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  1. The best coaches are the ones who figure out how to get 3* athletes to perform like 4*/5* ones and I think we finally have those coaches here now. The past several years we've had coaches that brought everyone down to a 3* level and kept them there. Win or lose, I am looking forward to seeing us play better against UGA than we have in some time.
  2. Take a look at the SEC schedule this weekend: DATE AWAY HOME GAME INFO 9/18 - 12:00 PM ET New Mexico (7) Texas A&M SEC Network 9/18 - 12:00 PM ET Chattanooga Kentucky SEC Network+ | ESPN+ 9/18 - 12:00 PM ET SE Missouri St Missouri SEC Network+ | ESPN+ 9/18 - 12:00 PM ET Tennessee Tech Tennessee SEC Network+ | ESPN+ 9/18 - 3:30 PM ET (1) Alabama (11) Florida CBS 9/18 - 4:00 PM ET Georgia So (20) Arkansas SEC Network 9/18 - 4:00 PM ET Mississippi St Memphis ESPN2 9/18 - 7:00 PM ET South Carolina (2) Georgia ESPN 9/18 - 7:30 PM ET (22) Auburn (10) Penn State ABC 9/18 - 7:30 PM ET C Michigan LSU SEC Network 9/18 - 8:00 PM ET Tulane (17) Ole Miss ESPN2 9/18 - 8:00 PM ET Stanford Vanderbilt ESPNU Now look at the SEC East standings: CONF OVERALL HOME ROAD NEUTRAL PF PA STRK Kentucky 1-0 2-0 2-0 0-0 0-0 80 38 W2 Florida 0-0 2-0 1-0 1-0 0-0 77 34 W2 Georgia 0-0 2-0 1-0 0-0 1-0 66 10 W2 South Carolina 0-0 2-0 1-0 1-0 0-0 66 17 W2 Missouri 0-1 1-1 1-0 0-1 0-0 62 59 L1 Tennessee 0-0 1-1 1-1 0-0 0-0 72 47 L1 Vanderbilt 0-0 1-1 0-1 1-0 0-0 27 44 W1 Bama will handle the Gators and our game is the only other in-conference game this weekend. Man, just think how we could get a leg up on the East if we could pull off the upset because we're improving and playing better. We would probably come in ranked at around #18 if we get the upset. Getting the win and continuing to play better would really energize Gamecock Nation.
  3. The arrest made the NBC Nightly News last night.
  4. The plays Satt runs are probably just variations of many of those Noland has already seen as a more veteran player than Doty, so maybe there has been less of a learning curve with the new playbook with Noland. I think people are jaded with Noland because we all saw how Collyn Hill petered out after a couple of games, but I think Noland is a few ticks better. It always took Hill a few possessions to get settled in at Colorado St. and that's what we saw with him here. Noland seemed a lot sharper out of the box this year than Hill was last year and being on a better-coached team obviously has something to do with that, too. The angle for Vann's fumble in the ECU game was just weird. I think Vann will get better like the rest of the team has/will. We need a solid second receiver to materialize. I like Joyner. Hopefully it's him. Win or lose, I still think we will play better against UGA than we have in a while.
  5. They were talking about it on 107.5 yesterday afternoon like it was a real thing even though there wasn't much online about it at the time.
  6. I remember speaking with a retired state trooper at a local restaurant about 10 years ago. He talked about the traffic duty at W-B for the games and said they always had their hands full with fights in the parking lots and surrounding areas when the Dawgs would come to town. He said it never took much for things to get started. The folks around the country can have their opinions and point spreads, but the rivalry is still there. It just is what it is. Go Cocks!!
  7. Hope nothing bad has happened to the young man or his family. Having said that, I am fairly certain most Taters cannot spell or pronounce the last names of their QB1 and QB2. They must named be D.J. Ukulele or Datsun Papajohn for most of the Clemson faithful. LOL
  8. A summary of Shane's coaching career up to this point: https://gamecocksonline.com/staff-directory/shane-beamer/764 Here's who he brought in here during his time as Recruiting Coordinator: https://247sports.com/college/south-carolina/Season/2009-Football/Commits/ https://247sports.com/college/south-carolina/Season/2010-Football/Commits/ Basically all the big names on the 33-6 squads. My perception the past several years has been that our biggest issue has been coaches who couldn't coach the players they recruited. Shane was able to do that during his first time here and he has hired a staff that can do the same as well. We are going to have one of the top-rated defenses in the country in the next two years (maybe sooner depending on how this season plays out). The offense may take a bit longer, but I think we'll do pretty good there as well.
  9. UGA's QB injury situation will negatively impact their production on offense as the game wears on and we will find the handle on our offense, with or without Luke Doty. Our defense will rise to the occasion and get a couple of key picks as well. USC 23 UGA 10
  10. We have always been the underdogs. so this year is really nothing new. My very first job I worked for a man who was a UGA alum who worshipped the ground Herschel Walker walked on. I hope we're going back to the good ole days of that rivalry with UGA this year. We tend to take the comprehensive TV coverage and the Internet for granted these days, but there was very little TV coverage for us back in those days. The Caroliniana Library has all the old sports footage from the TV shows plus the footage shot by the school during many of those games you couldn't see on TV back in the day. A few of them are public access, but the rest have to be licensed. Darlington Raceway has installed two large video monitors in the infield area and they had the old race footage running on them before the pre-race stuff started. We could do something like that here on the new video board at W-B before the games.
  11. I remember that now and I seem to recall my friends saying that the old Bush River Mall cinema used to have a Rocky Horror weekend, although it may have been the old Jefferson Square theater on either Assembly or North Main. I had never heard of the movie before, either, but my friends who did had every part of it memorized. I thought the movie itself was just something new and different in the Freshman world of new and different things. They also showed a lot of avantgarde movies that weren't mainstream. I remember seeing the Japanese movie Woman in the Dunes. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Woman_in_the_Dunes I could try to explain the movie, but it wouldn't do it justice. The dudes I knew who also saw it cracked jokes about it the rest of the semester. Some years later I remembered the premise of the movie and remember thinking to myself, "Oh, I get it now." LOL You missed it, SA, you just missed it. LOL
  12. The mantra Eli Drinkwitz used with his South Carolina-native players at App. St. going into his last victory against us was, "They didn't want you because they didn't think you were good enough. Prove to the Gamecocks just how wrong they were." Any decent coach like Shane can use that technique on a player to get them to play better like App. St. did against us. We have plenty of Georgia natives on our roster in addition to the whole planet picking us to get blown out by the Dawgs this Saturday night. All Shane and his staff have to do, at least from the emotional perspective, is tell our guys to "prove everyone wrong." You know they already have by now. Our football issues are what they are, but that is something intangible going for us for this particular game.
  13. I went on a Saturday and was not able to find a parking place in Five Points and had to park in a metered space on Greene St. up the hill past the railroad tracks going towards campus. Got kinda nostalgic after purposely taking the cross-streets off the beaten path back to Elmwood on the way home.
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