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  1. He didn’t pressure Ukraine. The Ukrainians said he didn’t, and after the waffling testimony from the “witnesses” it’s clear they didn’t witness pressure either. Should he have let people testify? Probably. I think the New Yorker in him is resistant to people trying to push him around, particularly in sham investigations. It’s been nonstop starting with the Mueller investigation, has turned into this, and Dems are promising to keep impeding and impeaching even when they lose this round. You’re right, no one knows how this will turn out. Personally, I think if Republicans show up to vote he wins in a landslide. I know a fair number of moderate Dems who are fed up with the direction of the Dem Party, weren’t fans of Trump, but are leaning strongly towards voting for him. Its clearly a coup attempt. Even one of the Dem lawyers on the impeachment team right after the election tweeted that “ the coup starts now”. I’m a moderate Republican, and personally don’t care for Trump...but I don’t see how it’s not crystal clear to everyone that he’s had people trying to take him down since day 1.
  2. Lots of hullabaloo about who our new OC will be. But from what I’ve heard, TRob has been “encouraged” to seek employment elsewhere. If that actually happens, we need a new DC and a new DB coach. So who do we potentially get? Maybe DJ Durkin as DC? Need a DB Coach....why not Deion Sanders? He’s had success as a player and as a HS Coach. Can you imagine being a 5* DB and having Primetime show up in your living room recruiting you? Thoughts?
  3. Things change, that game was a long time ago. The U is a much different place now. They no longer recruit the Dade County Correctional Center, and they no longer sign guys who otherwise would be arrested just for stepping foot on campus.
  4. Lot of HBC’s getting fired, there’s going to be a fair number of OC’s on the market. Just saw that Chris Peterson at U of Washington has decided to quit after the bowl game, there’d been some rumors linking him to the NFL. His OC there has succeeded at several programs, has a bit of time in this part of the country with Davidson and the Atlanta Falcons. Looks like he’s a pass happy guy
  5. Have to see what skills the incoming guys bring, my guess is whoever we get for an OC May be able to bring someone along. Our “skill guy” recruiting has pretty much been an abysmal failure the last couple of years,
  6. Fuente was a hot name back when he hit the market, IIRC he didn’t want our rebuild project in the SEC. From what I’ve read and been told from some VT peeps they haven’t been happy with him.
  7. Some of is guys (like Edwards) getting worked a lot. The more plays you’re on the field, the greater chance of injury. Other injuries, like broken bones or sprains (partially torn ligaments) just happen.
  8. The only thing Gallagher was found guilty of was being part of group pictures posing with a corpse. None of the other guys were charged. While most people find that distasteful, simple truth is it happens in every war. As for who Jack Posobiec is, I couldn’t tell you. Don’t really care if he does or doesn’t “dabble in conspiracy theories and neo-Nazism.”. But im not sure what any of that has to do with him posting a video clip of Chris Cuomo trying to be a TDS smartass and instead making himself look like a fool. The only person lately who’s had as big of a pie in the face moment was Elon Musk finding out the windows on his freaky looking truck aren’t unbreakable.
  9. Pitchcock

    Big Don

    Pick whatever pronouns you want, personally I don’t care if you classify yourself as non binary or canine. ”God hero Trump”? There’s that darn TDS again.
  10. Pitchcock

    Big Don

    Sure you are. It’s why you pointedly stated it was “mind blowing hero fanboy worship.”. Now, personally, I think it’s a ridiculous video. In fact, the adulation of whoever made it is just as ridiculous as the people who made Obama a comic book Super Hero or had school kids singing songs praising him. Were you equally as triggered then, or was it ok? “Alt-right goon”? That’s funny.
  11. Pitchcock

    Big Don

    No, in his mind Trump is the only “deviant” we’ve had as President, the only guy who screwed around on his wife. Of course, while he’s thinking that he’s straightening out the pictures on his living room wall of JFK and Bill. TDS is a horrible disease...
  12. Pitchcock

    Big Don

    You’re triggered by a Youtube video someone made? Sad. Of course, it’s notable that the same people griping about “hero fanboy worship” of Trump would engage in a shoving match for the chance to grovel before Obama, Hillary, or Bill.
  13. Our kick and punt return guys have been abysmal. Maybe I’m forgetting someone, but IIRC the last great punt return guy we had was Ace Sanders. We need some electric athletes, guys who are a threat to take the ball to the house every time they touch it.
  14. Getting a couple of those guys will really help offset losses defensively from guys leaving, We desperately, desperately need some playmakers on offense.
  15. I remember intense speculation that Bryce Thompson not only wouldn’t qualify, but likely wouldn’t even graduate HS. And he’s somehow starting at UT. Maybe he and Tisdol are destined to both be UT Honor Roll students.
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