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  1. Is this MGB's alt? Seems about the same IQ level. Mid 80's, maybe.
  2. A friend of mine is a rheumatologist. He had a private practice with 2 other doctors. Had to hire billing clerks, said it was an ongoing hassle getting people to pay or get the insurance companies to reimburse. Ended up leaving it and going to work at the Med School in Cola.
  3. Yes to the nursing home one (wasn't a patient, my mother was). They did a good job.
  4. https://www.healthcaredive.com/news/seniors-love-medicare-but-are-pessimistic-about-its-long-term-future/548721/
  5. That's an assumption you're making. That's not the way it's worked out in other countries that outrank us in HC.
  6. Hill has performed well when healthy, but had 3 ACL's, yikes. And all in college.
  7. Man, I wish Soros controlled the Democratic party. IT would be a lot more on-point and better organized. We need to give that guy MORE control.
  8. Lel, you should see this thread at another forum I go to - the rightwingers revel in Martin's death, joke about it. The FL prosecutors blew it trying to get a full murder rap, but no decent person doesn't think Zimmerman is an a**hole.
  9. +1 for the entertainment. Now calm down.
  10. (a) Don't take everything you read here seriously. (b) I'm sure Soros will bequeath much of his fortune to organizations when he passes. That he leaves to his heir should of course be subject to inheritance tax.
  11. World Puppet Master. Soros da Man!
  12. Gotten texts from Steyer, Bernie the most. Don't think Bloomberg has hit me up yet. Looking at the list, also Booker, Harris, Williamson, Bennet, Sherrod Brown and Modern Exterminating. Once you're on that mailing list ....
  13. The only thing holding back single payer is the innumeracy of the American public.
  14. So you're posing the moral choice of (a) the medical industry making less money and (b) sick people getting treatment that won't bankrupt them? Guess which one I'm going with. From your article (top): Cost to collect would decrease from an average of 3.5% of net revenue to about 2% or less Patient experience would improve Savings from administrative simplification appear insufficient to offset net revenue cuts

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