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  1. For those of us that live out of state, please keep us posted. Any information is appreciated.
  2. Will we see improvement on the mound this Spring?
  3. If you have any time, take the drive south from Pebble on Hwy 1 to Big Sur. Hwy 1 between Monterrey and Big Sur is my favorite drive. I would seriously consider having my ashes scattered along that route...hopefully many years from now.
  4. I couldn't find a thread on Antonio Brown in the rest of the forum, other than the RSS feed thread which doesn't allow replies. I thought this was funny, but wasn't going to start a thread for it, so I'll put it here.
  5. Accusations repeated as facts.
  6. Apparently the story that the NYT ran, the Washington Post has had since Oct 2018, but refused to run it because they could not find any corroboration of the story
  7. Yes they could have, but they used the time to bolster Kavanaugh instead. Pretty similar to when the Democrats questioned Ford, they spent their time bolstering her instead of questioning any of her inconsistencies. The answer seems kind of simple to this he said, she said. Have Ford refer the case to Maryland AG for an actual trial. Since that has never been done (and Ford's testimony at the Kavanaugh hearing eliminates any kind of "I don't want to go public" with the allegations excuse), it seems to strengthen the argument the accusation was for political purposes -- especially in light of recent comments by Deborah Katz.
  8. Gamecocks suffered their first loss of the season yesterday, losing 1-0 to Clemson at Clemson giving the Tigers a point in the Palmetto Series competition.
  9. Since uncorroborated innuendo is the new journalistic standard for indictment, might as well throw out some weak sauce for Kavanaugh's side:
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