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  1. I purchased a Blackstone back around November and have been practicing with everything I can think of and even find on youtube. For my wings I made my own blend sauce with a few different "heat" varieties to come out with the right kick and flavor that I liked and my guest said that they loved. I placed them on the griddle and cooked them about 80% then coated them with the sauce and finished grilling them. This made a nice glaze and they stayed crispy but very juicy. After pulling them off, I rolled them in a bowl full of sauce again. Came out great!!
  2. Thank you for your dedication and service to THE University. Good luck and much success to him and his dad at their next location.
  3. This is a big reason for me. I'm 49 and was a long time Silver Spur with 4 football tickets. I live in Sptbg which is not all that far away. I liked to stay the night in Cola when I could depending on game times (Friday night for early games and Saturday night for late games. I really love the gameday experience but I stayed home a few games one season and I got really comfortable hosting gameday parties at the house and having control of my environment. It was costing me about $1,200 per game in all with parking and such. I still go from time to time but with TV and all of the other games I get to watch It just made more sense for me and my situation. Not saying that I won't change my mind again, but right now it works for me. Still a big supporter. Go GAMECOCKS!!!
  4. Anything new from this disgraceful issue?? Seems they have swept it under the rug and let it die down. That's a shame.
  5. Time to reach out to some of the papers advertisers!! This is SO over and beyond insensitive. No excuse for that including their -it was edited by a toddler in Charlotte-defense.
  6. Whew!!! Made it here finally!! What's up TATER HATERS?!?!?!? JETHRO BEAVER in da HOUUUUSSSEEEEEEE!! LOL
  7. https://www.foxcarolina.com/news/university-of-tennessee-offers-full-scholarship-to-boy-whose-homemade/article_0bbfb216-d579-11e9-bca8-77252d43c210.html Still learning how to do these posts here so hope I attached the link correctly and in the correct forum. This has been a great story and just saw this a few minutes ago
  8. I was notified of this site after doing a search on facebook for " CockyTalk". They are posting referrals on the page. Thanks for the info and looking forward to the crossover.
  9. Thanks! Moving over from CockyTalk as referred from the band of goofballs there. LOL Looking forward to being here.

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