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  1. My first wife liked country music a lot and I listened to this guy during his heyday... He will be at McNulty's Taproom in Blythewood tonight with AJ Sanders (no idea who THAT is!). https://facebook.com/events/2482126422059133/?ti=as
  2. Catdaddy66

    WTF Thread

    Only if it had keg taps built in.
  3. One of the first hipster bars in the Vista! Sad to see it go... WIS10: Flying Saucer announces it will soon close for good. https://www.wistv.com/2019/12/04/flying-saucer-announces-it-will-soon-close-good/
  4. He should be there for spring ball, all rehabbed and fresh! Glad it was better than initially thought.
  5. I won't say anything bad about him for that single fact! Lol
  6. Article was written over a year ago. Not that it's inaccurate but that this season didn't improve its outcome. Shiznit.
  7. Not a fan of this move. Bob Marcum said it best... Carolina will not schedule this team again, ever! Now I am depressed.
  8. Good that change has come quickly, but to be honest the loss of Werner was a shock to me. He was a highly respected QB coach. But it's better to do it fast and harsh like pulling off a bandaid.
  9. Everyone has to deal with holiday leftovers and it is a challenge every year to use it or lose it! Made turkey noodle soup last night... It was great. What are your go to ways to reuse that damn turkey??
  10. This is a friend of my step daughter that made the finals of AGT on the last season with Howard Stern as a judge. His name is Benton Blount and lives in Greenville.
  11. My wife loves him! She noticed that he made tackles left and right for the last half of the year. She now tells me whenever she can that "#7 made the tackle!" While he has been great, our most consistent player was Bryan Edwards, imo.
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