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  1. I had missed that critical piece of information. Thanks
  2. I think you forgot that he's a good ole boy and we know his daddy
  3. I said it at the time. Boom was and is a list of red flags. He was exactly the person here that Florida fired and in between her was a horrible dc at auburn. The question is whether you value an unmerited second chance over a first chance. I'd prefer neither, tbh. Give someone the chance to move up from a lower league. I'm not in favor of one coach from that category over another
  4. My conclusion was that under five hundred in this league is a failure. Nothing sanity giving people a try
  5. Boom had already called at Florida and the team got worse the longer he was there. Wwe should've fired him the moment he brought roper with him. I'm not a huge beamer fan but he's got far less red flags than cwm
  6. Just under five hundred is exactly why champ got canned. It was well deserved
  7. This is the missing component to evaluate that post. Context is everything
  8. It's nice to know who you're working for. It's a lot more pleasant to work a job when you get asking with your boss.
  9. agreed. if you want a decent coach, you have to spend money on a decent coach. We just bought a clunker the last time around.
  10. I doubt they haven't thought of making the contracts more favorable for them. However, you get what you pay for. If you want a University friendly contract (ie less guarantees), then you have to expect that only a lower quality or higher risk coach is going to consider it. There is a big risk in losing money by trying to save money, if you get what I mean.
  11. Sure, I don't claim to be an expert on which coach is better or worse. CWM was a very bad choice for multiple reasons, including character flaws. I don't think Freeze or Napier have those issues. I just hated the article.
  12. I love when Christians say "I'm all for forgiveness" and then go on to give you all the reasons they aren't going to forgive someone. Also I hope his SO didn't read his analogy about how he settled because he stopped caring about a partner that was sexy. Good grief
  13. The thread title made me wonder if it was NSFW.

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