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  1. Lightfoot: Sundown, you better take care if I find you've been creeping round up that stair.
  2. He's gonna be seeing a wall now for realz. I just wonder how many of the rightwing jacklegs on this board coughed up $ to Bannon for the the "project". Not that any of them would admit it now.
  3. Biden doesn't want to defund the police.
  4. You don't want "quell" there. Do you believe in "law and order" or not?
  5. Biden will delegate. The country won't be held hostage to one delusional narcissist's whims. Trump = everything's about Trump.
  6. I think this is a solid pick. There are going to be some attacks from the right, but I'm seeing broad support among Democratic leaders. What you're getting with Harris is a WoC who will hopefully help minority turnout, and someone who has a mix of liberal views and more centrist history as AG in California.
  7. What terrible power this man Joe must possess!
  8. Trump ways wearing masks is "Patriotic" now, lol. He wouldn't listen to Fauci, but man, when Chuck Woolery says it's a good idea, that's serious ...
  9. Hey guise, checking in with a little update. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2020/07/16/wealthy-longtime-democratic-donors-boosted-biden-with-big-checks-second-quarter/ Looks like King George is in the Biden game: Every little bit helps. Current Congressional recipients: Soros Fund Management Profile: Recipients He has contributed to 5 Republicans, including Lindsay Graham and Tom Cotton.
  10. https://www.wkyc.com/article/news/health/coronavirus/port-clinton-army-veteran-dies-from-coronavirus-at-37-friends-hope-his-death-will-serve-as-cautionary-tale/95-2c322cf5-90af-41f4-8849-23fe5d937559

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