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  1. Looking back at that staff under Spurrier, two guys in particular stood out as evaluators/recruiters....Beamer and Jay Graham. Once they were gone the problems started, taking a few years to build up to the disaster we were finally left with. I think top to bottom our staff is head and shoulders above Sr’s 4 year run. Can it be improved? Most certainly. I wouldn’t be surprised maybe after this year to see someone like a DJ Durkin come on board. I’d say there’s no guarantee of success when a program brings on an experienced Coordinator or promotes from a smaller program. There’s always risk....Tennessee has experienced coaches, the fan base is already turning on Pruitt. Harbaugh is embarrrassing himself at Michigan. FSU is losing patience with Taggert. IMHO our coaches and Coordinators are solid. Not spectacular, but solid. They work hard, and are literally looking under every rock trying to find underrated guys. A program like Clemson didn’t rise to the top immediately...they were able to sign a couple highly rated guys here and there, which allowed them to leverage success to get highly rated guys at other positions. And they evaluated well, taking a walk on like Renfrow, winning a Natty with the ball in his hands delivered by a very good QB. Looks like we’re building similarly, we just have to get a literal handful of star players to boost us up. Those 11 win seasons we had could be attributed in large part to a solid team playing with three spectacular players....you take away Shaw, Marcus and Clowney we never win those 11 games, and Spurrier retires earlier.
  2. Jake’s lack of progression has nothing to do with Muschamp. And it has nothing to do with the two OC’s we’ve had. If you go back and look closely at plays called by Roper and/or McClendon, there have been a lot of good plays called that the QB simply didn’t execute on. Looking back on it, as a true Freshman the plays given to Jake to run didn’t call for multiple reads. They called the play, he ran it, and in most cases they seemed like designed plays going to a particular player. He did great at that. His issues started when the fan base and the media started hyping him as a NFL player after his first year. With that hype came responsibility and the pressure to perform at a higher level. At that point is where he started crumbling. He seems to struggle with decision making....it’s why, for example, with the RPO Muschamp has stated repeatedly that the wrong decisions were being made. When you start adding in inexplicable drops by receivers and guys struggling to get open, it increased the pressure on him to try and make something happen. By all accounts he’s been a model spokesperson for the program. Good kid, well spoken, stays out of trouble, very good “face of the program”. Despite his struggles he was still in position to break a lot of our career QB records. He simply didn’t have anyone pushing him who was as good or better until RH arrived on campus. IIRC Ryan’s first 10 passes went to 8 different receivers...Jake simply doesn’t have the decision making skills to do that. Again, granted, it was CSU....but we haven’t had that kind of decision making here since Shaw left. Watching RH against lesser competition compared to watching Jake against lesser competition was like the difference between night and day. Jake certainly had his moments over the previous three seasons where he was able to rise to the occasion, but he had more than his fair share of WTF moments where he clearly was mentally overmatched. His struggles have had nothing to do with Muschamp being the HBC. He simply doesn’t have the “it factor” we all thought he’d have after his first year.
  3. “Reputation as being bad with QB’s”? Thats just internet fodder amongst fans. Will Grier was lighting it up before he was injured, then suspended. He was wanting to come here to play under Muschamp, If Will was such a QB killer why would he want to be reunited? Driskel was an Urban recruit. He still wound up on an NFL roster. Grier and Brisset both wound up on NFL rosters. More of his QB’s wound up in the NFL after his short stint of time at UF than Spurrier put in the league during his time here. What killed Will at UF was injuries at the QB position. What’s limited him here is lack of talented depth at QB. Who did he inherit? A walk on in Orth, and underachievers in Mitch and BMac. Mitch tried two different programs after he left, finally quit football. BMac transferred, quit football. Scar was injured much of the time, and couldn’t beat out Jake. I think his “reputation” is undeserved.
  4. After the last couple of games last year added to the UNC debacle, like you I was beginning to question our OC and DC. Then Hilinski stepped in (granted, against Charleston Southern) and it allayed my fears. We didn’t simplify the playbook. The calls largely worked. Why? Because the QB was able to execute. He spread the ball around to at least 8 different receivers. When’s the last time we had a QB do that? He threw a very catchable ball. The vast majority of the time it was right in the receiver’s bread basket. And if you watch, he was even changing his arm angles to fit the ball into throwing lanes. Quite honestly, I was stunned at how good RH played. I truly believe the rest of the team fed off of him. Offensively and Defensively, I think the team still has a ways to go. Our talent and depth are slowly improving, but we’re still lacking playmakers. It’s easy to forget his 1st class was already almost full when he was hired, plus we’ve lost several recruits to injury. Alabama might kick our teeth in. But I think RH is going to open some eyes in that game. Jake assumed the role of a team leader, but to me something always seemed “forced” about it. I sense the opposite about RH. We still need quality players, if for no other reason than “pushing” the guys in front of them. A couple more talented DB’s, LB’s and DL’s would go miles towards improving our play, I truly believe some of the older guys we’d hope were very good may not quite be measuring up. But we’re going to get there.
  5. It’s silly to try comparing anyone from this staff with Fat Brads. Its also getting old hearing people moaning about Muschamp meddling in the offense. The dude wants to win. Even Roper was OC we had plays called that were open, our players just didn’t execute.
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