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  1. Litter and this state has more than it's share of it. Must be a law that I'm unaware of that states "all dasani water bottles and bojangles bags must be thrown out car windows". Turn signals may as well not be on cars anymore. Basically all the a-holes use it as a way to give the rest of us the finger. I think most folks are also becoming color blind as red lights are now more of a suggestion than a law. Would also add the lazy cops that I see very often witnessing and committing these same violations. Leaf blowers Folks who have 3 trees in their yard but somehow always have something to burn. I'll also add seeing dogs tied out on chains. My dad did it when I was growing up. We always had bird dogs, coon dogs and deer dogs. Didn't like it then and hate to see it now. Never seen a happy dog on a chain. Helped him build some nice kennels a few years back.
  2. Scumbag neighbor did it. Sounds like he killed her within hours but then moved her body to where it was found close to the time they found her. She was not killed where they found her.
  3. The Green Mile Unplugged Jeremiah Tiny Johnson Road Waffle House Pimped Gran Torino Hondo Accord
  4. Good to see. Really hope those OL are all stronger and ready to block.
  5. Yuppies and their bottled beer.
  6. We have tons of traffic laws not being obeyed now. Problem is there’s far more a-holes than there a cops to police them. Turn signals, red lights, rolling stops, all are problems along with the left lane campers. Don’t get started on litter bugs... speaking of that, who’s responsible for all the car parts after traffic accidents. They’re laying all over this state. Tow companies get the cars and the big stuff but tons of shrapnel left.
  7. No excited about it but he's an assistant / position coach so there's a ton of variables. We could hire the best out there but he may not fit in well. It's all a guessing game so I'll hope for the best. He's from the state and by all accounts a good recruiter. Maybe the kind of guy who sticks around a while.
  8. Lattimore just left and I get the emotional feelings but he has no real experience coaching at this level. Shaw neither. Deuce would be a great hire IF we could pay him and he had interest in coming back to UofSC. He's the RB and Asst Coach at Philly so I don't see it happening. I think we should go after Hunter at Wake.

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