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  1. JimG


    Can he play TE? Markway needs help.
  2. Until he beats teams of equal talent and stops losing to teams like UNC and UVA, he's headed for removal. He could have Bama's players and still find a way to lose. If anything saves him, it's Ryan Hilinski not some magical recruiting. His defenses are not doing him any favors.
  3. Years ago, they used to teach us to sit and wait for the open field runner to commit to his cut/shift. It was considered better to get just a piece of him than have total whiff. We have to teach our guys to hit and wrap at the waist or legs and hold on. There is something missing in the coaching. This is fundamentals.
  4. Open field tackling has lots of issues. There were way to many whiffs and this points back to the coaches. I would be chewing some azz....there are tackling discipline and technique issues. There are better ways to do open field tackles. We were suckered most of the game on those play-action crossing passes....if nothing else, we need to add those to our playbook. We were missing some of those kind of plays. With one or two exceptions, none of our deep threats were really open. I was disappointed in Ortre's effort. That reverse sweep with Bryan Edwards was a great play for us. Bryan is a beast with the ball in his hands. He'll go high in the draft.
  5. Well it sounds like counter-Trump rhetoric....say something radical and pick up followers. And one of the outcomes is more division and possibly new members joining the NRA.
  6. When he runs out of people to fire, does he fire Melania?
  7. Gonna take away guns? One of the dumbest things I've heard. Anyone this ignorantly divisive is not a good leader at this time. More division is not what this country needs. https://www.cnn.com/2019/09/13/politics/beto-orourke-guns-debate/index.html
  8. Can of worms.....opens the door for reparations to former "amatuer" athletes via class action suits. This needs to be handled carefully.
  9. You do realize there were changes made in the OL? Our QB getting the ball out fast is the only way we have a chance.
  10. JimG

    Netflix Thread

    Seems time to start one. I been enjoying watching lots of foreign series and some movies in subtitles. Some of stories, acting, writing and scenery is a delightful escape from the typical TV series or movie. One series I just finished is called "Better Than Us". It's' a Russian sci-fi android type suspense series that was a blast to watch. The very ending was one of the best hooks for a follow-up series I've seen.
  11. JimG

    How hot is it?

    Hot water out of the cold faucet....happens in AZ. Also, hot water heater never turns on in the summer.
  12. Seems kinda like a surreal ending. JB was headed for making his mark on the Gamecock record books, and now the future is a clear as mud.
  13. Their WRs got open and Lawrence carved them up like a roast. Bama's DBs were overrated. I hope someone in our film room notices.
  14. The only thing on the field faster than Saban's loaded team is a thrown football. I think we're going to have to pass-pass-pass and hope we can win a boat race. Accurate & quick & short passes may be the only weapon we have. Saban is not going to get out coached by Muschamp.
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