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  1. Common antidepressant slashes risk of COVID death (nature.com)
  2. Having low expectations is proving to be a blessing
  3. It is what it is. I did not expect any kind of quick turnaround. Even the game announcers pointed out that Muschump had been fired from other jobs. The new regime will need 3-5 years to right the ship. That was still a full load if crap last night though.
  4. ESO Plus is free through Monday 10-25 Get Access to DLCs, the Craft Bag, & More during the ESO Plus Free Trial - The Elder Scrolls Online
  5. Colin Powell, military leader and first Black US secretary of state, dies after complications from Covid-19 - CNNPolitics
  6. You are more at risk of getting myocarditis from COVID than from the vaccine Real-World Study Captures Risk of Myocarditis With Pfizer Vax | MedPage Today
  7. The State says that 1700+ new cases were reported along with 75 new deaths. And then their is this: Anti-Vaxxer Murdered Pharmacist Brother Over Covid Vaccine He Thought Was 'Killing People': Prosecutors Allege (thegailygrind.com)
  8. We already have a C variant circulating. While it is great to have some new treatments they will not stop the mutations. We need 80%+ vax rates
  9. With a new Bond on the horizon it is a good time to chalk up our past faves and razzies. Which are yours? Best James Bond Movies of All Time, Ranked | Men's Journal (mensjournal.com)
  10. This will be good for those who can't get vaxed due to medical reasons and as adjunct Rx for breakthrough cases. I would hope that providing this would require a vax along with the oral for the Q-tips. Merck Seeks Authorization For First Anti-Covid Pill, Said To Cut Hospitalizations In Half - News & Guts Media (newsandguts.com)
  11. There is a podcast by the FITSnews writer Mandy Matney on Amazon now. Murdaugh Murders Podcast on Amazon Music
  12. This was a cool place. Multilevel with rooftop bar and a couple of outside bars. My shrimp and grits were excellent. I got to chat with SOS for a bit. Bama was coming to town the next day and he brought up them coming into Columbia 11 years ago and leaving with their tail between their legs. He also mentioned that they have been discussing bring one of these restaurants to Columbia. I like the idea. Even in the midst of this Gator hangout Carolina visors and helmets were in his cases along with his Heisman. I was shocked to see how hobbled he was. Age is catching up with SOS
  13. If you get COVID it looks like that will give about 6 months immunity COVID-19 antibodies persist, reduce reinfection risk for up to six months, study finds (uofmhealth.org)
  14. Ah, the Golden Spur! in the mid 70s they had a deal where you could buy a ceramic mug for $5. They numbered your mug and kept it on the wall behind the bar. You got one free draft beer in it every single day. My number was oo. At the end of the year you got to keep your mug. Gamecock mug.jfif

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