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  1. the term student athlete has always been a crock. this needs to happen and while i havent seen it discussed in relation to this im thinking this might open the door for a return of college sports video games.
  2. offensively i believe we have the talent to challenge them. the key against them is being aggressive, yet stubbornly balanced. we're going to have to be unpredictable and test their defense on every level vertically and horizontally, that means running ryan to keep the defense honest and getting joyner involved in a variety of ways similar to last week. then its about playmakers making plays, backs have to get tough yardage and at least one of the receivers needs to have a big day. we do all those things then ryan and the offense as a whole will play well enough for us to win.
  3. absolutely, that would be on the offense to not make a bad mistake, but id rather put the ball in the players hands and go for points rather than throwing a possession away before it starts. its one thing if youre backed up on a 3rd down and you can run the clock out rather than potentially giving the opponent the ball near midfield with a chance to score. if you dont trust your offense to put up points in a 2 minute situation before the half, how are you going to trust them in a 2 minute situation in the 4th?
  4. i wonder how good this alabama defense is with the changes in personnel and staff. from 2015-17 they were no.1 each year in yards per play allowed vs fbs teams, last year they dropped to no.21 and got exposed at the end of the season under a new dc who left this offseason. did they correct those issues or are they still there? on the other side of the ball even if the dline plays well theyre going to get the ball to their playmakers in space so for me personally im looking at the lb and safety play if we're going to give ourselves a chance. taking good angles, tackling in space, and the cherry on top will be forcing some turnovers.
  5. i heard his words and theyre correct but the question is will he follow them. put us in similar situations or more advantageous situations to the unc game, say we're up 7 with 30 seconds left in the 2nd qtr and the ball at our 35 yard line while bama has 1 timeout, do we sit on the ball because hes playing not to lose like usual? we know the players have to be aggressive/physical for us to stand a chance, but will he be just as aggressive in his decision making?
  6. yes we played sloppy and look unprepared at times, but i feel some of the postgame talk that we shoulda went with a more proven oc is almost absolving muschamp of blame for how bad overall we performed and how some of his decisions kept us from potentially putting up more points on the board. also im not sure with jake starting if we would have sign dak get snaps in the backfield as much as he did vs csu or as much as i hope he will going forward. muschamp has gotten grief from fans because they think he meddles with his offenses to its detriment, but in a press conference this past week he gave a positive example of his meddling by saying he told his staff he wants more plays that are guaranteed to get the ball in the hands of bryan and shi smith. while there were lots of plays called with them as the primary reads we werent getting them the ball often enough for a variety of reasons but he also didnt want to give the defense the ability to take either completely out of the game. as a result of that you'll see more screens, reverses, or direct handoffs to them going forward so teams cant just roll coverage their way and make them spectators.
  7. kevin harris has a lot of potential and mon showed me something with that spin move in the backfield that i dont think ive seen out of him before. having said that i stick with a dowdle/feaster rotation because theyre probably our best all around backs and its best to stick with two unless youre running it 30+ times and then you trickle down a few carries to your 3rd back. harris keeps his role as a short yardage back. i have confidence in denson and harris if they were in the top 2, but in a competitive game its best to avoid rotating so many backs to the point that a guy has a good series and hes sitting out the next 2 series.
  8. you have to make him uncomfortable in the pocket and as far as what he's seeing downfield, you speed up the decision making process for anybody it will lead to mistakes. number one is stopping the run. if we dont limit their run game theres not much of a chance we can limit their passing game. i agree wholeheartedly with the write up unfortunately i think it would be a little out of character for our defensive coaches to call a game that aggressively out of the gate.
  9. looked to me on the td cam smith was in great position to defend that pass but was thinking fade and turned when he shouldnt have. if he doesnt turn he has a great chance for a pick
  10. looked to me like jamel cook blew a coverage on that poorly thrown ball to the wide open csu receiver in the end zone.
  11. id have to look at it again in slow motion but i dont think greene should have been ejected for targeting. i think the helmet came off more as a result of his arms going up to finish the tackle. initially though yeah it looked bad. israel got beat badly off the line on his pick and easily could have gotten called for pi if their wr did a better job of stacking him and attempting to draw the call. that said he caught the ball, i wonder how close he got on the play earlier in the flat.
  12. when muschamp mentioned the 2 tailback set i figured thats what we were gonna run. allows for some triple option action, zone read, qb keeper/counter, playaction, etc., i guess hilinski was due for one inaccurate pass.
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