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  1. It would have to be used, I priced them and they start above the top of my budget, but maybe Ill get lucky.
  2. You seem to cheer for the ACA, did you take issue with how it was forced upon us?
  3. I was referring to his lack of concern with the ACA and having to pass it to know whats in it.
  4. No, you have proven to be willing to lie, this is just another lie.
  5. I specifically told you when you were trying to get blitz banned. You can't help but lie can you?
  6. Another lie. I've said it before, even to you. Its also in the stickied info at the top.
  7. Just pointing out that you don't care when "your" side does it.
  8. I've made it clear I don't moderate the pf. Keep trying.
  9. Lol the liar weeping about liars. Classic Cockytalk PF!
  10. "You've got to pass it to know whats in it" amirigt?

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