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  1. If Head and Shoulders is good enough for Troy Polamalu, not sure why Clemson feels they need to use the Paul Mitchell Osterine Original Shampoo with Morrocan Oil.
  2. Well the good news is that we have a new strength & fitness coordinator to blame for all injuries...
  3. I'm not sure why anyone would expect the Government to be a viable solution of the situation since they are largely responsible for creating the massive education inflation. Since the federal government virtually guarantees access to all students, no matter how high the costs or no matter how unemployable the degree, schools have been able to raise tuition to ridiculous levels without worrying that they will price themselves out of their customer's ability to pay. You print money, you get inflation.
  4. I think Lawson is playing himself out of an opportunity for the NBA next year. He may need to come back for one more year.
  5. How do you keep them from having sex prior to an age of majority? You can pass a law to restrict smoking for underage kids, but you can't for underage sex. Again, the possible impacts of underage sex vs. underage smoking seems at least an order of magnitude much greater.
  6. My roommate is happy to see me after 10 minutes in the cargo area of my SUV. My wife, not so much.
  7. Hear, hear! Flintstones and Brady Bunch for me.
  8. Well there is no disputing that our offensive game is greatly improved. I believe that we can score points on anyone. It's the defense I'm worried about. We seem unable to stop the dribble drive. Luckily, not many teams have guards that quick, but we will need to come up with a solution before the tournament.
  9. SC needs to foul, they only have 2 so far, and eat up some of the remaining 8 seconds. Make State keep taking the ball out of bounds.
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