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  1. Not as good as Stepmom of Flubber
  2. So, Grinding Nemo was OK, but 69 Dalmatians was pretty derivative.
  3. All religions are poison.Anyone who believes that some supernatural fictional character holds the keys to mankind’s past, present, or future is a fucking idiot.
  4. I have no problem with Mormons, or any group of religious nuts, getting shot by Mexican Drug cartels.As long as it happens in Mexico.Unless Rastafarians start getting shot.Then we use nukes.
  5. So, is that a rhetorical question?A value judgement?Does taking stances on behalf of dimwits make you feel better about yourself? You self righteous busybody.
  6. The funny thing is, she could whoop your sorry ass.
  7. I was gonna poke fun at crack whores but your Mom would never see the post, so why bother.
  8. I know from reading the tripe you post that you either have late stage brain cancer or your parents share DNA.
  9. I don’t put enough liver in to overpower the hash.Chicken livers are pretty mild.Im not a fan of beef or pork liver.
  10. Drive over to Hendersonville and eat at Dat’s Cajun Cafe.
  11. Wow.You’re a forester, economist, military strategist, and political pundit all rolled into one.Where do you find the time to work on the garbage truck?
  12. And they’re eternally grateful.Catastrophic fires are one thing, but they’d never get over the psychological damage the massive drop in average IQ your relocation would cause.
  13. Grind a Pork loin,Chuck Roast, and a Hand full of chicken livers.Brown with finely chopped onions, celery, and bell pepper.Season with salt and pepper.Add a few tablespoons of Worcestershire.Cover with water and cook low and slow until you get the consistency you’re after.I always add a dollop of my favorite mustard based sauce after I’ve plated.
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