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Counting down to Gameday 2021  Week 8

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  1. Yeah, seems like it would be the best option, but it makes sense so it will never work lol.
  2. With all the pro/anti vax ideas going around, this is an interesting watch if you have 15 minutes to spare.
  3. It doesn't help that they are firing unvaccinated nurses.
  4. They converted our break room to a post op unit (to make the original post op room a Covid unit) last week they reconverted it to a post op room. Maybe in a month or so we'll get our break room back lol.
  5. https://www.wyff4.com/article/man-punches-nurse-in-the-face-multiple-times-after-his-wife-is-vaccinated-for-covid-19/37714109?utm_campaign=snd-autopilot
  6. The ED I used to work in has lost 8 more nurses since I put in my notice. Meanwhile they keep offering new hire bonuses instead of retention bonuses.
  7. After watching their game I think the Cocks win by a few scores. They got pushed around and gave up a ton of rushing yards. Look for the RB's to put up some big numbers.
  8. We were running low on O2 pressure a few weeks ago
  9. I work part time at a post acute rehab.. getting lots of 30-40 year old post COVID pts, it's crazy.
  10. I'm going to a different system and moving to the OR. There is a ton of great travel assignments right now, I've seen some offering $10+k/week. If I was single I would be all over them.
  11. The last few nights we had 40+ in the waiting room, all rooms full, all hall beds full, and only 2-3 vents for the entire facility. We got to the point where we were litterally using mass casualty triage protocols. So glad last night was my last night.
  12. Lol make a Covid pt move blocks around to get a bed. Good luck with the process keep us up to date!
  13. How? There's no database of who does and doesn't have the vaccine.
  14. We can't turn anyone away. While it is a well intended law, it costs a lot of time and resources, even pre COVID.
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