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  1. What about one who doesn't do anything and is a racist? Poor kids are just as smart as white kids right?
  2. I thought that might make people uncomfortable or something like that...
  3. He doesn't do anything, he is allowing his handlers to run this place into the ground because he needs 3 naps a day.
  4. I would rather skip over TL whining about "mean" tweets and be paying $2.50/gallon than have an MIA grandpa er, um... Puppet I mean president who doesn't do shit ..
  5. CDC lifting mask restrictions on fully vaccinated people... ...Unless they are hiking/riding bikes and may offend other fragile individuals...
  6. Those jobs sure are coming back just look at the jobs report 🙄. Oh wait .. Our only ally in the middle east was attacked by a terrorist group and Biden took a nap. You sure picked a strong leader.
  7. $3.00/gallon gas if you can find it, escalating violence in the middle east, and people out of work... Biden's America in 2021.
  8. Absolutely, the thread would have been 10 pages of wailing about Trump.
  9. Lol someone said gas prices are going up faster than the Biden votes at 3 am.
  10. Yup, I know.. we were out of gas for a day or so, it took the power grid weeks.
  11. My power bill would be more than the 80/month that I currently pay... And perhaps more importantly, I'll take the v-8 rumble over an electric nothing 😂
  12. I had 2 pts Monday night that got rear ended at different gas stations by people rushing to get gas. My wife's new boss texted her Saturday and recommend we fill up, so all 3 of our vehicles are full. But man, $60 to fill up my truck...
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