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Counting down to Gameday 2021  Week 8

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  1. Some bad playing calling in the first quarter. I am not sure CSB has the right staff.
  2. If we lose to Vandy, this program is in big trouble. They are not a good team and the game is at WB. If we can't beat Vandy at home, we suck.
  3. Also, all these games now are on TV. While the in person experience is much better, cost, Covid and how we play is effecting the crowd turnout. I honestly don't blame people for staying home, watching on tv or even doing something else.
  4. And the penalties come at the worst time. Not that there is a good time, but these are drive killers or extenders. Something has to be done to limit these mistakes. I really thought this staff would have these penalties cleaned up by now. Seems like it's getting worse, not better. I thought we would be a better coached team than this. I know it's early and the staff is new, etc, but it has to get better or we are going to struggle in games.
  5. I am really disappointed in our lack of discipline. I thought it would be better under Beamer. Still too many penalties that kill our drives or extend opponent's drives. Stupid plays like the ball flip that took away a TD. Just unforced mental errors every game. It seems to get worse every game rather than better. Vandy sucks so we should beat them, but that's about it for wins IMO.
  6. Need to stop all the penalties. Can't hurt ourselves like that. And why can't we run the ball!!!!
  7. Passing game has to loosen up the D. If not, running will be difficult. So far, that is what we have seen from teams. Why respect the pass when we suck at it.
  8. There is all The Vista on the other side of Columbia. Plenty of good places there as well. here is a website for The Vista. https://www.vistacolumbia.com/ The places I have been to in The Vista are: Blue Marlin Liberty Tap Room Wild Wing Cafe Enjoyed all the food at these places.
  9. We need the home crowd advantage Saturday night! If we can force them into errors with the crowd noise, maybe a pick, false starts, etc, that would be awesome.
  10. Probably is some division in the locker room. Hopefully this staff can bring the team together. I think under Muschamp, players really played for themselves and not the team. I think this staff is trying to change the mentality to a team one vs. a ME one. That will take more than Spring and fall practice and 3 games IMO. I hope these guys play for each other. As corny as Dabo is, I think he has created a team environment. I still hate him.
  11. Unfortunately I think UK will win. I believe their offense is for real and while I think our D can hold them here and there, I worry about our offense. We seem to have bad penalties and our OL is really struggling. I thought our running game would be better, but if we can't stretch the field, opponents will stack the box making running the ball difficult. If we can't move the ball on the ground, it will be tough to beat UK, even at home.
  12. I loved Quincy. That was a great show. This story is insane.
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