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  1. I can't argue with the way the South Carolina Secession Articles were written and yes it did have slavery in it as a cause to freely leave the Union as they felt it was their right. This Article of Secession, like most laws were written by wealthy - highly - educated - men and not the common farmer/merchant that lived in the South (This also happened in the North). One cannot make an accurate opinion of why the War Between The States started if you only look at the beginning of hostilities. The bad temperament between both sides had existed for at least 30 to 40 years before the outbreak of the War Between The States. They almost came to blows in the 1850's if it had not been for cooler heads and minds. The only good thing for the South if war had broken out in 1850, it would have a lot better percentage of winning as the North had not fully entered the Industrial Leap Forward as it did in the early 1860's. South was being taxed at a high rate and only saw their tax dollars going North for the most part, which was a true statement. After our first war of independence from Great Britain and we won our freedom, there was the great difficulty of having 13 colonies to sign 13 different peace accords with. Then you had to get all 13 original colonies to agree to come together and form one nation. There's where the "rub" came into play. No state wanted to give to a central govt the power that they had just fought with the "Super Power Of The World To Win" and thus be in the same boat all over again. So, a loosely formed central govt was formed with the 13 original colonies where they all "freely joined". Since they all agreed to "freely join" there was nothing in the constitution of the United States that said they could not "freely leave whenever they got ready". In fact, during the War of 1812, once again with Great Britain, the New England States met together and voted on a resolution to succeed from the Union and it passed and before they could adjourn their meeting, a rider on horseback came up and told of General Andrew Jackson's victory over the British Army at the Battle of New Orleans. Now what would have happened if General Andrew Jackson had lost that battle or the rider had gotten there a day late? Would we had have the New England States forming their own govt??? If secession was wrong or illegal, then Jefferson Davis (Who Begged To Be Tried) Robert E. Lee and several other high ranking members of the Confederate States of America would have been brought to trial. The U.S. Supreme Court knew it was a battle that they could not win in the courtroom and suggested that President Jefferson Davis be released and set free. As I had stated in a earlier post, the blame for slavery in the USA can just as easily be laid at the doorstep of the North as it can be at the South. No slave ship ever flew the Confederate Flag over it and all slaves that were brought into Southern Ports where from the New England States where merchant ships was the main form of commerce. Slavery also existed in the United States from 1776 until 1865. Slavery only existed in the Confederate States of America from 1861 to 1865. It is easy to point fingers when your cash crop and commerce for the most part has been driven by the greed of Northern Merchants and Businessmen. I would also like to point a fact that I have discussed with many of my Northern Friends over the Late War Of Northern Aggression (Civil War) and it is this: "If slavery was such an evil thing (we all know that slavery in any form is bad - but consider the times these people live in), why during a mighty - four year struggle by the undersized and out-numbered Confederate Armies - who depended on the crops/meats/supplies that were coming in from the rural areas of the South so all the able bodied white men could go off and fight and all that was left at home were "old men - women - children", the slaves could have revolted and over-thrown their masters and the Southern Armies in the fields fighting the Yankees would have had to return home to put down the rebellions, but this never happened on a large scale, maybe a few revolted here and there, but for the vast majority of them (slaves) they stayed loyal and helped the South do all it could do as they also felt like they were defending their homelands. Now this is something you will never read in books that were written after the "Carpetbaggers/Scallywags" came South and then the total Military Occupation of the only part of the United States that has ever had to have military troops in it and some of them stayed as long as 12 years - came to be. After this time there were certain elements of the Northern Abolitionist Movement and the Union Army/Govt that wanted to divide the Southern Whites against the Southern Blacks and they did a pretty good job of it. This 12 year occupation and restriction of Southern Soldiers/Sailors/Govt Officials is the main reason the KKK was formed and that was to protect what little rights the Southern Whites had after military occupation by the North and they used many Colored Troops in their occupation which only further widened the gap between the Southern Whites and Blacks. The KKK in it's early days did a very good job in helping rid the land of military occupation by Northern Troops. Once this was done throughout the South the KKK (Original KKK) was totally disbanded and told to never reform. Over the years after this, many outlaw units that could not be controlled began to reform, but it was not the intent or desire of the original leaders of the KKK to have this continue. As a matter of fact the largest ever organization of KKK Members was in the state of Indiana????? Ain't that a hoot!!! I enjoy our talks/conversations as it is good to hear comments and understanding from both sides of the aisle. Please keep up the good work.
