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  1. They will move somewhere. Real estate in downtown charlotte is far too valuable.
  2. Yep, they're saving us all.
  3. gamecock88

    Gas Prices

    Costco has it at $1.29 today
  4. Lol. We found a couple places that do the ready made frozen meals in the tin pans. You just pop them in the oven for 20-30 mins. Local places and it's really pretty good. That was easier than fighting the crowd at Costco and Publix. Both take phone or internet orders and don't have limits. We've built a decent stash of that. My other freezer is pretty full of venison, fish, quail, pheasant, and a turkey. Dad has cattle & chickens so that's always a possibility if times get really bad...
  5. Yep, my mom is the same and similar age. She's carrying on the same as before. Church, gym, seeing relatives, regular dr visits, very little if any food or supplies. She's far more laid back than I am. She watches home shopping network and halmark channel and avoids the news other than checking the weather.
  6. Somewhat naive to think the President plays a role in that. Maybe look to the NBA and the players, who mostly all are against him. Just saw an entire team got tested and all negative. Didn't even show any signs yet they took the tests. The President didn't test them nor give them the tests. He didn't approve them getting tested. Yet if he came out against them getting tested it would probably be racist or some other "ism".
  7. You obviously believe that because you've been brainwashed to believe it no matter facts to the contrary.
  8. Wrong on multiple levels but keep telling yourself that and maybe you'll believe it. Note that I said "PEOPLE" and didn't chose a side in my post. It's just that you took a huge leap and made a bad assumption. Neither side has a monopoly on being bad at humanity. Speaking only of this situation, the Trump admin and support team is doing an overall good job. This type of situation has never been managed at this level and is constantly changing. Easy for back seat hindsight biased drivers to find fault with yesterday. Not sure what his opposition wants more right now. More bad so it hurts Trump/helps them or some good to help the people, help Trump, hurt them. Isn't that the definition of Character?
  9. People blinded by hate and real divisiveness will argue with anything. If the President does something, anything - it's either too much, too soon, too late, not enough. There's no right and they can't stand that he's doing as good of a job handling a very fluid and dynamic situation as any objective person can expect. This has never happened before and great progress is being made at a fast pace. Still, they rant on and look to complain and find fault.
  10. Sounds like a fair answer. No, it shouldn't happen. Do rich people get preferential treatment, yes. Did he condone and I missed that part?
  11. Zion paying arena workers salaries for the next 30 days in NO.
  12. Well, we were prepared at home somewhat then UofSC extended spring break and my son is here for another week, so we'll be out of food soon. Seriously though, we have some hand sanitizer already because I'm a germophobe. Washing hands pretty often already but have probably upped that too. Work/corp office is going full bore into trying to get otherwise lazy, unsanitary people to change their habits and be considerate of others. They've also upped the amount of sick time so folks can lay out and take precautions. Changing meeting structure around, cutting most travel and we skype meetings more the last couple weeks. I actually like that part and hope it stays on after this has passed. I have moved some investments around but so far haven't been hit 'too' badly with the fluctuating markets. Hoping for an extended warm spell and some good fortune so we call can get through this thing. I think many of the closings/events/schools are starting to snowball since some others started it, they all feel the pressures now.
  13. Tastylicks - I sincerely apologize for offering a differing view from you. Yes - Trump has some questionable dealings. Nothing to do with the original topic. Nothing new for presidents and politicians. They're all miles away from squeaky clean. I'm not ignoring his faults and real issues. Just not condemning him in every way and faulting him for every issue the world has.
  14. Yep, he certainly started this country down the road with foreign investors and debt. We had virtually zero before he was elected right? Sorry to lump my replies to others in one post to you. Not intended to direct all towards you specifically.
  15. Global panic and a media frenzy has certainly taken its toll. The markets have always been prone and subject to panic. Isolationism? There is none in the developed world, so yeah its not working and it's not even being practiced. Trump for all his faults ran on putting American interests first. In some cases to a fault but nothing totally based on "we can do it all here all alone". That's just twisted view points from a barrage of media that has trained you to disagree for the sake of disagreeing.
  16. I can feel the genuine concern you all have for the president.
  17. Vandy was the better team today. More energy and better decisions throughout. Kida looked like all the guys were waiting for someone else to take over and nobody really ever did. Very tough game to watch.

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