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  1. Too early to spend too much time nitpicking, but not sure how they rank Ohio State above Penn State.
  2. LBC is probably pimping Lost Colony rentals to unsuspecting tourists.
  3. Or in the role of medical examiner, Quincy! Geez, I'm old. Does anyone even remember Quincy, M.E.?
  4. Kind of hoping boosters would be approved, but there does seem to be a conflict of interest in the pharmaceutical companies, which would profit greatly from government paid recommendations, advocating and submitting data for additional vaccine sales.
  5. Ok, cocky0, I was fully expecting to see in your list of potential red headed candidates.
  6. The other thing I noticed is this is this is the second week that CSB has defended the O-Line regarding pass blocking, saying that they actually played pretty well. A mixture of mistakes: the QB calling a protection scheme and then the defense did something differently, RB's not picking up their assignments, etc... Regardless of the cause, the result has been poor pass blocking, and hopefully this gets corrected.
  7. Rkierstead8, I think there are some issues with the betting option at the moment, since the site has been upgraded. I know Feathered is looking at it.
  8. Well no wonder we got dinged from the NCAA when Jerri Spurrier gave our players some cookies, according to the desert menu, they're valued at $2/piece. I wish the Head Ball Coach well, I've always heard that it is awfully difficult to make a profit with restaurants -- especially personality themed restaurants (but it is Gainesville).
  9. Hmmm...this made me think. Obviously,the immune system of humans puts up some defense against viruses including Covid, or the fatality rate would have been much greater, excluding persons with comorbidities or stressed immune systems which have greater difficulties fighting off attacks. But this virus could have been something that we had no natural immunity against, and the prospect that it may have been created through a gain of function laboratory process makes me wonder -- should the world as a whole be spending more time on the ethical question of are there areas of science that we don't need to go because of potential catastrophic consequences? Unintended consequences seems to me to be a really important consideration regarding scientific research.
  10. Completely agree with this. I would like to see some improvement on the self-inflicted stupid penalties...show we have learned and are improving toward being a disciplined team. It would also be nice to be able to find a little rhythm in the running game, although that may be a tough ask against the GA defense.
  11. Is there a head coach anywhere in America that loves his job more than CSB?
  12. I think what helped our offense in the second half was finally looking for some outside running lanes instead of simply running between or in some cases, into the tackles.
  13. Nice home atmosphere, but after watching KY against MO last weekend, I'm not too anxious to play either one, but definitely glad we get KY at home.
  14. Ryan McGee is pretty funny...even if he was a Floppy Top grad.
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