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  1. What's the issue here? I guess it's ok if you're trolling your rival. cu missed a FG the previous week when they needed it. Missed one when they didn't. I fully support the coach getting on his players. Attn to details, no matter how small, has helped them win 2 of 3 NCs. Are kickers that special and sensitive they need to be talked to and handled differently?
  2. We will need to be creative to get any sort of pressure vs that massive OL. Not optimistic but very hopeful. With the depth they have teams tend to just wear down.
  3. All games will be tough ones down the stretch. I’d like to think we beat UT but their freshman QB looked very good at times vs UGA. He’d look even better vs our D. UGA talent wise is heads and shoulders above us. Watching Fromm go through his progression while standing behind that massive OL is impressive. Florida D wins most matchups vs our O. Their DL, LBs and physical corners will be a huge test. They are also very well coached and Trask has been an upgrade for them. Vandy is a winnable game. App St is a toss up as to which USC shows. If we can lean on them and run the ball consistently well, we wear them down.
  4. I don’t really have a problem with it. Kinda reminds me of some of the stuff spurrier has popped off with in his career Dabo beats the sec teams he faces so he can run off at the mouth some. Not his fault the rest of the acc continues to suck.
  5. Georgia v UT Auburn v UF I think UF may be overrated some but honestly don't know who I'd put up there in front of them. They have a pretty talented team.
  6. Fast and most athletic. I like that combination. The questions and his responses are all over the map but interesting to listen to. Frank appeared to be excited and in great spirits. He even mentioned he’s sleeping better.
  7. Wondering the same thing. Seems the snake paper and the Program/Univ have just let it go.
  8. Mine did okay originally but has gotten worse The 8 plus
  9. Nice. We’re getting a lot out of our upperclassmen.
  10. I felt much better headed into Mizzou than I did after it. Some confidence is renewed after the UK game. How much of that was defensive performing better vs a QB who couldn't throw it out of a boat and hit water though? We did stop their run for the most part but struggled late when they moved the WR to the wildcat and went faster. Until we are consistent I'm still not optimistic about many other games. None of them will be easy. Very pleased with our running game but one troubling trend is our inability to push the ball down field vertically and to protect RH. 4-5 wins is what I'm guessing but I'm also hoping we put it all together for a few surprises.
  11. Did Ray have complete authority to grant the extension or did the BOT have to approve that? Must admit that I'm not up on the inner workings of coach contracts but it seems like a terrible move in retrospect to give him such a contract with that level of buyout. Negotiations are typically won by those with the most leverage and I don't see how Champ ever had that much at all. I'm thankful for those baseball NC trophies but Ray appeared to be in way over his head while Spurrier was tanking, even further over his head during the coaching search and he hasn't changed that since by offering such a one sided contract. Don't care what the rest of the conference does. Champ wanted to be here and we settled on him. Nobody wanted to take him away and they definitely don't want him now. As for recruiting, it has leveled off some here lately and we have seen a de-commit. Could be more if they don't right the ship to some extent. Go on a run of bad losses and recruits will keep listening to other recruiters.
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