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  1. Glad Marshawn Is staying involved and invested
  2. I agree that shi is one of the best we've had and there has been a bunch of good ones in garnet. He gets drafted after this season imho but hope we can convince him to stay.
  3. We are dropping a lot of guys physically not good might have to bring AJ back to rb. Feaster and Rico both had 100 yard rushing games anyone know the last time we had 2 running backs do that in a conference ball game? All in all we dominated on defense and this entire game really. Wish we would have gotten the shutout but they got a garbage time touchdown. Had a great time watching this game here's to a great bye week and a uga upset afterwards!
  4. Defense is looking better however I dont think Kensucky is very good this year.
  5. The state of our program right now is not very good. We still have an old thinking old style regime at the head of our university. With all of the money our football program is bringing in the on field results are absolutely unacceptable. The athletic director chose to give the largest buyout ever to a coach that barely made a bowl game. The athletic director still claims to have all faith in this coach. About this coach at the helm further he has never before offensive coordinators and defensive coordinators that are his friends. He has a current player's father on the coaching staff. He has brought in various other position and football staff friends from other stops along his coaching career. He has lost games he never should have lost by taking over the gameplan with conservative playing not to lose style. He is not a good head coach and his nepotism is the very thing that doomed the spurrier regime. Yet our university is ok with watching so many millions of dollars melt away. This might seem to simplified but guys all we need is a charismatic guy with several years left in the tank that will hire each position with the best guy he can get not his friends. We can get any OC or DC we want no one can pay more than an sec school. Pay up or get passed up USC and that is exactly what is happening right now. Why don't you all care enough to get change enacted?

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