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  1. Believe it or not, there are a few enduring mysteries left in this world, such as.... Does God exist? Are we alone in the universe? Is the Loch Ness Monster real? How does a plant-based patty taste like a hamburger? And... How in the world has Jake Bentley regressed this bad??????
  2. I'm honestly skeptical that our running game will be anything special this year based on the O-line's play.
  3. I expect that Muschamp will do and say all the right things...the players will be "mad"...and Hilinski will do some nice things. I predict USC 35, CSU 14
  4. I don't understand how anybody could NOT be angry about the defense....we got SHREDDED by UNC! I'm sorry, but the defense was atrocious once the chips were down, and the players looked gassed and out of place. I don't get me started on the bad angles, poor tackling, and poor scheme. Yes, the redzone D was decent, but where's the win in that?
  5. Our players believing their own hype just speaks to how ill prepared the team was. Spurrier always had a knack for sh*t talking his own team, and I guess it kept them hungry. But whatever, moving on....
  6. In the L.A. Times article about Ryan Hilinski, it alludes to Ryan's father having some animosity towards Leach. Apparently Leach threw some shade on Tyler about missing practice, simultaneous to Tyler's suicide. Leach is a scumbag.

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