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  1. And here we go...15yd cushions on the receivers. Automatic 1st down on every decent pass...
  2. COACHES! I know you don’t read this but I’m gonna say it anyway, lol. Do NOT go conservative on offense when we get up by 2 possessions, we don’t have the defense to sit back and let them keep the other team from scoring every possession
  3. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to go 12-0 this season (like every season) but most pundits/analysts had us going 6-6 at the very best and most of those had us winning maybe 5 games. From that perspective 7-5 (and a bowl win on top of that) is a terrific season.
  4. Yep, I watched his post game int at work the other night, it was very enlightening, basically said that there was absolutely nothing unexpected on defense.
  5. Every game is a must win for sure! I had us going 10-2 I think (losing to Bama and UGA) before the season. I’m still holding onto 8-4 at the worst but hoping for 9-3 (still don’t see us beating UGA)
  6. Coaches need to figure out how to disguise the defense a little better, per Tua’s post game int, he flat out said defensively they got exactly what they had seen on tape, they knew signs to look for to tell what we were gonna do pre snap and he just called what would leave them open.
  7. JohnnyB

    Netflix Thread

    Knightfall, about half a season in. Enjoying it so far, it’s fiction, based on the Knights Templar
  8. Anybody? they had to get it rough with the storm, hoping it’s just outside coms they are having issues with and nothing worse.
  9. Yep, defense will be the key here, and not going conservative on offense once we go up by 2 possessions. That’s killer, they have an offense that can strike quickly if we let them slip by and then we’re playing not to lose again...
  10. Thanks for the welcome, hard to see CT go after being there so many years but glad to have found a new home.
  11. Refs didn’t help us out, but they didn’t lose it for us either. Still playing with too much cushion on defense and trying to arm tackle.

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