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  1. I have been looking for his plan, I see lots of articles about how Trump didn't do enough and how he expects to have enough vaccines, but nothing about an actual plan to ensure that everyone is vaccinated.
  2. Clever, only the 10th time I've seen that. Glad you are able to copy and paste 😂
  3. But you are all over Biden's racist balls..
  4. Just happy I didn't vote for the racist senile grandpa.
  5. Remember "poor kids are just as talented as white kids"
  6. So.. over a month ago... Not "the next thread" Glad we cleared it up
  7. Who said that he's doing too much? The only thing he's done is bomb the middle east and insult minorities...
  8. Why? Because he will forget everything they said?
  9. He's in the day room playing with his fidgit blanket
  10. Another attack on a US base in the middle east.
  11. That's what he thinks about black folks, no wonder he voted for the racist grandpa who said blacks were too dumb to figure out how to use the internet.

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