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  1. Trump will be meeting with Norton and MacAfee today to discuss possible cures.
  2. Trump and his crack scientific brain trust, all honors grads from Trump U, are meeting at the state of the art lab/gift shop at Mar-a-Lago to test out cool names like “Sleepy Virus”, “Little Rocket Pandemic” , and “Low Energy Flu.”We have nothing to fear!!Trump is on top of this! MAGA
  3. He only steals from the best children’s cancer charities.
  4. He made sure our forests are properly raked.
  5. Trump is so pissed about this whole health crisis, he has threatened to invade Covoid.
  6. Because he’s a sexual predator ?
  7. I hope he doesn’t get it.VP Snakehandler scares me more than fat Donny
  8. He should be quarantined on a Ted Cruzship.
  9. Pacific Rim Shot Batman Begins Crocheting Uncle Ben Hur f**k Shane Django Unchained Melody Children of the corn dogs
  10. Slingblade Runner Schindler’s to do list Never give a cock sucker an even break Alice Cooper in Wonderland Totie Fields of dreams Rear Entry Window

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