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  1. Auburn hitting a high % of 3s and FTs. We aren't terrible offensively but our defense isn't good. Down 2 touchdowns at the half
  2. 100% accurate. Not worried about anything with this. He's a good man, ok coach, alum and the HC is a good friend.
  3. 2nd vote for Steven Raichlen. The guy was born to cook outdoors.
  4. I thought they were still based in Seattle, and as of late last year employ over 800k full time people globally.
  5. I just started looking into them since some guys from work have them. They love being able to cook several things at once and the quick cleanup.
  6. What realistic suggestions or ideas do you have in mind? Seriously. I don't think 'President for all' means that everyone gets their way or is necessarily happy with his direction immediately. With the majority he has, I don't see him bending much to the right just to work deals in Washington. He is a little closer to center than many will admit or want to believe (not centered), but any real change will take time and probably be gradual in most cases. It's not up to him to change to your view, but it is up to him to demonstrate why his is better for the country as a whole. Not random individuals. Step one is telling the truth and I see no reason to question that 1 day in.
  7. Delusional topic by the OP. Expecting any politician to look out for anything but party/power first is comical. Biden has some solid foundation in his policy and agenda. His greater work will be keeping balance within his own party and not allow the extreme to dictate. We had the total opposite of that so to speak in the last admin, although he lead the extreme vs it leading him.
  8. Broken glass and graffiti mostly but some may have other intentions. The larger harm in my opinion is the damage to these city's images. This could hurt long term investment and cause other issues for them. Its a little early to be blaming or tying this to the Biden admin in any way. The police work in mostly democratic cities, states and have been controlled by them through the years. They were pandered to to get votes on the exec level. Let's see if the politicians come through this time and effect real, lasting change, as they should. It will take time and a concerted effort by all parties to improve policing methods and revamp the system to see noticeable improvements. I do question if some of these folks will ever be appeased.
  9. We are extremely thin and inexperienced at QB, obviously. So a ton hinges on one position, health and improvement of that one position. We had higher ranked recruiting that those teams as you mention but it was either unrealized talent, underutilized, or not developed the way UK and Mizz have. They're better than us in that regards.
  10. Yeah, one of those guys who says, "if I'd have known I'd live this long I'd have taken better care of myself".
  11. Yep. The big man for mizzou did what he wanted to basically. Team played hard. On to the next one

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