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  1. G brings up the guild menu. Then search for Order Of The Spur and ask for invite. You will boost our membership to 3! LOL
  2. John, are yo doing the main game story line?
  3. Some of y'all will remember my best bud Dexter from some of our tailgates. He is vaccinated but came down with COVID a few days ago. Had to be hospitalized last night. Tots & pears appreciated.
  4. Charlie Watts, Rolling Stones Drummer, Dies at 80 - News & Guts Media (newsandguts.com)
  5. Would It Be Fair to Treat Vaccinated Covid Patients First? | WIRED
  6. This is the next installment i this year's story. No spoilers from the main game that precedes it.
  7. Third vax done. That makes me officially 15G peeps!
  8. Unvaccinated COVID-19 hospitalizations cost the U.S. health system billions of dollars - Peterson-KFF Health System Tracker
  9. Being reported that 75 doctors have walked out in protest of being swamped by the unvaxed
  10. Picked up a growl can of this along with dinner to go from my local brew pub. It was their guest tap of the week. Very pleasant. No cloying sweetness that sometimes creeps into flavored drinks. Crisp and a good Carolina peach taste. Peach County | Ciderboys
  11. My third Moderna dose is scheduled for 11:00 AM tomorrow. Will report if I grow a third eye or if my lizard skin starts showing through my human disguise
  12. Our sadly departed chief tater hater left behind a sandwich named after him. It can still be ordered and enjoyed in Chicago. Best Native Chicago Sandwiches - Will Special Cemitas Italian Beef And More - Thrillist Iconic "Will Special" Sandwich Creator Dies (grubstreet.com)
  13. Inside The Ramones' Earliest Gigs: Monte Melnick Interview (consequence.net)
  14. Waxahatchee Covers “Talkin’ Dust Bowl Blues” for Woody Guthrie Tribute Album: Stream The 14-track tribute LP is slated for release September 10th via Elektra Records Waxahatchee Covers “Talkin’ Dust Bowl Blues” for Woody Guthrie Tribute Album: Stream (consequence.net)
  15. Alcast is m go to guy for all things ESO. Lots of good hints on builds and such AlcastHQ Homepage. ESO Builds & Guides - AlcastHQ
  16. Tampa schools getting crushed 5K+ Hillsborough Co. students in quarantine/isolation, emergency meeting called for Wednesday | WFLA
  17. This year it runs for 14 days. I have to do mine take out of course but the couple I have done have been very good. I'll hit a new one up tomorrow Orlando Burger Week | August 11th - 25th, 2021
  18. CockyO, that is understandable. The game could be very perplexing without at least a passing knowledge of the ES series from Morrorwind to Oblivion to Skyrim. John, come on in, the water is fine. My account handle is Yancius. My current toon is a high elf DPS warden going by the moniker of Yangela Grace. All of mine have started with Y since forever. My crowing gaming glory was to sneak Yahamata Yandhi past the ESO censors
  19. I am not sure how we got to such a spot where even the infected still won't get the vax. COVID Patients Fighting for Their Lives Are Still Refusing the Vaccine (vice.com)
  20. It is certainly a big game set on a big map. It has no end of course. However they have packaged it so that it is easy to enjoy in bites. Unlike many of this ilk it can mostly be played solo. No time wasted trying to find/form groups. The overarching quests are comprised of many smaller adventures. Time management isn't too hard. However even playing just the base game will give you a year of adventure

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