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  1. Saw that. They're also expecting all P5 to do the same this week.
  2. States and boards employ teachers who can't perform basic computer functions? Continuing education should have been mandatory for all educators and staff long ago. If this is true it's even more evidence of total incompetence. Core classes should have been a priority. Not the entire curriculum. Variations of in person and distance learning could have been planned. Fewer classes offered. Smaller classes. Longer days. Longer weeks. Again- this has become more about "what they can't do" and $ and politics than it is about education and safety.
  3. Agreed but school boards and state/fed politicians aren't elected and paid to develop one plan based off one scenario. I've mentioned it previously in this thread or in another. There's many many ways of reopening and continuing both in person and distance learning if there is some sacrifice and work put in for the greater good (children and their safety & education). The total narrow mindedness shouldn't come as a surprise to me but it always does.
  4. Backwards @ss thinking local yocals. It's all about them and $ and little about safety and education. School districts and state had all summer to come up with a plan and that's what they came up with. The board should lose their jobs.
  5. I think hypocrisy is universally and spread out pretty evenly. People do and tell themsleves whatever it takes to help get past taking accountability or accepting their chosen one's faults.
  6. Just checked party city and couldn't find any embryo shower decorations
  7. I have never heard someone announce they're 'having a fetus'.
  8. Wow - that shock wave is amazing and scary.
  9. 10-4. They shoulda kicked open a gate or set a fence on fire...sorry antagonizing. I really wasn't trying to add very much to this thread. Not that I ever really do. Agree on the thongs. This one was adding to the ambiance of MB though.
  10. If they were exercising their right to protest - peacefully - then their arrest should concern it all. On a side note - a woman was arrested/detained in Myrtle Beach for wearing a thong bikini. I have watched/researched that video several times this morning. For educational purposes only.

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