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  1. I'd love to take 4 out of the last 5 games to finish the season really strong heading into the SEC Tourney. It would be great to get some of that beginning of the season swagger back.
  2. Yancey, advocate for the laparoscopy if it is all medically feasible. I had mine removed about 9 years ago by that process, and it was a pretty easy process. Early morning procedure and I was home by noon. Your digestive system will thank you, and adapt pretty quickly afterwards. Keep us posted, and best wishes regardless of the procedure.
  3. I believe he was also in a band with Steve Winwood, but I think they only did one album, so don't know if that would count as a major band.
  4. Wow, so this game couldn't crack either the SEC or ACC network, and is relegated to a "+" network.
  5. Nice job, Swayin...just sayin.
  6. 1941, a movie I did not appreciate at the time...and still don't, lol.
  7. Just curious...anybody know if there is legal recourse if a chunk of this rocket totals somebody's car or house (not even going to mention "causes a death")?
  8. Unless of course the high school kid is 5"10" and weighs 270, then it could be QB and defensive tackle...thinking of you Jerod Lorenzen (RIP). (Note: Jared was actually 6'4")
  9. This could actually do double duty for the "What's on your bedside table?" thread, as I'm reading the Corey series also...currently on volume 3. Pretty good SciFi.
  10. I know losing Mahoney so early in the game hurt, but that was much closer than it should have been.
  11. Good post Nerf...I learned something. Sadly, I had no knowledge of Ronnie Collins...probably because he played before I was born, but those are great in senior year stats, in the best league in the country at that time. Almost 24 points a game and shooting 50% for the year. RIP Ronnie! Thanks for being a Gamecock, I wish I could have seen you play.
  12. I love the fact that he is coming to the SEC to bet on himself "dominating" in a better league. I love his mindset, but someone is going to have to work coach him so that he doesn't say stuff like this to the media: I know he's just wanting to be intimidating, to "put the fear" into opposing running backs, but you can't say you want to hurt anyone.
  13. Well the Ladies couldn't solve the Hoya's defense and bow out of the Tourney 1-0. Nice season, Ladies.
  14. Talk about a "position of need". Good job, Coach Beamer.
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