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  1. With the season we are having, and all of the coaching "discussions", it would pretty much be a Christmas miracle to land Burch.
  2. Definitely agree with the results. My point is that if there are people nitpicking and second guessing everything. If tackling was an issue (as it has been in years past), they would be complaining about full contact tacking drills during practice. If they were complaining about our team lacking toughness, or being too soft, they would complain because coach had the team running Oklahoma drills during practice. Because football is the flagship sport for the University, some of it's fans lose all perspective when discussing it.
  3. LOL. Most of the people commenting negatively about the practice schedule are the same people who lit him up for not using up all of the practice schedules for last year's bowl disaster, when Muschamp stated that he thought the team would benefit from additional recovery time. I'm hardly a Muschamp apologist, but second guessing both sides of the argument is pretty funny. Your opinions are bound to be right with that strategy. Damn him if he does, and damn him if he doesn't.
  4. I'm keeping my fingers crossed...we've yet to see a complete game from this team. Right now they are just wearing teams down with their depth and putting them away in the second half. I we can consistently get two halves of good basketball, we could be really good.
  5. No. 5 South Carolina (17-1-3, 7-0-3 SEC) defeated Samford (10-4-5, 7-1-1 SoCon) 3-0 in the opening round of the NCAA Tournament on Saturday night. Samantha Chang, Luciana Zullo and Riley Tanner all contributed goals helping Carolina advance to the second round for the fourth straight year. The 2019 Division I women's soccer tournament continues next weekend from Nov. 22-24. The Gamecocks will host the second and third rounds with Xavier and Kansas already punching their tickets to Columbia. Notre Dame and Saint Louis will face one another on Sunday to determine the four institutions who will battle for a trip to the Elite Eight. https://gamecocksonline.com/news/2019/11/16/womens-soccer-gamecocks-handle-samford-in-ncaa-tournament-opener.aspx
  6. I liked the Spielberg collaboration, E.T., The Extra Testicle.
  7. Lol, how much mojo do you think one man can effect? But yeah, I'll give it a try...I'll do my part, hopefully the team does theirs.
  8. You've got me beat by a few years, but I was a definite fan and student during the glory years of Dick Sheridan and Jimmy Satterfield as head coaches.
  9. I really struggle with this. I recognize it's a results based business, but other than W's, I think Muschamp has been good for the program. Academics are way up for the team. Seems to bring in good character athletes -- there's been very few incidents of players being knuckleheads in public. Program seems to be run in a more "professional" manner than I can ever remember, and has a staff that understands the social and marketing components of a program. Recruiting seems to be solid. As far as I can tell, he checks every box...except for the wins. The defense, which was non-existent the last couple of years under Spurrier and the first couple under Muschamp, have definitely improved. The most glaring problem seems to be with the offense, which was the best part of this team his first two years and has gone down hill each of the past two years. I'm hoping that an improvement on the offensive side can be made, without throwing out both the baby and the bathwater. At the end of the day, I'm glad I don't have any input into the job evaluation.
  10. Seems like a no brainer...FSU didn't make the finals of their conference tourney, much less win their conference tourney. And had a worse record. I understand the cred that UNC brings to the ACC, but I'm not sure how FSU benefits. Based on season record and conference tourney results I think we got hosed, but honestly I don't think we are a top 4 team. We have a really strong defense, and some good athletes, but almost no offense. It seems the only time we can score is from set pieces and scrambles in front of the net. This lack of scoring threat allows the opponents to just send numbers into our side of the field with little fear of the consequences.
  11. I'll be watching, but I'll be on the treadmill. So far we are 3-0 while I'm on the treadmill. Why take any chances?
  12. Not disagreeing on the secret vote, merely commenting that even with a secret vote, would still need 67 votes to impeach.
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