
  7. From what I've seen, it seems to be helping the players out more than it's hurting the teams. I haven't looked hard at the all the rules concerning it so I'm not sure how much potential there is to abuse it, but for now it seems to be benefitting most everyone.
  8. If we have a Dimarco type talent on the team then why not use him? He was dangerous in the h-back position for us.
  9. And still we complain about not getting things done in a timely fashion....shame on us.
  10. I was referring more to pass protection than anything else. I always felt like Jake had too much pressure on him during games to get comfortable back there.
  11. Unfortunately, that may be the problem right there. I want our players to be good men on and off the field just as much as anyone but I think there is a fine line where emphasis on football and emphasis on other things interact and determine the program's identity in a good way, including success on the football field.
  12. I believe the plan is for Bmac to stay and coach the WRs regardless.

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