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  1. It is mind boggling to watch CWM those last 2 years. He was all words no action. I am glad he is no longer part of our program. Looking forward to the CSB era in a month!
  2. Very interesting read. I do think he has checked all the boxes so far in the spring, recruiting hard and now preseason. Let's see what happens on game day. I think I will feel the same way after watching him coach.
  3. https://sports.yahoo.com/nations-top-qb-recruit-is-leaving-high-school-early-for-ohio-state-155809921.html I think we may see more of this as players realized they can make lots of that endorsement money (NIL). Good luck to him.
  4. I think 4-6 wins. I want to see a team that plays as a team, coaches that make adjustments during the game and players playing hard for the Gamecocks. Wins will be hard to come by against teams like UGA, UF, taters, A&M. Not that the other games will not be difficult, but these teams will be playing for a spot in the CFP.
  5. I am sure it will happen, but I will still miss all the conferences. My wife and I love college football, but it really seems to moving into NFL light material pretty soon here. It already is close to that and definitely the minor leagues for the NFL. Oh well, it's just entertainment so I will not fuss too much over any changes honestly.
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