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  1. So that QB- DT doesnt mean that they play both QB and defensive tackle?
  2. Muschamp still retweets a lot of things that have to do with USC.
  3. glad they gave Kitchings 120,000 more a year. worth every penny
  4. Remember all those times our QB was tackled behind the line for a loss??? Now imagine our defense doing that to the other teams qb.
  5. Saw is it $100k somewhere
  6. If clemson is auburn by the lake...what does that make auburn now?
  7. I guess this is why most coaches clean house when they come in
  8. we need to give him a raise
  9. It makes us feel good about ourselves
  10. He could have been a legend here, now he can go somewhere else and just be another somebody
  11. So satterfield will be OC and QB coach. That leaves us with what? Oline and db?
  12. I’m going for official couch coach. Will cal out the wide open receivers for the web and holes in the line for the rb as I see them. Hopefully they feel the energy I send them and can move the ball with ease.
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