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  1. Yeah that's just so tough in todays conditioning programs, unless you are playing a speed position like safety or wide receiver, the conditioning is just so different, it is almost impossible to move from the line to the basketball court...by the time you are in basketball condition, the season is over. The line play in the SEC is so physical, that heavy emphasis is placed on strength.
  2. Well it sounds as if most people's expectations for next head coach will have at least been interviewed after today, Chadwell, Napier and Beamer. I think we can probably safely put the Freeze talk to bed -- with the after effects of global warming, Freeze never stood a chance. And honestly, at this point, I think I would be fine with any of those three. I think Napier or Chadwell may bring the most initial excitement to the team in terms of offense, but I think Beamer would be the most stable, capable administrator (and possible the most connected to the largest coordinator pool). Regardless, I hope this is settled by early next week, so the staff can try to salvage the recruiting class. Just wait until next year! Sigh...
  3. They still use the fountains to the best of knowledge, they also now have a solar panel farm across from the campus. I'm not sure how much of their energy needs are covered now, but it is probably pretty substantial.
  4. So recoupment in 10 years...just about the time you'll need to expend for new pumps?
  5. Now I have two dachshunds and they are spoiled to a ridiculous degree, but there is no way I would let them eat off my plate -- no begging while we're eating. However, I have shared water with them out of my glass, so the line of distinction is admittedly pretty thin, lol. By the way, Terry has a good looking dog.
  6. This sounds really interesting; however, I got this message "The initial 2021 booking process has been completed. Most dates during the 2021 season are currently booked, although cancellations do occur throughout the season. Normally would you need to make reservations 1+ year in advance?
  7. So 5 of 17 have been considered competent/successful (29.4%), how does that compare to new hire of head coach's with experience?
  8. GH, not sure how old you are looking to go on your vehicle. Another possible route is certified pre-owned from a dealer, you'll get a late model that has either gone through a rigorous inspection process or was part of the dealer's rental fleet -- so all of the scheduled maintenance would have been completed. The other great thing about buying a CPO, is that most cases you will get a stronger extended warranty than you would from a new car warranty. And of course someone else has already taken the hit on depreciation. Also, as others have commented, best time to buy is end of the year, as dealers want to move inventory to lower tax liability going into a new year. Best of luck with your search. I've been really happy with my 2018 Honda CRV.
  9. Also agree on DuPont, It's one of my favorite spots. Three really accessible falls -- definitely take your camera, or at least your phone. In the same relative area, near Hendersonville is the Green River gorge area, very nice. Also some really nice trails near Landrum you can look up. Jones Gap has a nice one along a little river to a waterfall. And there is always Table Rock state park, although the trail to Pinnacle and also the one to the summit of Table Rock is a pretty good workout, so you may need to work up to that one -- but the payoff is a really nice view of the surrounding water table.
  10. I'll second the out west comment. I was able to spend almost a week in Colorado this summer, and went into Rocky Mountain National Park every day. BEAUTIFUL, and lot's of great hiking. The scenery is so different than what we see here in the East. I definitely want to go back and spend some time exploring some more in CO and also Utah, Montana and Arizona.
  11. Proud owner of two doxies, the male is 15 and the female is 13! Dachsunds in da House.
  12. Yep, Sean Connery was the definitive Bond for me. Also loved him in Untouchables: "they send one of yours to the hospital, you send one of theirs to the morgue", that whole Chicago way speech is one of the best monologues in cinema. I also liked him in the Presidio and The Rock
  13. I really hate this past season was cancelled...that was a really good, complete team. I'm looking forward to see what Dawn has cooked up for us this year.
  14. Yeah, if it wasn't for that pesky hitting and choking his players accusation....

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