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  1. Seems it's the other way around. https://www.cnn.com/2021/09/17/health/fda-vrbpac-booster-meeting/index.html
  2. Totally. Maybe something good can come from those talk show hosts' deaths? Maybe, just maybe it will shake some people up. It reminds me of the term "tickling the dragon's tail".
  3. Yes, when you factor in minorities who are distrustful of this kind of thing. But, in the past few months......4 different conservative & outspoken against masks/vax have died of CV. Disturbing. https://www.cnn.com/2021/09/14/media/bob-enyart-death-covid/index.html
  4. Politics....which we can't discuss here.
  5. But how many of those 700k would be alive if they'd gotten vaxxed (hypothetical of course)? And the deeper tragedy is how many have we lost since vaxxing started that would have been Ok if they had gotten vaxxed?
  6. OL has to learn who to block. This is coaching.
  7. Arky.... One of the most shocking things for me to learn from this whole Covid dilemma, is how stupid and gullible some people are. I will never understand it.
  8. I'm looking forward to seeing how Luke looks with a new offense/coaches.
  9. Just wondering....is anyone still taking the D3/Zinc combo for immune boosting?
  10. Yea...comments about super spreader event.
  11. Maple Pass Trail, N Cascades 7-27-21
  12. Watching the interview, you can see how Shane would do well in a job interview.
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