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  1. bolded: not even close. What was biden's excuse for missing Vietnam?
  2. Tell me how Gore, Kerry, and Hillary accepted the results of the elections and didn't blame their losses on a rigged system, foreign interference, etc. It's bad when both sides do it. It's especially gross what trump is doing now. Let's not pretend like Democrats haven't done it as well, especially recently. And if trump loses, no...he won't stay in power. The thought is laughable and unserious.
  3. My hero? lol. Trump isn't conservative. There goes your argument.
  4. So is there anything else on the individual who murdered 3 people that's the topic of the thread?
  5. good news: ess than 1 percent of teachers and students have become infected with COVID-19 since classes began, according to a new study. The new data from Brown University’s National COVID-19 School Response Data Dashboard followed 550 schools across 46 states over a two-week period starting Aug. 31, with at least 300 conducting some form of in-person learning, the Washington Post reported. Researchers found that only 0.23 percent of students and 0.51 percent of teachers had confirmed or suspected cases of the virus. https://nypost.com/2020/09/24/less-than-1-percent-of-students-teachers-have-covid-19-amid-reopening-study/
  6. Ooh, Team Rioting Doesn't Matter has something to say about the legal system. Do you know why the grand jury ruled the way it did?
  7. I'm serious. i'm not talking about the general public giving the benefit of the doubt, I'm talking about the protestors/rioters, BLM proponents, those shouting to defund the police, etc. You know....liberals.
  8. You know I'm referring to Jacob Blake, right? What's your take on that incident? Anyways, I believe it's ridiculous people such as yourself who jump the gun and blame the cop automatically. Speaking of African American men, I recall a conversation regarding a shooting by a cop up in Charlotte. It was apparently very very racist until it came out that the cop who shot the suspect was black. Then, crickets.
  9. "If you didn't do this thing 25 years ago, you can't be happy about normalization among adversaries now" lol. I also answered your question....shows you how much you pay attention. For everyone who's not a ridiculous person, here's an article regarding UAE and Israel cyber chiefs working together to fight threats posed by countries that went unnamed but everyone knows include Iran. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/uae-israeli-cyber-chiefs-discuss-joining-forces-to-combat-common-threats/ar-BB19oiHe?ocid=spartan-ntp-feeds
  10. Even with body cam footage showing a suspect not listening to police and shown trying to reach into a car, police still aren't given the benefit of the doubt.
  11. You keep wanting me to praise clinton for something that happened in the 90's is hilarious. Whataboutism at its finest. Looking forward to you poo-pooing more normalization treaties between Israel and Islamic countries. How's sad is it that you can only acknowledge good things based on who did them? What a child you are.
  12. It's amazing how you are so disingenuous as to believe the article supports your claim that this agreement is "not a big deal", even when the freakin' title of the article states that it is "A Big Deal".
  13. I'll give you two. There's likely more. Thomas Drake. Not only lost his job but was prosecuted. Robert MacLean. Lost his job and was prosecuted. Obama admin took his case up to the Supreme Court to try to further limit whistleblower protections. Never mind mean tweets and losing their job, look up how often the Obama DOJ went after whistleblowers using the Espionage Act.

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