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  1. Yeah, that's not likely to happen, and his request for a parade got shot down. US election: Donald Trump's request for huge military-style farewell parade rejected by the Pentagon - NZ Herald But I agree that if he could get away with it, he might try. Depends on how sure he is or isn't that he's going to jail, maybe.
  2. Damn. My 80-year old father called me yesterday. He's getting the vaccination on Saturday. He's in relatively good health. The ones who died were all over 80, and it said they were in frail health. Also, 400 people die a week in these facilities. It's a grim calculus either way, I'm afraid.
  3. So let me ask you deplorable terrorist supporters, is there any ray of hope left? The pillow salesman was talking about martial law with Drumpf last week. You guys hoping he goes for it?
  4. Biden needs to declare a War On Right Wing Terrorism. Tell the ATF and FBI to partner up with local LEO's and go in gloves-off, if necessary. Right now, the enemy is within, and it's a faction of the Republican party.
  5. Yeah right, for 4 years you guys were "owning the libs", and now all of a sudden everything is about "unity". Nah, time to implement Democratic ideas. The GOP does nothing but bring us war, debt, and plague. With some rightwing terrorism thrown in to spice it up.
  6. Nice try, you democracy-hatin' deplorables, no cigar. Gotta be tough today, knowing you basically voted for a seditious wanna-be strongman. #losing And I know Biden preached "unity", and he should continue with that as a social theme. But there's no need to beg and scrape to Cocaine Mitch anymore. Dems are in control of all 3 branches, they need to ram their agenda right down the GOP's throat. To hell with a bunch of unity, that ain't the way the Pubs saw it when they had the chance.
  7. They took it down. Finally. Twitter has to be dealt with after this. Section 230 rewrite, assign legal liability for allowing stuff like that to stay up.
  8. What's going on in DC is sad, but what a great thing for America. Trump helped the two most progressive senators get elected. Whoo!
  9. Trump really might have committed a crime. It would make my day to see him in handcuffs.
  10. Retaining Bobo has the same stench of failure that Maschump bringing in Roper did.
  11. Hopefully, there's competition and a better option.
  12. The players are rebelling against Bobo, they don't like the guy. Get rid of his ass, and sign somebody with some new ideas.
  13. It's unknown whether you can transmit or not. They'll probably have some data to determine that fairly quickly after the vaccinations take place en masse.
  14. In a time long ago, when we were successful, he was recruiting director under then-coach Steve Spurrier, if I'm remembering correctly. Left to join his dad a VaTech.

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