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  1. We are ranked #35 in the country and #10 in the SEC. We are headed to a bowl. This is a huge improvement from the last couple of years.
  2. ESPN says AutoZone Liberty Bowl Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium (Memphis, Tennessee) 6:45 p.m. on ESPN and the ESPN App Bonagura: West Virginia vs. South Carolina Schlabach: Kansas State vs. South Carolina
  3. Nick Sheridan out as OC at Indiana. Just sayin
  4. Schemes and plays don't matter when you don't have the men on the chessboard. Any OC will have to be a super recruiter as well
  5. Who has what cooking? No sense my trying to cook for just 2. I am heading to a local Brazilian place that will be having turkey, ham, and all of the usual sides along with a full rodizio. I fully expect to be in a full meat coma for much of the rest of the day
  6. 10. South Carolina (6-5, 3-5) Previous ranking: 12 This week: 21-17 W over Auburn Next week: vs. Clemson (8-3) It might not always be pretty, but this South Carolina team plays hard for coach Shane Beamer. The Gamecocks had no business beating Auburn on Saturday night, but that’s exactly what they did. The crowd was electric — major credit to the fans for never giving up on this team. Now, the Gamecocks are bowl-eligible, which not many people thought would happen coming into the season. The rebuild under Beamer is ahead of schedule. SEC Power Rankings: Ranking every SEC team after Week 12 (saturdaydownsouth.com)
  7. You have all heard of the time that The Doors / Jim Morrison pissed of Ed Sullivan by not changing the lyrics in "Light My Fire" when they appeared on his show. That wasn't the first time that had happened. Buddy Holly did it, and on Nov. 20, 1955, Bo Diddley did it. Bo was appearing on The Ed Sullivan Show and Sullivan told him that he wanted him to play Tennessee Ernie Ford's hit "Sixteen Tons". Bo agreed, obviously to keep Sullivan happy. When it came time for his performance, he instead played the song he was actually there to promote, his own hit "Bo Diddley." Sullivan was furious and blackballed Diddley from ever appearing on the show again. Bo has claimed that he was never paid for the performance. Here's the performance, 66 years ago tonight.
  8. Moody Blues drummer, co-founder Graeme Edge dies at 80 (msn.com)
  9. I'm screwed. Over 70 male with cancer and type A blood. Overweight and diminished immune system due to steroids. Tourists and snowbirds beginning to arrive. At least I am Moderna X 3. Got double dose of flu vax Monday.
  10. Got the high dose flu jab yesterday. Kicked my butt far worse than any of the COVID shots
  11. Any Florida bowl is good for both extra practice and recruiting
  12. SOS was in the broadcast booth inside his restaurant. Note the Gamecock helmet behind him. A few tables across from that booth is his Heisman on display
  13. The Week That Was: Five thoughts on the South Carolina game | GatorCountry.com
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