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  1. Man, gotta figure out how the quotes work over here, and can't fix it with editing, lol.
  2. What's insane? The facts? Here ya go: waiver - https://www.defensenews.com/breaking-news/2017/01/13/us-congress-passes-waiver-for-mattis-to-lead-pentagon/ The stock?
  3. I agree about RR. If they post a sub-.500 this year, the riverboat has sailed.
  4. 324 yards passing, but 24-50 and 69.1. 3/14 on 3rd down really stands out to me - seems like this team plods and doesn't get enough chunk plays 1st/2nd down, and then stalls out when they do. And that has a lot to do with Cam's lack of touch. He had some 12-15 yard curl outs and some sideline routes where his throws weren't even in the freaking neighborhood. NFL QB's should be able to make those at a reasonable percentage. The 3-4 looks ok to me, and makes sense with the big bodies CAR has up front (Poe, Short, McCoy), and the tweener LB/DE's we drafted. Allowed 20 points, that should be good enough to win an NFL game, but the O keeps getting FG's.
  5. Fact checks -> https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/claudiakoerner/facebook-fact-check-abortion-video-doctors-medical
  6. Idk,Cam may be coming to the end of his career. His accuracy was awful, this offense is unwatchable.
  7. Man, I'm having to watch this thing on the computer off a damn stream, because it's on the NFL Network, and Hulu doesn't have it. What a stupid, outmoded idea by the League.
  8. Gotta get up early on them. Seems like that's almost always the case when they lose. I don't see it happening without some points on special teams and/or turnovers.
  9. Green: the studies I've seen have indicated that vaping causes some genetic damage, but no definitive ties to certain types of cancers like cigarettes have. I don't think there's proof that e-cigs aren't more safe than cig's. Blue: that's true, but informed decisions are best. There should be information about ingredients, and some research into the long-term effects should be funded, imo. Red: there was a thread on the same topic on another forum I Look at. Teacher from metro ATL was saying it is a big thing among kids now, some actually try to get away with it IN CLASS. Just common sense-wise, it's hard to believe that breathing in vapor heated with Chinese lake water could be good for you.
  10. Mattis had no business being SoD. They had to pass a special waiver for him, since it hadn't been 7 years since he left the military. The guy had over a million dollars worth of stock/options in the defense sector he was working for, was part-and-parcel of the military-industrial complex. And he promptly talked Drumpf into increasing military spending, while trying to maintain America's position as World Cop in the Mideast (with some doubletalk provided as well). I mean, I hear a lot about the "deep state" from Trump's base. If there is such a thing, the M-I complex would be part of its firmament. And Mattis would be about as Deep State as it gets.
  11. But there should be some honest appraisal/warning included with the products, including ingredients.
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