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  1. So, I saw a youtube video on some "crispy grilled wings" that were doused in flour and seasoning then grilled to a crispy perfection. I tried to replicate them last weekend, and ended up ordering pizza they were so bad. Well, tonight, I tried lightly pan frying some seasoned (salt, pepper, garlic, and ground up dried habanero) but otherwise naked wings about 4-5 min a side and then grilled them for about 10 min a side, then cooked them on indirect heat for 15-20 minutes, and they were some of the best wings I've ever done. They had that crispy crunch that I'd been looking for and were not greasy or heavy.
  2. We have dealt with coyotes for a while, there is some evidence to show that just killing them does not really address the problem. If you kill one pack off, another will take its place, but if you scare a pack off, they will avoid the area and keep their territory. We used to hear 'yotes howling all around and saw a ton of sign, we added 2 Great Pyrenees and we don't see or hear them any more. That being said, if I see one on the property, before our male pyr does, it will be shot.
  3. Yeah, she was on ignore for a while. I don't mind people who disagree with me as long as they explain why and or use facts and logic to support their views. She just spouted crap and then, if you called her out on it, would insult you personally. I drew the line with a nasty PM and then with a strange but what appeared to be a actual threat of violence (if I ever dared go to whatever crappy state she is in).
  4. Fair enough, the point was one win does not make a coach. Muschamp has not yet proven that he is a coach that can win the state, let alone the east, or the division.
  5. Yeah, It's tough, I got two big dogs keeping em safe, but you never know in taterville.
  6. Yeah, I watched it tonight. Goats are fun, we keep adding more, let me know if you want a baby, should be here this spring lol
  7. Guy #1 brings a gun to rob a store, guy #2 inside the store also has a gun, uses it to defend himself and the other people in the store. Guy#1's family says this: In an interview with WHIO, two of Rappley’s relatives spoke out against what they characterize as an unjust killing. “[You shouldn’t have] took matters in your own hands and brought a gun to work for safety,” Rappley’s sister, Rashell, told the local outlet. While conceding their younger brother – the second of their ten siblings to be killed by gunfire – shouldn’t have tried to rob the store, Rappley’s relatives say the punishment didn’t fit the crime. “At the end of the day, that’s not right,” Rashell said. “He’s got some responsibility, but not all,” she told WHIO in reference to how much blame her brother bears for his own death. https://pluralist.com/roosevelt-rappley-family/44450/?fbclid=IwAR1wjPKzcMFUP2QKXTxkYxUx6kmLJYpUtVR0cnXFP9aamN2x6NGdriVlGuM https://www.khq.com/digital_hub_video/ohio-clerk-pulls-out-own-gun-and-shoots-armed-robber/video_4f79f40e-eb9e-11e9-9200-e35bb2149777.html
  8. I didn't get to watch the game lol. I was out clearing some trees and putting up fence on the property. I checked on the score, saw we were winning and was scared to jinx it and went back to work. BTW, we got some funny looking goats, they remind me of the talking footstool in the cartoon beauty and the beast lol.
  9. pointing out Muschamp's flaws on the chat board has them all stirred up at this point.
  10. Those red flag laws y'all love trample all over the 5th.
  11. Yet you called him a rapists over and over and over, with no actual proof. Do you see the issue?
  12. Dems cried about impeachment ever since Trump won the election. It's old at this point.
  13. After the way you assumed Kavanaugh was a guilty, it's hard to take this seriously.
  14. Yall are the ones that hate the 2'nd 4th, and 5th amendments.
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