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  1. Who was our last pitcher to pitch a complete-game shutout before today? Roth? I know they probably gave the answer on the radio, but I was not able to listen to or watch the game.
  2. Do you mean about resisting arrest, especially while sitting in a vehicle? No, not much common sense at all. Never a happy ending most of the time, unless you're in the General Lee or a black Trans Am.
  3. I turned the game off in the bottom of the 7th right when Peters came in for Lloyd and went to bed, but my sense was that Kingston wasn't going to leave Peters in for long because he needed him the rest of the weekend with Kerry now unavailable as a reliever. It will be great if Thomas Farr can pick up a Game 3 win to make up for his Game 1 losses due to poor hitting.
  4. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2021/05/14/capitol-riot-proud-boys-leader-ethan-nordean-lashes-out-trump/5089270001/
  5. Yeah, that would be enough for the lawn mower as I need to cut the grass this weekend. LOL
  6. There's no way to tell who has been vaccinated and who hasn't in an enclosed space, so the CDC's recommendation is too ambiguous to me to serve a good purpose right now. We haven't been through the June and July summer vacation periods yet, either, when there will most certainly be a spike in positive cases. I have been fully vaccinated since the first week of April, but will still be wearing a mask to the grocery stores and malls regardless of what the CDC says. I really don't think people are testing like they have been, either, since the vaccinations became available to every
  7. On its own, I had been thinking we needed a shake-up in the starting pitching line-up to see if that might help things for us. Let's see if Kerry can keep it rollin' in Game 2 this weekend.
  8. As I recall he didn't notice anything the first time he tested positive, but the second time kicked him pretty good. Caslen the hangman is gone now, so Frank can just focus on staying healthy and coaching the team.
  9. All of the stations on the main road here were empty when I went looking for gas yesterday, but I was able to find some at a mom and pop store in town. I am grabbing groceries today in case the trucks to the grocery stores get sidelined until things get caught up again.
  10. Eastern European/Russian hackers. This is state-sponsored stuff. Ransomware attacks are part of the new Cold War with the Russians. Okay, it's still the Soviet Union. Call it what it is.
  11. For now the Dems and Biden need to know that Trump is still out there in the hazy mist in case they wander too far left off of the Moderate path.
  12. Because she voted to impeach a sitting Republican POTUS who is still popular within the Republican party itself. Trump made a lot of Republican politicians uncomfortable, but most of them didn't vote to impeach Trump like she did. That's the biggest difference I see.
  13. Looks like I will need to make some more chili to compensate for the methane gas shortage.
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