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  1. Let's get the win. BTW, do we lead the taters in any sport in series wins? "Clemson leads the overall series, 181-143-2".
  2. I agree 88 that these coaches seem to have more energy and even ideas. I think a lot will depend on Doty progressing. We have a good running game. WR are a question and so is QB. I think both QB and WR will show improvement as the season goes on, but it may be a little rough out of the gate.
  3. Huge work in progress. Not sure what to expect here. Coach them up guys!
  4. Looking forward to Lloyd and Huntley. Others as well, but very interested to see what these 2 can contribute.
  5. Interesting. I know not all QBs have to be tall, but I thought Gunner was a little short at 6'1". Which means he's probably 5'11" or 6 ft even. Anyway, Interested to see Braden Davis and if he can play at the next level.
  6. It seems Beamer and staff are working hard. Let's see how they can coach. I am optimistic this staff will develop players much better than the previous staff. I think CWM and staff had some good recruits, but player development and team atmosphere were lacking. Great to see CSB flip an uga LB. We need some depth on D for sure.
  7. Not good series. We have a really tough ending to our schedule and the Gamecocks will have to find ways to win some series.
  8. Cockyandproud, It's funny how sometimes HS seems like such a long time ago and other times, not. This year will be my 22nd wedding anniversary. I graduated HS in 1987 and U. of South Carolina in 1991. Now I am looking at retirement. I am on track to retire in 3-5 years and I cannot wait for that.
  9. Interesting stats there. At 52, I don't feel that old, but when I look at some of these fun facts, I am like holy crap!
  10. We definitely could use Mike Woods. Wonder why he is leaving? Seems like he was going to be a starter and all. Maybe just not a fit?
  11. Thanks everyone for all the suggestions and information on the bike for my wife. Greatly appreciated.
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