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  1. Anything new from this disgraceful issue?? Seems they have swept it under the rug and let it die down. That's a shame.
  2. Time to reach out to some of the papers advertisers!! This is SO over and beyond insensitive. No excuse for that including their -it was edited by a toddler in Charlotte-defense.
  3. Whew!!! Made it here finally!! What's up TATER HATERS?!?!?!? JETHRO BEAVER in da HOUUUUSSSEEEEEEE!! LOL
  4. https://www.foxcarolina.com/news/university-of-tennessee-offers-full-scholarship-to-boy-whose-homemade/article_0bbfb216-d579-11e9-bca8-77252d43c210.html Still learning how to do these posts here so hope I attached the link correctly and in the correct forum. This has been a great story and just saw this a few minutes ago
  5. I was notified of this site after doing a search on facebook for " CockyTalk". They are posting referrals on the page. Thanks for the info and looking forward to the crossover.
  6. Thanks! Moving over from CockyTalk as referred from the band of goofballs there. LOL Looking forward to being here.
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