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  1. I'm still not sold impeachment is the right political move for the Democrats. And America needs them to win big in '20. But this was a devastating week for Team Trump.
  2. The internet is very serious business.
  3. You beat the meth yet? Rehab?
  4. My bad, man. And my apologies to the administration here.
  5. Looked like he was having a dust-up with one of the mods last time I was in here. But saw a post today by him, guess they're tougher than they seem. Honestly, the football "progrum" is so bad right now, it's kinda turning me off to think about it.
  6. Very interesting. Did SAC get banned? If so, done here. Zup tl?
  7. This is a little long, but fantastic parody. I mean, I assume ...
  8. Sure looks like an impeachment process to me
  9. His career should live or die by the Muschamp hire, imo. He went out on a limb hiring a guy who had just been fired by another SECE program a year before. And the clock is ticking.
  10. GoldenSpur7


    I agree. Project Veritas is a sensationalist scam that only the far right falls for.
  11. (a) I admire Gabbard's criticism of US foreign policy in the mideast. We've squandered enough blood and treasure there. Calling HRC a "warmonger" was dead-on - there's a cottage industry of think-tankers in D.C. that rotate into the government and seem to always see the use of force as the answer in Pan-Arabia. Clinton is one of them, and it always seems to bite America on the ass. (b) Saying Gabbard is being "groomed" is asinine - it implies Putin and her have some type of mentor-protege relationship. Please go away. (c) That being said, of course the Russian propaganda machine would push a Gabbard 3rd-party run as hard as they could on social media, their news channels, whatever. They did the same thing with Jill Stein last election. Because a challenger from the left will suck away votes from the Democratic candidate, which increases the probability for victory of the actual known Russian asset - one Donald Trump.
  12. This is some kind of read, man. It's like they're running this facet of the government: https://www.propublica.org/article/inside-turbotax-20-year-fight-to-stop-americans-from-filing-their-taxes-for-free
  13. Lol @ that letter. I thought he hired people to write those damn things? Jeez. And reports are Erdogan literally just threw it in the trash. Somebody's in way over their orange head.
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