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  1. It was not that long ago when Coach Muschamp was the "hottest coach in waiting". Things did not go well for him at Texas as Mack Brown would not retire and then Coach Muschamp went to Florida and he was given a task to clean up the mess left by Urban Meyer and he did, but it cost him some good players during the process. Our hiring of Coach Muschamp and his acceptance of the job was a "tall order to ask of anyone - considering the talent level he had to inherit". I think he is still a very good coach and has put together a great staff and just needs a couple more years to have a very successful program at USC. Will we ever be a consistent Top Five Program, I don't know the answer to that question, but I do know that if anyone in the country can get the Gamecocks there it will be Coach Muschamp. USC deserves a nice - long - run - of success and I think Coach Muschamp wants that as badly as any of us that loves the Gamecock Nation does.
  2. Thanks Yancey for the website. My wife loves her wine and most of the time it is Merlot or a Shiraz. She also like a cold Chardonnay when it is hot outside or with fish. I am more of a beer man and as Hank Jr would say "Old Jim Beam" at times. Lamb is something that I have really come to like and appreciate cooking the last 7 or 8 years. Before that I would usually go out somewhere and just order it from a restaurant that supposedly knew how to cook it, but now it is really hard in the CSRA (50 mile radius of Augusta, GA) to find a place that knows how to properly cook it and serve it. I guess that's why I started doing it myself and much to my surprise I think I get better each time I do it (I hope I just did not jinx myself with that remark). I know you are and continue to be an amazing pit master/chef as I have followed your posts for a long time and I am always amazed at not only what you cook, but also how knowledgeable you are about how to prepare and present your meals. This only comes with years of experience and knowing a lot about the flavors and meats you are preparing. Please continue to keep us all educated in not only the latest way to properly cook/grill our foods, but also in the knowledge of knowing what is the best way to purchase our meats. I say this because of one of your old "CT Posts On Hogs" and I went and did some research and you were spot on about what type of hogs made the best BBQ. People on this site would be advised to listen and read when you post something about how to cook different foods. If they are wise, it will save them from making some costly mistakes on not only cooking their foods, but also in the knowledge of purchasing a quality cut of meat/fish/poultry when they go to their favorite store. Grill On My Friend!!!
  3. I am just amazed at watching the Military Channel and reading a lot about the war in the Pacific during WW II. After the cowardly - sneak attack on our Naval Base at Pearl Harbor, it is nothing short of a miracle story of how our nation rebounded from that sneak attack (and even though we put the war in Europe as first priority) the speedy recovery made by our military forces in training men and making all types of war machines (planes/ships/tanks/etc). The grand strategy put forth by our military commanders and the brave men who fought against a fanatical enemy to bring Japan to their knees. The old war reel movies and the stories taken from the brave men who were still alive during the filming of footage of these terrible battles (albeit land or sea/air) is just overwhelming as you see the odds and obstacles these brave soldiers/sailors had to endure to achieve total victory over this aggressive nation that wanted to rule the other half of the world that the Nazis did not control. What an amazing generation of men/women that fought to give us the great freedom that we enjoy to this day. I know many of us had kinfolk that fought in either Europe or the Pacific Theater and we all should be very proud of them. My father was a Marine during WW II and fought in the Pacific at Iwo Jima - Okinawa - and then sent to North China to liberate Japanese POW Camps. Our nation should always strive to keep the true story of what "The Greatest Generation" did for those of us who have come behind them alive for all to remember and never allow it to be forgotten. Salute To These Great Soldiers And All That They Did!
