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  1. Good post, kingofnerf. After watching that, I'm going to be really bummed if we don't play this fall.
  2. So by your analogy, if your CEO committed fraud, the AG would not charge him with a crime but would instead try to shut down your corporation, ok. Wow, if Carlos Ghosn had simply had Letitia James instead of those Japanese prosecutors, he wouldn't have had to smuggle himself to Lebanon in a packing crate, and your Nissan would be worth a lot more money.
  3. Then go after the individuals who she believes who committed crimes and prove it. And for the record, if anyone associated with the organization broke the law then they should be charged and prosecuted. If you go after the organization to eliminate the organization and are not charging anyone with a crime -- it appears that you are simply trying to shut down an organization because you don't agree with their political beliefs. Oh and by the way, if you shut down the organization and eliminate their campaign contributions, you benefit your own political party.
  4. Interesting that the AG has filed a lawsuit rather than criminal charges...especially if the NRA has committed fraud, a criminal offense. I kind of thought the function of an AG was to prosecute criminals with the authority of the state, while lawsuits were typically filed by individuals seeking redress. Perhaps she is filing a lawsuit because the evidentiary burden shifts from proving without a reasonable doubt to a jury, she now only has to convince a judge that her claims about the NRA are 50% chance or greater of being true. To me it sounds like she didn't have enough evidence make a criminal case so she is hoping to convince a judge that it could be true. Also, I find it interesting that she called out the NRA by name as an organization she would target prior to even being elected AG: Almost as if she was using her office to target a group with whom she disagreed. It's a bad look, to use one's government office to go after political targets.
  5. Just tried this recipe last night for some arrabbiata sauce. Ladled over whole wheat rotini noodles. I really enjoyed it -- the heat was "just" right (got a little scalp sweat going). I will be reheating this for lunch today in just a few minutes. https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/11839/arrabbiata-sauce/ I used fire roasted diced tomatoes w/garlic, and a little more red pepper flakes, but otherwise stuck to the recipe. Who else has some recipes that bring some heat? Not looking for ghost pepper milkshakes, but rather something that is actually edible.
  6. Now that's some top shelf food porn, right there. My cholesterol skyrocketed just watching.
  7. Props to both Behnken and Hurley! Even with current computing power and modeling, I still find the precision of mathematics, engineering and construction necessary for space travel to be amazing. To go back 55+ years when the planning was done with slide rules blows my mind.
  8. Well that could be fixed...just start a rumor that he has Epstein's files.
  9. I get a good 40 miles per bale -- really nice internal combustion system that strictly adheres to the law of conservation, because for every bale that ass consumes, I get an equivalent sized bale of sh*t back out. Sorry for derailing your thread so quickly Corpsman, but it was going to happen
  10. I prefer to go with the Provence donkey. Some prefer the American mammoth donkey, or the Poitou, the Grand Noir Du Berry, or even the Asinara, but for my money the Provence donkey gets the best gas mileage of anything I've ever driven.
  11. Yeah, you don't transfer to a school with only one year of eligibility left expecting to sit.
  12. Yeah, actually it's not just one news organization Glad to see my time away from Viewpoint, hasn't stopped you from posting about an article which you haven't read.
  13. Nice find Longhaul. Thanks for the post.
  14. Personally, I think the media train has gone off the track. IMHO neither "black" nor "white" should be capitalized as they are simply adjectives. They are descriptors, not nouns.
  15. Lol Yancey, I was just coming over to post this. You beat me too it.
  16. Very strange to see recruiting news as the 2020 schedule is up in the air, but good news nonetheless. That's a really good area of the country for recruiting if we could gain a foothold.
  17. Thanks for the post Nerf. I always enjoy listening to Frank.
  18. Apparently based on the offer letters for the latest recruits, we are crushing GA Tech on the recruiting trail...
  19. Now would the preferred tool be a Big Green Egg or Kamado Joe?
  20. It doesn't look like a single person over the age of 30 in that picture...
  21. So in point of fact, young black men are 2800% more likely to be killed by assault than by police use of force. Link to US Dept of Justice numbers: https://www.bjs.gov/content/pub/pdf/htus8008.pdf
  22. I love statistics (per the LA Times https://www.latimes.com/science/story/2019-08-15/police-shootings-are-a-leading-cause-of-death-for-black-men: Cause of death Mortality rate Assault 94.2 Accidents 52.1 Suicide 17.5 Heart disease 14 HIV 6.8 Cancer 6.2 Police use of force* 3.4 Diabetes 2.8 Influenza and pnemonia 2 Chronic lower respiratory disease 2 Cerebrovascular diseases 1.9 Annual mortality rates are reported as deaths per 100,000 black men ages 25 to 29. Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2015. *Figure is the median of 2013-2018 mortality rate calculated in PNAS study led by Frank Edwards.
  23. Anybody have a cordless electric mower they would recommend? Push, not riding.

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