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  1. So Ace, what's it like to always be correct? What's it like to pre-determine the other person's argument? I do think you are very knowledgeable and use facts to back up your "OPINION". There is no right or wrong when discussing most aspects of sports. It is usually opinion based - even when stats are involved because we talk about different years, teams, situations etc. I enjoy most of your knowledge and posts but I will in this instance say you are just being obnoxious. Swayin' is giving his opinion and you yours. Neither side is right or wrong. It's sports. My opinion is Frank needs to win more. I am fine with 1 more year, but if the team does not improve next year, time to move on from Frank IMO.
  2. At some point, it has to go back to coaching (and recruiting). We can sunshine pump with stats and compare this, compare that, but it Wins and Loses. And Frank's teams have too many loses. He is the guy in charge, so either get more wins or leave. To me, it's really just that simple. It's not like he has only been here a few years.
  3. When you blow 1/4 of the legal limit, not really surprised charges are dropped.
  4. George Orwell 1984. Read it 30 plus years ago and wanted to revisit this novel.
  5. Another large piece of the engine landed on someone's truck and then front lawn. Just missed his house. I think it was the circular housing from the front of the engine that blew off.
  6. Thankfully no one was hurt. Some of the debris landed a few miles from my house. Very strange to see stuff falling from the sky.
  7. Like football, this season is a wash to me. Games cancelled or postponed makes it hard for teams to practice and play with any consistency. As you said Ace, without consistent PT the game will suffer - shooting, defense, conditioning and the mental aspect. I think Frank will get another year, but not sure about his contract and how that will be handled. My wife went to San Diego State and they only have 4 games left. Their coach was trying to fill in some more games but everyone is in their conference schedule. Their last game is Feb 27th which will be their 23rd game. We have only played 15 games and it's almost the end of February. Looks like we will end up with 19 games and then the SEC tourney I guess. Makes it tough to get better in that type of season.
  8. Way too many turnovers. I will say UCONN's defense forces many of those, but plenty were on us. Should have won in regulation. Can't miss 3 "layup" shots at the end. #5 on UCONN is awesome. Well, let's forget this loss and move on Lady Gamecocks.
  9. The Bucs D was the MVP. They were all over Mahomes the entire game. And yes, it did help that the Chiefs were missing both tackles. Brady still plays at an elevated level for his age. Some commercials were good. Anthem was OK and while I have heard of The Weekend, I don't listen to his music. I feel he has talent, I just felt the halftime show was boring. I have watched plenty of artists I don't listen to during the halftime show and thought they were more entertaining.
  10. I hope Leggette can step up because so far he has been unimpressive IMO.
  11. Had to be done. We were not making any progress - we were just digging as jrgamecock said. Let's see what this staff can do in year 1. Maybe not a lot more wins, but I want to see progress on the field with how we play. We have a tough schedule, but I will consider it progress if this teams just plays better disciplined ball, our schemes fit the players and we execute. For whatever reason, this last staff could not muster much out of our talent on consistent basis.
  12. Looks like my daily work out. I think he will prove to be a great hire.
  13. I wanted Shane to clean house as soon as he was hired - not meaning get rid of people ASAP, but I wanted him to create his own staff from the get go. I did want Kitchens to stay, but I understand why he left.
  14. Yes. I just corrected my typo!!!! I never want to be the hillbillies of the West. I hate them. My brain and fingers must have disconnected.
  15. Nice to have some "easier" games to start the season. I really want to beat A&M. We have never beaten them and I can't stand them. Tough ending to that schedule for sure.
  16. This year we take down clempson as well. OK, I can hope right? Thankfully we have some non conference games to help with scheme, depth, etc.
  17. That is a good hire. Looking forward to seeing what this staff can do in 2021 and beyond.
  18. That was a stupid call. AR also should have run on that 3rd down instead of throwing into double coverage. He may have scored but at least made it 4th and short. Also, the refs missed a PI on one of those INTs that Tampa Bay had. Oh well. Old man river is back in the big game.
  19. Should be interesting to see how this all plays out. Will they actually get punished or slap on the wrist? Time will tell.
  20. I was hoping GB and the Bills as well. Oh well, Brady changes teams and still ends up in the SB. WTF.
  21. I read an article that Ryan will be competing against former tater QB Hunter Johnson (was only at tater tech for 1 yr and then transferred to NW). Does not look like he has played much at NW. Interesting QB battle. Former Tater vs. former Gamecock. Good luck Ryan!
  22. He was a revolutionary and innovative producer for sure. Unfortunately I feel the latter part of his personal life will over shadow those accomplishments and honestly, I totally understand why.
  23. Looking forward to some college baseball and I too hope it can be as normal as possible. Being that it is outside I think helps, but there is still the risk of athletes getting Covid since they are in close proximity at other times. We need this vaccine nationwide!

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