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  1. Dawn is a beast. Offer her the HBC job too
  2. I'm excited to see where we end up in the new rankings.
  3. so muschamp concluded that his long track record of injuries and overworking players could have been avoided if during the second half of last season, players had worked out harder? uhm ok...
  4. I certainly like when we get into a bowl game.
  5. Here's hoping cwm learns that or takes a significant reduced buyout
  6. I heard a great quote from LSU s coach o about how he improved from his first time as a head coach. I can't remember it exactly but something along the lines of you can't coach the whole team like they're the d line. Probably advice cwm could use to hear
  7. Thanks for your contributions. Enjoy the free time. I hope SS makes it until I can retire.
  8. In defense of Frank, we didn't capitalize on the final four run because no one went to the games the next season. He did have success the year before that when we won a crazy number of games but ended up out of the tourney because of bad out of conference scheduling. Completely agree on the brilliance of dawn and Ray as coaches. I'd also argue that Ray's biggest mistake as the ad was convincing sos to stay when he didn't want to do the job anymore. Cwm is just the aftermath of that mistake
  9. You're right but I thought the man knew me well enough to know I wasn't bat ship crazy
  10. I was in no way serious. I hated that hire from the moment it was made.
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