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  1. Great hiking read, Following Atticus by Tom Ryan.
  2. Yeah, at one time we were getting something like Architectural Digest or something along those lines without any clue as to how or why it started showing up. I think I finally determined it came through as one of the "benefits" from a credit card we had.
  3. In his postgame interview CSB mentioned Harris was injured in first half -- didn't sound like anything serious.
  4. I agree losing to Vandy would be unacceptable, but dammit, losing to KY in football also used to be unacceptable!
  5. Really good point regarding healthcare worker mandates -- mandate logically seems like it should be immunity not vaccines (which would/should allow for natural immunity as a high % of frontline workers have probably already had the virus). Determine what an appropriate antibody baseline should be and antigen test for that baseline. The goal should be healthcare workers with high immunity to the virus, that's the end target.
  6. Interesting article in the NY Times this morning (at least their moring email blast) regarding the severity of the age skew for Covid, stating "most people are “hugely underestimating” how large the age skew truly is.". Nice chart breaking out hospitalizations by age group for both vaccinated and unvaccinated based on 9 months of 2021 data from state of Washington.
  7. Ok Feathered, tell us more about the wife's girlfriend. Although this may warrant a separate thread.
  8. Yeah to go four OC's in three years would just be stupid. 1) Tanner is never go to pressure CSB to fire a new coach after only 6 games into the season. 2) CSB would never submit to pressure to fire Satterfield this early anyway. Will be interesting to see if there are any end of season adjustments after an evaluation period.
  9. I read yesterday that Sweden and Denmark suspended Moderna vax to under people under the age of 30 due to some data showing increased risk of pericarditis and myocarditis. Small numbers and most of the inflammation normalized after a period of time from the vaccination. We are really in uncharted waters here.
  10. Hell, I'm not greedy. I'd settle for just more punts on 3rd and long instead of giving up long first downs.
  11. Just a quick update...Women's Soccer are currently 9-2, and 4-0 in SEC play. Coincidentally, the ladies are 2-2 this season against the ACC (3-2 if you count a pre-season exhibition victory against Wake Forest). Our ladies play next tomorrow against Ole Miss.
  12. I think both players are great examples of Muschamp's "paper" recruiting victories.
  13. I would imagine he has a multi-year contract. Not sure what the buyout would be, but rumor is he's making around $12 million/year.
  14. I think a large part of the run problems is that neither Harris nor Marshawn are in game form. Both are still recovering from injuries, missed fall practice reps -- which is really hurting timing and vision. Now I have no idea why Z didn't get any carries against Troy.
  15. Props to him for apologizing for a boneheaded play. Own it, and never repeat it.
  16. Maybe an ACC school. UT would have been a good fit for him, but I don't see an opening there next year.
  17. Seems like we could eliminate a couple of penalties with team rules/policies: How to eliminate the tossed ball before the endzone? Anyone scoring a touchdown holds onto the ball until he hands it to the ref in the back of the endzone, Marcus Lattimore style. No exceptions. How to eliminate taunting penalties? Obviously we are not mentally disciplined enough to allow any personal discernment, so new team policy is no talking to the other team period. You stand over an opponent, you're benched. Instead, if you wreck an opponent with a great play, you help him up...and then knock his ass down again next play. And you say nothing. You want to get in their heads, smile at them, and then knock their ass down. Now I don't expect any of the above to be adopted, but at some point you have to question the methods you're currently doing if they are not correcting the problem.
  18. Yeah, pretty much this, I think. It's time to get the running game going. O-line and RBs have struggled. I have hopes that this weekend we see big improvements. If we can establish the run, it will negate their pass rush, which seems to be the key to their defense.
  19. Ok, maybe Cypress Hill self titled album -- critics have always rated them highly. Not on any of my playlists.
  20. Don't know if it's on your list of 6, but REM's Out of Time came out in '91. For my money, the best band of the '90's,
  21. Anybody here use a smart trainer or spinning bike when you can't get outside?
  22. Images are there now. Thanks, Jim.
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    Surely you can't be serious?
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