  4. Well, the "Penis With Ears - Pawl Finnebaum" made a lot of excuses for Jawja today by saying everything but the right thing! Jake Fromm played his worst game, Kirby Smart did not have his best coaching game, Jawja had every chance in the world to win the game - but didn't!!! I don't thing Finnebaum once stated that USC did just enough to do what needed to be done to win - on the road - against the #3 Team In The Nation. I don't know what it takes to get some respect on his show, but he is clearly an "Alabama Homer" and totally against USC and does not think much of our team or our Coach!!! All the big talk was of "Hot Rod" missing the FG. Well, if memory serves me correctly - Parker White missed one that would have won the game for us also. Nothing was ever said about the pass interference at the end of the game where the ball was most definitely not a "catchable ball". Our defender did have a little hold on the jersey, but you could call that type of penalty on every play as every DB in the nation holds on pass plays and every receiver pushes off as much as he can. To make that call at the end of the game - where you can most definitely change or alter the outcome is usually not done by a intelligent ref unless the ball was "catchable and the receiver got mugged"! Jawja had their chances to win the game, I will give them that, but I will also say that if Ryan Hillinski did not get hurt and have to come out of the game - USC puts another 7 to 10 points on Jawja. The University of South Carolina Beat The University of Jawja and they cannot accept the facts!!! Jawja Fans (I live close to these morons) think that they are always better than Alabama - or whoever is the best team in the nation. They never get beat, but only lose the game because they "gave it away" and whoever they played did not deserve to be on the same field with them!!! Pawl Finnebaum and the University of Jawja are both "Dingle Berries" and are the biggest bunch of "La-La-Losers In The SEC Today"!!!
  5. The University of Jawja Fans can never admit to ever getting beat by anyone!!!! They are the biggest bunch of crybabies in the SEC!!! Dang bunch of hedge stems/limbs, get a life and get over it!!! I have been at Sanford Stadium many times and watch those "rednecks" (Jawja Fans) throw large cups of beer on our fans every time USC did something good on the field. They are the absolute worst fans in the world!!!
  6. Who can name the very first king of Israel?
  7. I have never done them this way, but that does sound like they would be very good!!! My smoked wings are very delicious, but I would like a little bit more crispy taste to them. You may have the ticket for the right way on yours.
  8. I know this is early to post this, but I think that North Augusta High School is going to have a very good baseball team this upcoming season. They played a lot of sophomores and juniors last season and they all got a lot of playing time. They also played in a region that had South Aiken and Midland Valley in it - who were both loaded with seniors last season. It will not be that long before baseball workouts start for high school players. I was just wondering who around the state thinks that their high school is going to be in the running for the playoffs this upcoming season?
  9. We all know that JESUS CHRIST perform a lot of miracles during his three year ministry. What was HIS first one?
  10. "MAN MOUNTAIN KINLAW" IS A BEAST!!!! He should be a first round draft choice in the NFL when his time comes. Just proud to have him on our team as he gets "double & triple teamed a lot" and he still gets to the QB!!!
  11. My biggest take-a-way on this game was our defense stepped up and play the best that they have done all season. Hard tackling and pass defenders were playing "lights out coverage for the most part". Running game was good at times and until Ryan Hillinski went out - I really thought we would score another TD or two. Dak Joyner came in and played a very manageable game for us, but he is not the Savior for this team if Ryan H is hurt and can't play anymore. Dak Joyner is a fast athlete, but as a passing QB he is sort of a liability back there. I don't know if Jay Ulrich might not be a better option for us? The O-Coordinator and QB Coach would know that answer better than me, but Dak just looks small back there and I think you need a QB who can see over the big lineman and has a good arm. If the O-Coaching Staff thinks Dak Joyner gives us a better chance to win, then I will be behind him 100%, but I just did not see anything great about his performance against GA other than what he was suppose to do and that was manage the game and don't give up any turnovers. Kinlaw and company were monsters out there against that Big GA O-Line!!!!
  12. I totally agree with your assessment of Dak Joyner. I think he is pretty good at managing a game if you do not ask too much of him. He is far behind Jake Bentley and Ryan Hillinski in QB knowledge of total game plan. I think Jay Ulrich would be a better passer and he is a whole lot taller than Dak Joyner and Jay U can fly. Dak Joyner is also nursing a leg injury and at times appears to be limping? I will give Dak Joyner credit in how he did manage to keep USC in the game without a costly turnover, but he is a liability as a passer and I only hope he can get better.
  13. To all of y'all that want to blame Coach Muschamp for everything that happens - be it good or bad this season - please get a grip on your emotions. We beat a team (GA) that is superior to us in overall talent. The reason that we beat them for the most part is that they made more turnovers than we did and we play pretty darn good when we had too. Some of you on this post just want to "continue to blow hot air and get your post totals moved up a notch each time you spit forth your constant blame the coaching staff crap". We won the darn game and for the vast majority of you whining - cry-babies - just deal with it and move on and be proud to be a Gamecock for once this season!!! It's way past time for this post to end.
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