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  1. MBGCock

    Caravan Illegals

    Trump gave the power back to congress to start a war. Would you rather him go the obama way? They should start a resolution if they really want to start a war against a nato ally. Do you agree?
  2. She couldn't handle the wall being built.
  3. MBGCock


    Dude has some balls outing himself, I'll tell you that. Hope he's not seth riched.
  4. MBGCock

    Caravan Illegals

    Why do you hate American soldiers? do you think a 200 year old war is going to be settled just because of us? No. Trump ran on ending wars. Promises made promises kept. Winning.
  5. Liberals are terrified.
  6. Kirby has more 5* on that team than he had points.
  7. MBGCock

    Caravan Illegals

    https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/10/10/turkeys-erdogan-threatens-send-millions-refugees-europe-eu-calls/ Maybe they should built a wall.
  8. you think they were this mad when they tore them up during the olympics? Na. They just but hurt.
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