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  1. Your explanation doesn't make sense in the context of the discussion. Who pays for the VA? The fed. Thus the VA is, by definition, single payer.
  2. How is it not single payer? There is one source of funding, the fed. Government. Thats what's single payer means
  3. Then you got lucky. Most I have been in (if be willing to bet many more than you) have been disgusting and under staffed to the point of being dangerous. I also see their residents in the ED.
  4. Have you spent any time in a health care facility, nursing home or asst. Living that is primarily funded through medicare?
  5. An assumption based on my experience with medicare.
  6. Sure everyone has coverage, but the quality will be very low. Those who can afford to pay for private care will, but the costs will go up for all involved.
  7. I tend to agree with you. I will be interested to see how the outcomes match the spending and we actually do see improved health outcomes. Not sure that it will be as great as some believe.
  8. It should be up to the individual to choose. If they have a terminal diagnosis and are facing the prospect of weeks of pain and suffering, they should have the option to end their suffering. We let our pets die with dignity but wont let humans have the same respect.
  9. Most of the single payer models we look at in Europe and Asia involve price setting, but unlike medicare and medicade, they bring the providers to the table and they have set intervals for renegotiations.
  10. Another issue is readmission rates, by consolidating and improving processes they decrease their readmission rates.
  11. I read somewhere that the most efficient hospitals run a 2-3% loss for medicaid patients for many the loss is greater. They off set the cost by overcharging private payers.
  12. Reimbursement below cost isn't exactly a sustainable model either.
  13. Its medicare and medicade and their shitty reimbursement that led to this.

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