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  1. i prefer going with a 4 small lineup, id start bryant at the 4. the issue i have with starting 2 bigs is we dont have any bigs that can shoot. having said that bryant cant shoot from outside and minaya has shot poorly from outside as well so there is no perfect lineup. ideally we'd be able to flex between 1 and 2 big lineups depending on how we want to attack the opponent and what theyre doing to grind our way to victories. while you only end up with 2 shooters on the floor if you start hannibal and leveque why it could work is youve got another rim protector on the floor and a disruptive guy on the perimeter. offensively you'd hope hannibal would create some easier opportunities for the rest of the guys and better decision making.
  2. like already mentioned if this team is to have any hope you start hannibal in a 3 guard lineup with lawson and bolden. lawson makes too many bad decisions/passes to be a point guard. the past 4 games lawson has 17 turnovers and 7 assists. we need to either go with a 3 guard lineup with hannibal at pg or bring him off the bench quickly and have him play a majority of the game at the point. hard to win when you dont make 3's, get beat up on the boards, have more turnovers than assists, and dont play good defense.
  3. he had an awful awful year and a change needed to be made, but hes young and he may still end up being a successful coordinator or head coach down the line. as far as how hes handling the demotion, we obviously need more production from the wide receivers even without edwards and the passing game as a whole. in 2018 we had 4 rb's average at least 9 yards a catch, in 2019 we had zero. 2018 we had 3 wr's average at least 14 yards a catch, in 2019 zero averaged more than 12. i think shi smith has the talent to be a great receiver, but as a unit there are no sure things coming off last year's disaster. i just hope theres some as of yet unrealized potential among otre, rand, josh, xavier, etc and theyll put in the work and be ready to make a difference next year.
  4. among our true safeties this decade brison williams starts alongside swearinger for me. was our best corner and safety his senior year, and when he played safety in 2014 the defense actually looked decent. thats with all due respect to holloman and lammons but williams provides more versatility and playmaking.
  5. i think i read a post on another site saying bolden should have held out the ball in front of him ala mike hold
  6. not that ive watched much utah football, but its an interesting situation on paper. their outgoing qb tyler huntley ran it 168 times in 2017, but that number shrank to 88 this past year in what was still a run heavy offense overall. huntley finished with the nation's 2nd highest comp pct and 5th highest passer rating. they lose their best rb, but clearly they are committed to running the football. while they dont throw it a lot, they do return 4 out of their top 5 receiving targets, 3 of which averaged at least 18 yards per catch. i wanted him to come back, but hes probably going into a much better situation.
  7. hopefully it would force us into going after guys who should have been ahead of bobo and morris on our list to begin with. if the hire is bobo i wonder if that makes it more likely that bmac stays.
  8. nerf you went full skip bayless on us. i personally would have liked for him to come back to give us at the very least another option but i dont begrudge him for leaving because a lot of the fan base was ready to kick him to the curb after unc with or without injury. at some point you have to look out for yourself and your own long term goals. does he end up on a highly ranked team that is losing their qb or a situation where the starting job is pretty much being given to him.
  9. thats my issue with chad morris as well, i dont believe hes the best guy for a quick fix. there are multiple other candidates who have taken over bad offenses and had immediate turnarounds more recently than he has. his first two stops in college football he led a 40 spot increase in yards per play at tulsa then a 50 spot increase at clemson, but by the time next season rolls around 10 years will have passed since his lone season at tulsa. his next two stops he took over as head coach at smu and arky. the year before he got to smu they were 127th in yards per play, that went to 95th, 82nd, 21st in his 3 years there. at arky they were 67th in yards per play before he got there, 118th and 102nd in his 2 years there. defenses catching up and rule changes have hampered his offenses to a degree the same way a decade ago chip kelly was an innovative offensive genius now hes had back to back years of 80th and 98th in yards per play after taking over a team whose offense that was 21st the year before he got there.
  10. definitely explains a lot of his accuracy issues and complete lack of mobility post georgia, but its sad we couldnt get another option ready or ryan playing on one leg was the only option. im also not sure playing under these conditions did anything to help him develop, but we''ll see how he comes back when healthy. the other issue i have is i dont necessarily buy the logic of since you couldnt make the initial injury worse that youre perfectly fine to play due to mobility and compensating for that initial injury. the lateral meniscus tear is the more serious meniscus injury. while they say theyre repairing it if its only a 6 week recovery im wondering if theyre actually just removing it. removing it allows for quicker recovery but can potentially open up to more long term knee problems. lateral tears also are more likely to have knee swelling and pain post procedure. in 2014 during clowney's rookie year in the nfl he suffered a lateral meniscus tear, came back in 6 weeks and eventually needed microfracture surgery in the offseason.
  11. not gonna beat many teams when you give up 50/40/80 shooting splits and get outscored at the ft line 20 to 5. sounds like the offense was better
  12. haase for all his abundant limitations was a big who could stretch the floor. i was really hoping they would get kotsar to expand his range to the point where he could pull bigs out of the paint to open up the offense yet hes attempted zero threes this year. so right now we have zero bigs who can stretch the floor, only 2 above average 3 point shooters to this point with lawson as the only other player above 30% from 3. minaya is a guy youve got to hope improves close to his freshman 3pt accuracy of 36.4 but he shot awful last year from distance before getting hurt and is bad once again this year. moss was at least serviceable from 3 last year before getting hurt, but hes been awful shooting from anywhere this year. at this point id go 4 guards inserting hannibal cousinard into the starting lineup with bolden and lawson hoping the added speed opens up more driving lanes and open jumpers having your 3 best shooters out there along with a true pg. otherwise im not sure how the offense performs any better unless we get a healthy and improved bryant to return soon to give us a bigger wing who can attack the basket.
  13. sounds like the plan is to move hutch to left guard. id keep him inside next year to help stabilize the interior of our line.
  14. yeah thats my concern, then again like you said i would have already gotten him significant playing time to see if he could help jump start a struggling offense.
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