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  1. I read an article that Ryan will be competing against former tater QB Hunter Johnson (was only at tater tech for 1 yr and then transferred to NW). Does not look like he has played much at NW. Interesting QB battle. Former Tater vs. former Gamecock. Good luck Ryan!
  2. He was a revolutionary and innovative producer for sure. Unfortunately I feel the latter part of his personal life will over shadow those accomplishments and honestly, I totally understand why.
  3. Looking forward to some college baseball and I too hope it can be as normal as possible. Being that it is outside I think helps, but there is still the risk of athletes getting Covid since they are in close proximity at other times. We need this vaccine nationwide!
  4. When my friend sent me a text about this, I couldn't believe it. Such a wonderful man that truly loved his customers and city. He will be missed and I hope his family finds peace knowing how much he was loved and how much he meant to the city of Columbia and the University. RIP my friend. Here is a link to a great video with Andy telling some of his story. https://www.imdb.com/video/vi550610713
  5. Yea, Bobo can go F%*# himself sideways. I am not mad a CWM either. It was time for him to go IMO because I did not see him getting any better at winning, but he did not do anything to screw us over. If CWM is angry, I get that. No one likes to fail and be fired. Bobo totally Ron Jeremy'd us big time.
  6. Very low class and cowardly to just pack up and leave.
  7. I would not put much "Stockton" in it either Feathered. I couldn't resist.
  8. Not surprised by this either. The kid is junior this year, correct? Maybe we can flip him and if not, move on.
  9. I think you made it clear. Most of us went off topic, especially me! I am sure if we lose early and maybe lose big, you will hear people saying, "see, no HC experience, in over his head, he sucks, we should of hired <insert any coach here>" Humans are very impatient, especially today. CSB needs at least 3 years before we truly judge his hire IMO.
  10. First, we need to upgrade talent and depth. No way to compete in the SEC and even consistently win 8-9 games without much better depth IMO. Seems Shane hired a good staff and I will be curious to see what he can do with this team this coming season. I don't expect a great season based on our current depth. I hate to sound like I have a loser mentality, but in reality, after being a fan since the late 80s (87 on), I don't see our program rising to the level of a consistent top 10 team year after year. Please prove me wrong South Carolina Football program, but I think first we need to get to the level of 7-9 wins every year for 5 plus years. Once we hit that, I think we will have some momentum to build to the next level. Maybe it can be faster, but look at our history. Even with Spurrier, outside of those 3 years, we had some hit or miss seasons.
  11. We may have not been very good this year, but I do think CWM ran a clean program. It will be interesting see what, if anything happens to UT and UGA.
  12. My 2 Siberian Huskies have rid our yard of rabbits. 3 years ago between the 2 of them, they caught 8. After that year, I rarely saw them in yard and this past year I saw zero. Now they have to settle for chasing squirrels up the trees.
  13. Especially here at SC where we are not loaded with talent. Alabama can lose coaches on a regular basis and still win because of their recruiting. Not saying it does not hurt Bama at all to lose coaches, but their program can withstand it much easier than a SC. I would much rather see Beamer make hires like this - people he trusts, want to be here and hopefully stay here for years so you build continuity.

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