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  1. Someone likes to read their own posts... Its the only explanation.
  2. Yup, wouldn't vote D disagree with most everything that they stand for, as should any freedom loving American.
  3. If Creepy Joe is the alternative...
  4. Just seems to be on par with your leftist point of view. I dunno any MSNBC shows, forgive me. S/
  5. Repeating lies over and over is a Russian propaganda ploy. ~ The poster who keeps repeating lies hoping he can gain some traction.
  6. I try not to rely on the view as my major news outlet.
  7. Is ace the one giving everyone a thumbs down? Not to say Im surprised, I bet he logs in as a guest to thumbs down posts.
  8. Its hard being the great white savior. Without him minorities would be relegated to crime and ditch digging.
  9. Aww my little shadow showed up... What a loser.
  10. Interesting, Haven't heard much about it from the MSM.
  11. Meant to post this earlier had a pt who was tased 5 times with no success, they were still fighting biting and spitting when they came into the ed.
  12. Oh no, its "statistics" and they can't be racist, as long as he agrees with them anyways.
  13. Minorities cant be any more than criminals or laborers without Ace's benevolent hand. Typical racist.
  14. Repeating things over and over is a Russian propaganda technique.

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