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  1. There are many good resources. Your manufacturer's web site should have some. I'll list a few. I'll also list a couple of excellent Facebook groups. Weber: https://www.weber.com/US/en/search/?q=griddle Lodge: https://www.lodgecastiron.com/ Camp Chef: https://www.campchef.com/blog/how-to-care-for-your-griddle/ Blackstone: https://blackstoneproducts.com/blogs/griddling-101/how-to-take-care-of-your-griddle-complete-guide FB cast iron group. Excellent files section. Check there first. With over 375K members they frown on extraneous posts. FB BBQ recipe group. 145K members. Good people. FB Grilling, Smoking, BBQ and Sous Vide Cooking. Less than 4K members. Wide ranging topics. Good learning resource. I have most of my Miami's boy's books. If it involves grilling Steven knows about it. https://www.stevenraichlen.com/
  2. Is your stainless or cast? Almost all restaurants have a stainless flattop. Most clean them only with oil.
  3. Cash in McDonald's bags according to some
  4. Some of y'all have never been able to make a p*ssy explode in your face and it shows.
  5. If we have an open offensive slot, even as an analyst, I would dearly love to have Franklin. https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2021/01/19/tony-franklin-middle-tennessee-football-coronavirus/
  6. Diablo 4: But first there will be a phone version: https://www.ign.com/articles/why-diablo-immortals-alpha-was-a-hell-of-a-good-time?sf136205213=1&fbclid=IwAR1iU-d5CBcZBcr0RS4X0aRjx-cx5lPpQ6uOZCLjp_h5PP8gN1Jy7_0JEvk
  7. I vow to piss on Muschump''s grave
  8. Phil Spector, the iconic record producer behind many of the 20th century’s most famous pop songs, and whose signature “Wall of Sound” recording technique came to define an entire era of American music, has died at 81. The Grammy winner, who was serving a lengthy prison sentence for the 2003 death of Lana Clarkson, reportedly died on Saturday of “natural causes,” according to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, which confirmed his death to Rolling Stone. TMZ reported that Spector had recently been hospitalized with COVID-19 complications. Over the course of his career, Spector worked with many of the world’s most famous artists and on many of its most famous songs, including “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin,’” the most played song on radio and television in the 20th century. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/phil-spector-dead-dies_n_596d1a80e4b0b95f893d6243
  9. One of my FB groups listed this brand as one of their favorites

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