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  1. Ok, it took you 5+ years to get the first 10K miles...you're cranking along to that second 10,000 in only 2-1/2. Nice. Glad to see you're asshat of a downvoter has followed you over from the Viewpoint forum.
  2. Ok, this bit of descriptive liberty deserves some recognition. Well played, Conway.
  3. That's fine...this is all opinion. I would suggest that everything you say above about athleticism supports an out-talent vs out-coach position. And we typically benefit from a rebounding advantage because we generally have a more talented height advantage across our starting five...and talent coming in off of the bench (all points to great recruiting). And nobody that I have read is arguing that it's a net zero position, that she is all recruiting and no coaching. I don't think anyone is arguing that she is a bad coach, certainly not if you define "good coach" as winning games -- in that regards, she is one of the best in the country. But I also didn't hear any arguments against the points made previously on our offensive liabilities...
  4. There's a lot of truth here...we've won a lot of games out-talenting teams, not through execution and fundamentals. We are arguably one of the worst passing teams in the country...we telegraph passes, we lazily "float" passes, we throw passes into crowds...And don't even get me started on lay-ups and free throws. And yet we win. And therein lies the conundrum...Coach Staley is maybe the best recruiting head coach in the women's game, and we are going to win a lot of games by out-talenting other teams, but we will also continue to struggle against good talent that has better fundamentals. Luckily there aren't a whole bunch of those type teams in the country each year.
  5. What can I say...I've always been an "old" man. By the way, get off my lawn!
  6. I hear you Nerf. Sometime in the last year my streaming service dropped ESPN+ or vice versa, and I really don't want to pay for yet another service. SEC network, or ESPN...I'm there. Otherwise, I'm dependent upon the outstanding efforts of Conway.
  7. Any reason why this is a 1 pm game? That seems weird for a weekday game. Any posted scoring updates would be appreciated by those of us without the + viewing option.
  8. I didn't know dreammachine other than through this forum and CT. I always read his posts on food...the man loved to grill. RIP and condolences to his wife.
  9. Conway, thanks for the write-up. Especially for those of us without access to SEC+. I would really like to see a bright spot for SC athletics in something this school year.
  10. Maybe first round, but don't forget Jared Cook -- who has had a really nice career was drafted in 2nd or 3rd round I believe. Justice Cunningham also was drafted late. I know everyone's favorite Weslye Saunders made the roster with the Steelers, but was undrafted. That's all I can think of at the moment.
  11. Apparently Willie Scott passed away on Monday: I remember listening to Bob Fulton call his and George Rogers' names on the radio. RIP, Mr. Scott. Thank you for the great memories.

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