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  1. TheKOB

    AOC pt2

    LOL, there was one main one. If you have a problem with people talking about one of your fellow Dems saying stupid things, maybe the problem is her saying stupid things.
  2. I never said it wasn't in the news. I haven't seen them do a deep dive into this guy the way they would if it was vice versa. I mean hell, CNN chases down old ladies for posting things on facebook. This is being memory holed.
  3. You're like a crazy ex...not only are you obsessed with me, you're lying about stuff I never said.
  4. I was making an observation in general. You're so goddam partisan you couldn't see it.
  5. TheKOB

    AOC pt2

    lol. no. Take the L.
  6. You sure it wasn't the bank bailout, auto bailout and Bush's stimulus package? Show your work. I'm sure all those taxpayer dollars thrown at the "green economy" did a lot of good when they went bankrupt. Also "The White House predicted that in 2012 the economy would grow by 4.6 percent, unemployment would drop to 6 percent, and the budget deficit would shrink to a mere 3.5 percent of GDP." That....didn't happen. https://www.mercatus.org/expert_commentary/american-recovery-and-reinvestment-act-2009-didnt-work And lol at your last sentence. Do you not know how percentages work? do you think it's harder or easier to keep a stock market going up?
  7. TheKOB

    AOC pt2

    The only thing this post is missing is you saying "you're right, my bad".
  8. a) I'm for the freedom of speech. b) I'm critical of liberal hypocrisy for bitching about the Koch brothers and then holding up Soros as some paradigm of virtue, which is what I talked about in this thread. c) you've been led astray.
  9. Were they on the front page of the site or did you have to search for them?
  10. Why is it that the party that isn't in power always turns into fiscal conservatives? Mayor Pete is the only one in the Dem primary that has talked about cutting back the deficit I believe, good for him.
  11. TheKOB

    AOC pt2

    Just because you can't count to like 2 that high doesn't make them "countless".
  12. There are things that trump can point to that have helped the economy (tax cut, deregulation) and also that have hurt the economy (trade wars, tariffs). I didn't say that previously though. I'm asking you, point blank, what Obama did that led to the boom you're attributing to him, and all you can do is deflect.
  13. TheKOB

    AOC pt2

    Commenting on a D Congresswoman who brags about her degree and then doesn't know the name of a giant in her field makes me obsessed? Lol, ok. She only has one degree, and it's a B.A.
  14. Any word on how he does recruiting-wise? Probably kind of hard to gauge given the places he's been don't have the resources or latitude that USC does I guess.

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