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  1. SwampFox


    No but I might give him a gift certificate for a wax job. He looks like monkey.
  2. SwampFox


    Did someone say Borat? Here you go!
  3. Der alte Biden startet besser, da er am 3. November einen großen Tritt hinter sich hat.
  4. Ace blamed America, not you. America is a worldwide leader on the issue, and we have done so without being bound by any agreements or accords. You do realize we were the first country to meet the requirements of the Kyoto Accords in spite of the fact we were not bound by them?
  5. Won't say a word about your friends in China, Russia, and India while they spew sh!t into the air and water like the Industrial Revolution just started, will you? With you people, it's always 'Blame America First'. FTBS.
  6. Ace, WTH are you talking about?
  7. As they say in Germany, Macht Nichts! For the benefit of those of you who didn't grow up in the military, that's German slang for makes no difference.

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