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  1. Thanks for the offer...I'll let you know if I take the plunge, but for the moment, I'm farming for primals in D3.
  2. FurmanCock

    Gas Prices

    Paid $1.59/gallon today at a QT going through Greenville. I saw $1.40/gallon today on a sign, but might have been E-85.
  3. I've never played online. Can you port your existing toon, or do you start fresh with one?
  4. What's the rationale for stopping alcohol sales? Non-essential? Seems extreme...while it's not a staple, it is a grocery. Is there any more risk exposure for buying some Whistlepig, than someone running into BiLo to buy some Little Debbies and salsa? Edit: apparently got me too, lol.
  5. Did you get the superglue and the lubrication lotion confused again?
  6. I ended up with hair dyed purple from some concoction I was mixing up from one of those chemistry sets, when I was a kid. Luckily a) I was on the porch at the time, and b) I had on goggles at the time -- I wasn't a complete idiot...just unsupervised.
  7. FurmanCock

    WTF Thread

    Ok, that made me laugh.
  8. In an effort to be completely unhelpful, I'd recommend the School of Rock:
  9. More like the Chuck Norris joke someone posted in the chat...Muschamp and the corona virus came into contact, and now the corona virus is in quarantine for 14 days.
  10. You should get a nice chunk of that back once the markets get some positive news...hang in there.

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