  2. Did you mention the "Part About Slick Willie Riding In The Epstein's Plane (Raper Of Young Girls) over 25 plus times"??? I wonder if he watched any porn movies while he had a young White House Intern giving him a blowjob??? Where was that ugly wife of his at then? Oh, that right she was chasing more skirts than Slick Willie was???
  3. No, you REALLY DO PROVE MY POINT IN THAT PEOPLE LIKE YOU SUFFER FROM "TDS" AND WILL NEVER, NEVER, GET OVER IT!!!! You sound like a little child who did not get their way in class or on the playground and just start calling out names!!!! You spout out all a lot of negative stuff (just name calling or your own bias opinions) and have no PROOF OF ANYTHING, OTHER THAN TO SHOW YOUR PREJUDICIAL, HATED OF A MAN WHO WAS ELECTED BY THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WHO STILL LOVE THIS COUNTRY!!! 100,000 manufacturing jobs went away under Barry Obama!!! The same man who stated to Organized Labor to "just deal with it" as these jobs were never coming back to America (CAME BACK UNDER PRESIDENT TRUMP AND MORE ARE COMING). He said this because he "put the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IN 2ND PLACE ON EVERYTHING AND WAS A WORLD GLOBALIST"!!! Barry did improve things a little bit over G.Bush #2, but anyone could have done that, including "Crooked Hillary" if Barry had not beaten her out of her chance at being President!!! Lower crime, once again you have a brain fart with the reality of the truth!!! Barry Obama sent his Attorney General into cities where he thought the POLICE (MOSTLY WHITE) HAD VIOLATED THE RIGHTS OF BLACKS WITHOUT EVER GIVING THE POLICE THE BENEFIT OF A FAIR TRAIL - "HANDS UP/BLACKS LIVES MATTER - FORGIVE ME FOR THINKING THAT ALL LIVES MATTER"!!!! Obama locked parents and kids up all along our border, but just like your "one-sided opinion - the FAKE NEWS IN THIS COUNTRY WOULD NEVER SHOW THEIR GOLDEN BOY DOING ANYTHING WRONG"!!! You need to take Border Patrol/ Police Lesson #1 Pre-School Class to understand what our brave men and women had to endure and suffer under Barry Obama and his thug administration!!! Clean air and water???? How about what happened in Michigan and Baltimore per their water problems with dirty water under Barry Obama. Obama also allowed our already declining electrical/water/inter-structure to get even worse under his watch. I cannot blame it all on him, but he DID NOTHING TO CHANGE IT OR IMPROVE IT UNDER HIS WATCH, BUT DID GIVE MILLIONS TO THE GREEN NEW DEAL (HELP OUT SOME OF HIS BIG POLITICAL DONORS) THAT ABSOLUTELY WENT NOWHERE!! Oh, did I mention that your boy Barry Obama GAVE 150 BILLION TO THE MOST CORRUPT AND MURDEROUS REGIME THAT SPONSORS WORLD TERRORISM TO ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD AND ALSO WOULD HAVE ALLOWED IRAN TO BECOME A NUCLEAR POWER OF MASS DESTRUCTION IF PRESIDENT TRUMP HAD NOT KILLED THAT GOSH AWFUL PEACE AGREEMENT THAT BARRY OBAMA AND JOHN KERRY PUT INTO POWER!!! THIS IS THE SAME TERRORIST GOVT THAT HAS KILLED MANY AMERICAN SERVICEMEN AND WOMEN AND AMERICA CIVILIANS AND YET YOU AND YOUR LIBERAL/SOCIALIST DEMOCRATIC FRIENDS LOVE THEM TO PIECES!!! You stand for all things that are destructive and decisive to our nation as we now know it to be. You and your Socialist, Liberal, Democrats will spend our nation into poverty, turn the USA into a 3rd World Nation, and have us bowing to the likes of all dictators and despots in the world with your whining, lap-dog, graveling at the feet of every terrorist and war-mongering nation in the world. You and your Socialist/Liberal/Democratic Friends want all of our "GUNS, OUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH, AND WOULD ALSO TAKE AWAY OUR CHANCES OF A FREE TRIAL AND DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON YOUR GREEN NEW DEAL!!!!! The Socialist Democrats hide it now, but give them control of the U.S. House/Senate and GOD forbid if they also get the White House at the same time. We will become like Venezuela - go from a wealthy and powerful nation to have our citizens eating out of trash dumpsters so that NANCY PELOSI - AOC & SQUAD - BARRY OBAMA/CROOKED HILLARY COULD ALL FLY AROUND THE WORLD AND LIVE IN THE GATED/GUARDED CASTLES WHILE THE REST