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  1. Honestly if he loses to the Tennessee dumpster fires, he should can himself or we should do it if he won't. Either way it should be immediate. Otherwise I agree with you
  2. Four years in it stops being reasonable to blame the last coach. That is really the bottom line. No one is going to hold losing to bama against him. Losing to UNC, Missouri and Kentucky on the other hand...
  3. all this pearl grabbing because a fringe candidate said something during a debate? Are all gun access advocates so afraid of the world?
  4. Pretty much where I stand. He's definitely on the fringe of being in trouble and needs to at least show he's treading water. I also agree on Tanner. If the best CFB coach he could get fails, he's also on the burner.
  5. With respect I don't think you can equate a #24 nc state victory to a victory over a top 15 team (Florida) and champ was given credit for Michigan as his only noteworthy win. Aka fewer reasons to be excited by him than sos had in less time. Bigger question is what has champ done on the field to hang his hat on?
  6. I remember, but I'm not sure what that has to do with me saying that at this point in his tenure, Champ has fewer high profile wins that SOS had or you saying SOS didn't.
  7. Actually he beat two ranked teams in 2005. #23 tennessee on the road and #12 florida at home. Came close against clemson and UGA losing by 4 and 2 points respectively. I don't usually like to be dogmatic, but you are definitively wrong.
  8. lol. thats what I get for posting from my phone between meetings. Clearly HOPE = GOP. wink. (I can't even keep my freudian slips out of my correction)
  9. I'm also not concerned about what crazy positions Trump's primary challengers take if that helps.
  10. No I want our political system to work for the people rather than the GOP or the Dems
  11. They could always let the same lawyer that interrogated Ford ask Kavanaugh questions under oath. She earned by trust as an even handed person before the GOP got scared and pulled her. The "how can you say both that you've blacked out and don't remember parts of the night, while maintaining that you are certain you've never done what you are accused of" question was 1. something he clearly avoided answering and 2. what got the GOP to scrap their plan of letting the lawyer continue her questions.
  12. He made those hiring decisions right? I don't see how making bad decisions would mitigate someone's responsibility for their consequences
  13. He has one big win (michigan) spurrier had the kind of wins that give you hope by this point in his tenure. I also believe Lou had some too. No raise. Don't fire now. But better to let him go before the ship starts sinking and the next coach has to fix it, so he's gotta be on the hot seat now or in the very near future.
  14. Who knows but he was lucky to be in the stage last night. I don't know if he makes it to the first primary much less the nomination. He's just not polling well
  15. I think you misunderstood my post. I meant to give champ credit for getting recruiting going again, but I'm saying if he doesn't start winning it's going to drop back to when spurrier knew he didn't care enough and got convinced to keep going.
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