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  1. It will be next to impossible for just about any coach that refuses to make any adjustments to his style. This is doubly true when that style has never resulted in sustained success.
  2. I'm not 100% certain what your point is. I don't disagree with anything you posted. However when I read it, I thought you were about to come to your conclusion when you stopped. Would you mind finishing this thought?
  3. I've been impressed with most of america. Less sarcastically, Fauci should run for office. I don't care what his views are that man is a leader.
  4. Lol. I wish, but not what we do unfortunately.
  5. The lab is pretty limited in what we can do but still making progress and working some things out. You stay safe my friend
  6. Just wanted to drop by and see how everyone was doing in all this craziness. I hope you and yours are staying safe and sane in all of this.
  7. Win and they will come just like they did agreed we went to the final four...
  8. I'm unaware of any evidence that anyone on last year's coaching staff has a good offensive mind.
  9. If he has another season where everyone is injured at the end, I'm going to root for a coaching change out of fear for player safety. That doesn't keep happening because of bad luck
  10. rich powerful petulant children, with mobs of unquestioning supporters. (glad to see non-partisan criticism is immediately down voted. pretty much confirms my post.)

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