OF US LITTLE PEASANTS SQUANDERED THROUGH OUR DAILY ROUTINES AS OUR CHILDREN ALL STARVED. You can say that this is crazy now, but how long ago was Venezuela a prosperous - oil-rich-nation - before the Socialist took over and destroyed that nation??? If the Demorats ever get all three - House/Senate/White House - in two terms they will destroy this nation and we will never be the same again!!! WHO AM I? I am a American Veteran. I am also a 30 plus year member of organized labor and one who knows the "ins and outs of how the demorats work their magic". I saw the constant promises of every Democrat Politician that came out and promise all of us the "sky and the moon" and actually taking our political donations and riding off into the sunset - without doing anything to better anyone's lives or employment. I finally took off the "Rose Colored Glasses" and started thinking for myself and then and only then was I able to see the Demorats for what they truly were. I have to admit that I did drink the "Cool-Aide" for awhile myself, but then again I was a young and dumb person who believed in what the Democratize Party was preaching at the time. Now days, when I speak or run into mindless followers of the Demorats like you are, I can only tell them the gospel truth: "I did not leave the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party left me and what I always believe in"!!! Look at what they are now, hell they can't agree on anything other than the fact that they all suffer from "TDS" TRUMP DELUSIONAL SYNDROME!!!! WHO ARE YOU??? ANOTHER SOCIAL/LIBERAL WITH "TDS"!!! Also, with all of your whining and bitching about President and his abuse of the U.S. Constitution, please legally show me where he has done ONE THING WRONG - OTHER THAN YOUR MORONIC/LIBERAL OPINION AND STATE THE FACTS AS THEY WOULD BE JUDGED IN A FEDERAL COURT OF LAW. PLEASE REMEMBER, WE ARE NOT NOT TALKING ABOUT HEARSAY, ALBEIT 1ST HAND, 2ND HAND, 3RD HAND, BUT THE TRUTH ACCORDING TO THE LAWS AND CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND NOT YOURS AND YOUR LIBERAL/SOCIALIST POLITICAL VIEWPOINTS OR OPINION OF WHAT THE DEMORATS ARE SAYING NOW WITHOUT ANY TRUTH BEHIND IT!!!! Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Creepy - Uncle Joe Biden - these are THE BEST YOU HAVE TO OFFER THE AMERICAN PEOPLE???? Did I mention "free medical for all price tag - $52 Trillion Dollars"!!!! People like you had better work two or three jobs to keep your Demorats Politicians in office so they can "tax and spend the USA into oblivion"!!!!
  4. You put a lot of "anger & mean words" in your post, but I don't see ONE PROOF OF TRUTH CONCERNING ANYTHING YOU LIBERALS OR LIBERAL CONSERVATIVES CAN PUT ON PRESIDENT TRUMP??? OPINIONS AND YOUR CONTINUED HATE FILLED RHETORIC IS ALL YOU HAVE AND IT ALL AMOUNTS TO IS HEARSAY!!! I could not stand Barry Obama, but he was the President for 8 years and one of the worst since Jimmy Carter and I did not spit hate or venom out about him or his warped policies. I just did what all Americans should do and that is go out and vote and try to remove him from office. It was 8 years of the worst time in America that I could remember and yet I just dealt with it - along with many other millions of Americans until we could vote this gosh awful party out of the White House. Your mindset and that of the Democratic Party is going to give the Republicans not only control of the House again in 2020, but President Trump is going to win in a LANDSLIDE!!!! Great strategy by a bunch of numb-nuts!!!! Christoper Steele bought and paid for with money from the DNC and Hillary Clinton Campaign Money & Fusion GPS - CEO Simpson - was paid to take the lying dossier from disgraced M16 Former British Spy and help spread it to the Fake News Media that hates our President. Comey - Strozk - McCabe - all violated their oaths of office to help Hillary win an election by spying on AN AMERICAN CITIZEN!!!! I remember a day and time when the ACLU and The Democratic Party would be up in arms about this type of spying on an American Citizen - much less a candidate for President and it did not stop once President Trump was put into office. Two plus years of an "Independent Counsel" to investigate a "false - lying - made up for money - phoney dossier that Christopher Steele (who was eventually fired from trying to help FBI Director Comey because he was such a liar) keep pushing to Comey and others and they all LIED TO GET THE FISA WARRANTS and any American with half a brain can see this. Nothing the Socialist - Lying - Cheating Democrats have tried has worked yet, and they still keep spending millions of tax payers money for a witch hunt. Robert Mueller - 2 plus years and NOTHING CAME OUT OF IT??? Now you have a Cowardly Shifty Shiff - running a 3rd world socialist investigation - where Shifty is Judge - Jury & Executioner. Of course all of this "warped theatrics by the Democrats will fall at the feet of the Senate" and rightly should. I am just amazed at how many of you "liberals can follow the Pied Pipper Shifty Adams & Nancy Pelosi off the cliff and continue to drink the Cool-Aide they feed you in the Fake News Media"????? Our brave special forces take out two of the most vile and dangerous killers in the world - men who raped and killed an American Female Journalist and many other women and children by the thousands, but all the Democrats could do this weekend was bitch and moan that President Trump did not run this by them. What a shame and travesty on the Democratic Party and anyone who believes like they do. Attorney General William Barr and his special Prosecutor John Durham will get to the bottom of this, and hopefully when the dust does settles, Comey, McCabe, Strozk, his lover Page - John Brennan - Hillary Clinton and maybe it will reach all the way to the top and get "Ole Barry Obama"!!!! NOBODY IS ABOVE THE LAW and it will serve everyone of you justice to see that this man who all of you have hated and despised is the victim in all of this and the crimes and coup that has been perpetrated since 2016 will come to light and all of your liberal/socialist heroes will get what they deserved and ALL BE LOCKED UP FOR COMMITTING CRIMES NOT ONLY AGAINST PRIVATE AMERICAN CITIZENS, BUT ALSO IN TRYING TO PERFORM A COUP AND REMOVE THE DULY- ELECTED PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!!! TREASON IS THE WORD THAT WILL BECOME FOREVER LINKED TO THE DEMOCRATS AND THEIR PARTY AND THIS WILL BE THEIR LEGACY FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS TO SEE AND STUDY. Go back and cry some more as your boy Shifty Shiff and Nancy have really screwed the pooch and the DNC with this "Three Stooges Show" that they do everyday while America watches and just shakes their heads that any 5 year old kid could see through all of these lies and witch hunts the Demorats keep trying to spread!!!! American Voters are not stupid and your democratic socialist ideas - put out by all of your candidates and including the "So Called Gang Of 4" is something from a cheap Hollywood Movie that real American men and women just shake their heads and know who they are going to vote for come 2020.
  5. Having coached baseball at all levels in both many REC Leagues and also in Travel Baseball Leagues, how many out there think that "Travel Baseball Is Killing Recreational Baseball Leagues - Dixie Youth - Cal Ripken - Little League - Countless Other Leagues"? I would also pose this question also; Did the overbearing and for the most part - sorry Rec League Baseball Directors/Officials run their programs into the ground or become such tyrants or dictators that many parents had no over choice but to start up Travel Baseball Leagues? I have seen the many reasons why Travel Baseball has reached the high popularity it has now, but I also hate to see the Rec Leagues die out, but this is a "two-headed monster" and I saw it coming 20 plus years ago and yet at the same time many Rec Leagues were also starting to become more "PC" so that everyone would feel the same and to them it was more like a overall participation league - which in turn was one of the many reasons that have killed the numbers of kids playing Rec League Baseball now. I know many of you parents have your kids either playing Travel Baseball or still hanging out at the Rec Leagues each year. I would love to hear your stories on this vital viewpoint as it does mean a lot about the direction of organized youth baseball.
