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  1. TheKOB

    Caravan Illegals

    Again, the wall was never going to be a stand-alone barrier. There's motion sensors, patrols, a river, a desert, etc. Not to mention the potential illegal immigrants won't have climbing shoes, hand chalk, and that the actual barrier is made of metal, not wood, which is a lot harder to climb. Way to fall for the publicity stunt though.
  2. My kid's daycare when she was 4 or so sent a note home saying that finger guns were verboten. It was hilarious, I think I kept it. This, however, is gross.
  3. LOL, I have one of these...my brother in law got it for me for xmas as a joke. It's pretty cool...double barrel, the darts get put into shells that are extracted when you break open the action. You can even store extra cartridges in the stock.
  4. Can't do that without making the billing less complicated. Right now a whole bunch of people are losing their jobs due to gov't changes in Medicare....switching from one reimbursement style (rungs) to another (PDPM). Not admin and billing folks, but therapists and PTA's and compliance folks.
  5. The only account I can find is on the Sons of the Confederacy website, who put on the reenactment each year. Wikipedia doesn't even have much of anything except a reference to the SOTC website.
  6. I'd like sources for this, especially the "5,000 blacks" that the Union Army let drown. Calling it the "war of northern aggression" onlyprovides more evidence that your view is biased. To pretend that there wasn't barbarity on both sides is ludicrous. Look no further than your 2nd favorite general's massacre at Ft. Pillow. Regarding "grant would never let allow lee & his soldiers to be hung" I think you're forgetting who was president and who was a general. Treason, especially back in those days, was punishable by death. The fact that they weren't wasn't about anything other than Northern benevolence and wanting to heal the rift. Surrendering in no way allows someone to avoid punishment for the crimes they committed...just ask the Nazis tried at Nuremburg. Trials were avoided because it would hamper reconciliation. The House of Reps voted 105-19 in favor of trying Davis. Also, there is no constitutional provision for secession, as found in SCOTUS case Texas vs. White in 1866. Here's a good account of the indictment and the surrounding events, along with why it didn't go to trial, none of which was Grant: https://historynewsnetwork.org/article/169189 If any of the Confederates did what they did nowadays, they'd be tried for treason. I can type that again in all caps if you'd like, since it seems you think it makes it more convincing.
  7. Interestingly, he wrote a letter offering to serve under Sherman if war broke out with Spain. from Wiki: During the Virginius Affair of 1873, some of Forrest's old Southern friends were filibusters aboard the vessel; consequently, he wrote a letter to then General-in-Chief of the United States Army William T. Sherman and offered his services in case of war with Spain. Sherman, who in the Civil War had recognized how formidable an opponent Forrest was in battle, replied after the crisis settled down. He thanked Forrest for the offer and stated that had war broken out, he would have considered it an honor to have served side-by-side with him.[
  8. I do recall that Federal troops parked cannon overlooking Annapolis with the threat to start shooting if Maryland voted to secede. They were essentially a Southern state but if they seceded DC would have been surrounded by Confederate states. There was a large amount of pro-confederacy sympathy, with women wearing dresses decorated to look like the stars & bars, for example.
  9. Johnson vetoed the Reconstruction act, and northern Republicans thought he was actually too soft on the South. Let's not also forget that prior to the reconstruction act, many southern States passed the Black Codes and were slow to ratify the 13th amendment. General Lee also wasn't all that great of a general according to a lot of modern-day historians, fwiw. Hindsight is, of course, 20/20. Sherman's march through Georgia was a tactic to destroy large amounts of supplies and demoralize the South. It worked. The loss of civilian life during his march through the south was relatively small, all things considering. The above account seems to be lifted from a Sons of the Confederacy website, tbh. If Johnson really wanted to "hang Gen Lee or just about anyone else connected to the Confederate Govt" it seems pretty odd that he pardoned Lee and 36 other military and civilian leaders of the Confederacy after they were indicted for treason in a Federal Court in Richmond on June 7, 1865. Weird.
  10. I'm explaining the way things work. Now please sit down cris-cross apple sauce on the carpet until your called on kiddo.
  11. The only relevant worth noting from your post is how full of insane hatred of our military you are, as if anyone needed more confirmation.
  12. The problem is the provider has a deal with each insurance co for a different price. Hospital stays are extremely complicated in terms of the care given. Add on top of that the fact that you never know (as a provider) what the insurance company will and will not cover (or deem "medically necessary") and it's no wonder they can't provide an estimate. My wife got custom orthotics due to an ankle injury that's been bothering her for about a year. Her doc (ortho I think) had to be careful to write the script so that it would be clear it was medically necessary, or else those $50 insoles would be like $200. The insurance company doesn't automatically cover something that you get done, they read through the backup and then decide what's covered and how much. If they didn't do their due diligence, they'd be paying for everything and insurance fraud would be rampant.
  13. The most insane part of Theranos imo was the CEO. It was really remarkable how they kept it going like they did with so many backers and people signing on. It was unbelieveable.
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