  6. As a True Southerner and devout historical student of the War Between The States Period of our great nation, one thing that I have found myself doing a little more and more each year and that is studying the Union Generals in a more honest and personal detail. One of my favorite Union Generals is Major General George Meade who successful led the Army of the Potomac at the Battle of Gettysburg and defeated the Army of Northern Virginia - who was led by in my humble opinion the greatest army general that has ever lived in the USA/CSA. But, please allow me to get back to my original post here about Major General George Meade. After thinking that he was going to be arrested after General Burnside was removed as Commander of the Army of the Potomac, instead he was promoted to it's commander and had the uneasy task of not only finding the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia, but also go up against the "Invincible General Robert E. Lee"!!! This had to be unnerving in itself, but MG Meade slowly put his army in motion and once arriving at the small town of Gettysburg, PA and seeing that his leading elements of his army had been driven out of town, decided to stay put on the high ground and build his defense in a "fish-hook-like-shape" and this turned out to be the master move of the whole battle. After fighting the Confederate Army to a standstill, MG Meade retains his high ground and he and General Lee both study and wait on each other to make a move on the 4th day and neither one does as both armies have been bleed just about dry. General Lee pulls out in the night during the 4th day and goes back into Maryland/Virginia. After the battle, everyone from the President of the USA start criticizing MG George Meade for not aggressively following the Confederate Army and destroying it while it was stretched out going back into Virginia. MG Meade did send some cavalry after the Confederate Army, but the rain had started falling hard and it was turning the roads into a mud-bog and would have really produced no great effect for his troops as they were basically exhausted from fighting a Confederate Army for three hot days in July that gave almost as good as it got and the battle could have easily turned several times if not for the cool handling of his divisions by MG George Meade. After reading the Battle of Gettysburg more times than I can count, the one thing that always remains constant during the very hectic times of this great battle was the great leadership of MG George Meade, even though he would be severely rebuked by President Lincoln and others in the Northern Cabinet that Major General George Meade offered his resignation. This would have been a terrible mistake for the Union Govt at the time as they did bring Major General U.S. Grant to come east and be the "Over-All Commander of All Union Armies", General Grant did have enough sense to realize that Major General George Meade was a "Rock Solid Soldier" and one he could count on in battle and this was never proven more than when MG Grant drove the Army of Potomac towards Richmond, VA in battle after battle - and actually losing more men killed in the Union Army than General Lee had in his Confederate Army and General Grant never defeated General Lee and had to be "consoled and challenge to give up some of his headlong - murderous charges straight into the Confederate Fortifications - several times to insure that the Union Army of the Potomac would survive. Grant gets all the glory at the eventual surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia, but it was Major General George Meade that put all the pieces of the puzzle together to make it happen and keep peace in an army that was about to have an inter-revolt due to the high volume of deaths within the ranks of the Union Army on their drive to take Richmond/Petersburg. Major General George Meade - truly a Northern Hero who does not get his due credit for making this happen.
  7. Yancey, have you ever tried putting Ghee on your steaks before you cook them? I have done this with the last three that I have grilled on my Black Egg and they have tasted and came out with a deeper and more smokier taste and are tender and juicy. Now these steaks were also 1-3/4 inches to 2 inches thick - which will make a huge difference in your taste of your steak.
  8. I see a lot of people doing this now. I have not tried it yet, but you give me another angle to think about as I use to do all of my steaks the low & slow method until I got a ceramic grill/cooker. I could actually do this by cooking my steak on my RECTEC Smoker and then have my Black Egg ready to go and get that "reverse grill mark". Thanks for the advice.
  9. Hey SA, it looks like you have the "Black Egg" like I do? I really enjoy mine and having been using it for about two years now - all four seasons. My step-son bought him the BGE and paid a heck of lot more money than I did and I can do everything that he can do and he does not have the upper grill like we do. He may get a little bit better heat/temp rating from his ceramic cooker than mine, but I saved about a $1,000.00 per what he paid and I am having a blast with mine. I have to admit that I use it for steaks and hamburgers mostly now since my wife bought me the RT 700 RECTEC Bull - Pellet Smoker. That's my low and slow baby and I can cook/smoke up about anything out there with this thing. I truly love it, but I also love my Black Egg. Good Cooking/Grilling To You - Weekend Pit Master!!!
  10. I have been fighting off some type of head/chest - bug for about 9 days now, but I did get out there last night and do some "smoked wings" for me and my wife and they were awesome again! I put them in some apple cider vinegar and lemon juice for about 30 minutes after washing them. Then I put them in a Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bath until they were all coated and then put my seasoning on them. I cooked them about 250 for one hour and then flipped them and did another hour. I had some Texas Pete Wing Sauce and I put about 8 of them in an aluminum pan and cooked them about 15 minutes longer and I liked them, but my wife likes her without the hot/spicy flavor that she thinks is in the Texas Pete. To be honest, Texas Pete Wing Sauce does have a tad bit of heat, but not a whole lot and especially a lot milder than a majority of wings sauces out there on the market now. I think once again when I have more time and feel better - I am going to soak about 8 or ten wings in the Texas Pete Wing Sauce - then smoke them for two hours and then have my deep fryer ready and just dunk them in and out to see what this taste like. I like trying them different ways and hopefully that will be a new way for me, but I have got to admit that just taking them off my RECTEC Pellet Smoker after two hours and eating them is just an awesome adventure.
  11. FC, you live in a beautiful area of our nation. Besides where I now live, my two favorite cities are Charleston, SC and Asheville, NC & surrounding area - especially the Lake Lure area. Checked out the Red Stag Grill on their website and it does look nice. I went to the Ruth Chris Steakhouse about three years ago over by the Biltmore Estates Rd and they gave me and my wife a baked potato that was as big as a small football. We had to send it back three times to get it properly cooked. Their steak was good, but the bill that they gave me did not justify the steak that I had been served. Thanks for your info as I will continue to check out some places.
  12. I have a friend that puts livers in his hash & rice. Personally, I don't care for it, but I know a lot of people do. Good to see that you make your own. I hope to start making my first attempt in a couple of weeks. I have a recipe from a guy over in Florence, SC and he makes his own "Carolina Red Hash" and it looks pretty good. I hope mine will turn out as good as his did.
  13. I do know this, you truly suffer from "TDS", to a Rhodes Scholar like you this means "Trump - Delusional - Syndrome"!!! Sore losers - cry babies - get over it (Hillary Lost). Did I mention that you might want to take off those "Rose Colored Glasses" and think outside the box sometimes and stop allowing the Democratic Party to complete your life for you. Look at your parties heroes. Obama, Pelosi, Hillary "Lock Her Up" Clinton - Uncle Joe (Give My Son Millions) Biden and Shifty & Shumer??? I will say again, Republicans are not perfect, but they are far ahead of these lying, criminal, demo-rats. The Truth Is Out There - Just Think Outside What They Tell You!!!
  14. Glad to hear that "developers are not trying to take parts of this great battlefield". I had a cousin that is now past on and he had a son that lived in Virginia and I think his son had told him about encroachment on a few battlefields and I thought that Sharpsburg was one of them that they had spoken about. He and his son did a lot of sight seeing of many battlefields in Virginia for several years before my cousin's health started to worsen for him. Maybe it was Cold Harbor that they had stated as I have lost some of the emails that he use to send me of all of his travels. He really got into the War Between The States when he retired and had time to do so as many people do with whatever their main interests or hobbies are. You are very fortunate to be living in an area that is so full of history and also be that close to so many battlefields. I was in the Shenandoah Valley a few years ago and stayed over three days and I still could not find enough time to go to every site I wanted to visit. I did get to Winchester and spent a lot of time in Lexington and at VMI and Washington & Lee College. Both of these colleges have strong historical ties to our beloved South-land and nation. I got to sit in the exact spot in the Chapel where General Robert E. Lee sat each morning and prayed before he started his day. A beautiful city and it is just bursting alive with history. I also got to visit the grave of Lt. General Stonewall Jackson. That was also a moving experience for me. What is taught in school these days in a whole lot different than what was taught in my day and even back then it was a "watered down version of the truth" as I was lucky enough to be able to find some books in our county library that still told the truth as much as it could be written back then. That was one thing that President Jefferson Davis worried about to the end of his days and that was "the truth concerning the Confederate Soldier and why he fought for his nation and it's independence". Back in the late 1990's I was invited to come and speak at a local Elementary School and I was able to get a friend who was a Confederate Re-enactor to come with me. I gave the class the gospel truth on the causes and reasons for the War Between The States and even though the teacher really appreciated our coming and talking to the kids, we were never ask back nor was anyone else since that time??? This is why our world has become so "PC" and the truth cannot be told nor will it be tolerated. You are absolutely right in stating that the "truth or the way it is taught is usually written or enforced by the victors". I would take that another step in saying that the "P.C. Crowd" most likely dictate the way things are taught in order to not offend anyone with anything. You can't teach history without telling the gospel truth, but this is the world we live in today. Yes, my calling the Civil War - The War Between The States" is truly a Southern Thing. Any true Southerner who knows his history (there are fewer and fewer of us each year) would never call it the Civil War. In the 1920's - Congress pass a resolution to officially call it the "War Between The States". Somehow over the years it has been changed by so called historians always referring to it as the Civil War. The last time I looked at war - a civil war was - a war between the people of one nation - fighting it out to see who would gain control. This happened in Spain and in Russia, where they had an internal civil war. The Civil War or War Between The States was fought by two separate nations - The United States of America and The Confederate States of America. Just because one side lost (due to many reasons) does not mean that the other side was right, it just means that the other side had more men and weapons to wage war more effectively than their opponent did. 94% of all Confederate Soldiers never owned slaves. No slave ship that ever brought slaves to the American coastlines ever flew a Confederate Flag over it. Slavery was first tried in the North and if the climate would have allowed it, there is no doubt that our northern brothers would have become very wealthy slave holders/owners. Since the climate would not accommodate slave labor in the mass scale that a Southern climate would, Yankee ingenuity once again reigned supreme in their efforts to buy slaves from stronger tribes in Africa, who actually caught and enslaved their own black skinned brothers/sisters and sold them to the highest bidders. There are still a lot of rich New England Families that can trace their wealth back to their "slave-selling-ancestors-that owned the large slave ships that visited the many Southern Ports to unload their cargo and make a huge profit from it". Also, at the outbreak of the War Between The States, there was over 10,000 "Free Men Of Color That Owned Slaves Throughout The South" That's right, free black men owned other black slaves and worked them to make themselves a profit. Yes, it is clearly in the Articles of Secession of SC - concerning slavery, but the vast, vast, majority of Confederate Soldiers did not own slaves and many worked along side black men on small farms in the South land just to make a living (Share Croppers). There was also many "Slave-Owning Yankees" in the so-called border states, such as MO, Maryland, Kentucky, Washington City, (D.C), Southern Indiana, Southern Illinois, although you won't read or hear much about that now. Honest Abe Lincoln's own wife came from a slave owning family. General U.S. Grant owned a slave and was ask after the war "why it took him so long to give the man his freedom - Grant replied that good help was hard to come by"???? The Great Emancipation Proclamation is really a joke if you consider what Honest Abe wrote. He wrote that "slaves that lived in the states that were in rebellion were now free men"? He did not free slaves in the states of Kentucky, Missouri or Maryland and Washington City???? Abe Lincoln did not have the executive power to free slaves in any state that was a Confederate State and was pretty much avoided in all the other places where slavery was allowed in order to not offend many of Abe Lincoln's slave owning friends???? Stuff like this is never told or spoken in public schools these days and everyone is taught to think that Abe Lincoln freed all the slaves??? Was slavery an issue, yes it was and I think even if the South had won the war and with the coming of the mechanical revolution that was already sweeping across the North, that slavery due to the increase of productive machinery and the high cost of keeping slave labor around and healthy, the slavery question would have come to an end by the end of the 1870's - if not sooner??? Slavery was an awful thing and throughout history - this evil institution has been forced on many weaker nations in our world. For people to think and believe that slavery is just a Southern Thing is the biggest lie since the case of "Original Sin" as both the North and South were equally involved in this ugly institution and should equally share the blame, along with the black tribes that enslaved their own people and sold them to the slave traders in Africa. I had over 20 Confederate Ancestors that fought for the Confederate States of America and not the first one of these brave men owned any slaves, but fought for the reason that the Union Army had cross over into the Confederate States of America and they all felt that they had to go and do their duty to help fight what they truly believed was the 2nd American Revolution. It's sad to know that it is so hard these days to speak and talk about the War Between The States - albeit from a Northern or Southern point of view without the whole issue turning into "the slavery thing". Many people also do not know that a "Three Man Peace Committee" went to Washington, City to speak with newly elected President Lincoln of the USA and tried to broker a peace accord before the war actually started, but Lincoln could not understand where the North would replace over 3/4 of the G.N.P. at the time if the South withdrew from the Union. Just think what might have happened if cooler heads would have prevailed in that meeting??????????
  15. Oh great and powerful political genius, please tell us poor souls that are lost just what our path should be as I am sure you are a "Borderline Genius", even if nobody ever tells you just how great you are???

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